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Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable | Ep #11 Ball Earther SPECIAL (19-Aug-2015)

Join Matrix Decode, David Weiss and host John le Bon for another installment of the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable. This is a special episode featuring three ball earthers who will be given a fair chance to argue for and defend their ball earth beliefs. Special guest ball earthers are Critical Unity, Reds Rhetoric and Mahrai Ziller.


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Critical Unity:
Reds Rhetoric:
Mahrai Ziller:
David Weiss (DITRH):
Matrix Decode:

The format for each guest will be as follows:
1) 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted time for the guest to make their best case for ball earth theory.
2) Initial questions from the panel to help understand the ball earth model being put forward (and responses from the guest).
3) Objections from the panel regarding the guests’ claims/evidence/logic/etc and responses from the guest.
4) General discussion.

Note that the topic of discussion for the show will be the ball earth theory. The guests have been invited onto the panel to argue FOR and defend the ball earth theory, NOT to argue against flat earth theory or concave earth theory or any other theory. It is up to each guest to outline precisely which ball earth theory they will be arguing for and defending. Arguments against other earth theories are not arguments for ball earth theory and will not be accepted. Each of the guests has agreed to this format in correspondence off the air prior to the show. The expectations of all panelists and guests are as follows: No personal attacks, no interrupting other speakers, no going off-topic. Failure to abide by the prearranged topic, format or expectations will result in booting from the hangout.

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