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High-Water Mark of Fakeologist Audiochats

Post #105

The High-Water Mark of
Fakeologist Audiochats

Published: 10-May-2021

Over the past two days I have listened to FAC905, a ten-hour marathon audiochat recorded last weekend at fakeologist dot com.

It is in my opinion the best audiochat recorded at fakeologist this year — and by some margin.

In fact I cannot recall a better fakeologist audiochat in the seven or so years that I’ve been involved with that platform.

If you enjoy listening to media fakery-related discussions, then I strongly encourage you to give this chat a listen.

Ab has finally begun to split the marathon chats into multiple files, which makes this one easy to download and listen to.

You can find the official upload pages at fakeologist dot com for part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 here.

Below I will also embed the audio files (which you can download by ‘right click -> save’)

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3

Inside Baseball

If you are relatively new to fakeologist dot com, media fakery, ‘nobody died nobody got hurt’, etc, then there is almost zero chance you will enjoy this call as much as I did.

I’m promoting this audiochat more for those who are familiar with the fakeologist platform, and the broader ‘truth movement’ (especially pre-coronas).

I spend literally hours every day walking around outside, usually listening to podcasts.

It doesn’t take me long to get through a ten-hour call, especially at 1.4x speed.

If you are not a regular podcast listener, and you are not interested in the ‘inside baseball’ of media fakery, then by all means, skip this audiochat.

On the other hand, if you are genuinely interested in topics like 9/11, the ‘truth movement’, and the meta elements of both, then I think you’ll enjoy this call.

My reflections

There’s a lot I could say about this marathon audiochat, but I’ll try to keep things relatively concise.

1 – Boogieman aka Mark from Pennsylvania

Apparently this was Boogieman’s first appearance at fakeologist in a long time (or possibly first call ever, I can’t remember).

He clearly knows the inside baseball of the media fakery scene very well.

BM raised one of the rarely spoken about elephants in the room concerning Hoi Polloi and Simon Shack:

Although they are treated like research royalty by certain fakeologists, the reality is that their work has some serious shortcomings which are seldom addressed.

BM’s main concern was with regards to Hoi Polloi’s accusations years ago that Brian Staveley is a ‘sim’.

I wasn’t around at the time so this is news to me. If true, it casts a massive shadow over the entire VicSim Report methodology.

BM also raised the problem of the ‘Tychos model’ promoted by Simon Shack, which I have spoken about elsewhere.

For those of you new to this scene, Simon/Hoi also accused me of being a ‘government operation’ back in 2015, due to my Ball Earth Skeptic material.

I have spoken about this elsewhere as well.

Suffice to say that I appreciated BM’s attempts to get some conversation going about these issues.

In a scene full of people accusing one another of nefarious intent, it is bizarre that some of the main accusers are so rarely given this kind of treatment themselves.

The levels of paranoia in the media fakery scene are truly phenomenal, and Shack / Polloi have done more than most to fan those flames.

It was nice for me to hear somebody else try to, in his words, hold Shack / Hoi’s ‘feet to the fire’ for once.

A fire they have done so much to ignite and refuel, time and again.

I personally do not believe in ‘government agents’ and ‘paid shills’, at least in the way many in this scene seem to believe.

It was when I had people like Shack / Hoi (and their acolytes) making accusations against me that I realised how baseless these claims can be.

Get enough people planting seeds of distrust and paranoia in one virtual room, and before you know it, you’ve got a game of spy vs spy…

…even in situations where, comically, there are no spies, there are no agents, just a bunch of larpers with little else to do to pass the time.

I’ve spoken in great detail about the great larp of the ‘truth’ scene elsewhere.

BM also accused me of being a ‘troll’, which is okay, I’ve been called much worse.

One issue BM raised in support of his accusations that I am a ‘troll’ was my comment years ago about Benoit from Switzerland.

Benoit is the former manager of the fakeologist discord (since replaced by Richard from Manchester).

With regards to Benoit’s accent, I maintain that it sounds to me like he is exaggerating it.

That’s all I recall saying about.

Benoit’s grasp of English is terrific, in terms of his vocabulary and manner of speaking. It is close to native level.

And yet his accent is so thick that I for one can’t help but wonder if he is milking it a little bit.

If so, who could blame him? A lot of people love French accents, why not ham it up a little bit?

Australians are well known for hamming up their accents when traveling around the US or England (outside of London).

I do not recall suggesting that Benoit was nefarious in any way, and if somebody can find evidence to the contrary, please link me to it, so I can retract whatever I said and apologise for it post haste.

It is more than possible that I am wrong about Benoit’s accent, and that he really does speak like that, with no exaggeration.

In the Before Times I might have been able to go and visit him to find out for myself.

It would be cool to meet Benoit irl and share a few coffees and / or froffies.

Given that I’m in Europe as we speak, who knows, maybe I might still get that opportunity at some point.

And if I am wrong about his ridiculously-strong Swiss / French accent, if it truly is just how he is, then I will apologise for ever suggesting otherwise.

(Even if my suggestions were light-hearted, which is how I recall them).

2 – Sober Rollo

In part three of the call, we hear Rollo join the conversation, either sober, or as close to sober as that man can get without going into life-threatening withdrawal.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sober Rollo is a pleasure to listen to. Knowledgeable, friendly, polite, witty.

Drunk Rollo is hit and miss. When he is in good form he is still listenable, but oftentimes he is just too far gone.

I’m not here to judge anybody drinking, mind you. In fact I’m the last person to judge anybody for alcoholism.

The point here is that maybe some people don’t realise that Sober Rollo is very different to Drunk Rollo.

Part 3 of FAC905 demonstrated this once again.

3 – Richard (the New Management)

There was a humorous part of the call, may have been in part 2, where Richard tried to censor the N word.

Humorous because all his attempts at censorship achieved was to cause others on the call to want to discuss the meta aspects of the N word.

It was almost a satire of Richard’s shtick: micromanaging something only for it to blow up in his face.

The thing is, he meant well: in Richard’s mind, use of that word could in theory jeopardise the fakeologist discord server.

And imho Richard does usually mean well: his micromanaging is usually aimed at keeping the conversation flowing, and getting all participants in the call involved in the conversation.

He doesn’t get paid for it, and his aims are commendable. I for one appreciate what Richard is trying to do.

For my own taste, he goes too far with his interrupting those who disagree with him, uhming and ahhing and saying peoples names over and over until they go silent and let him speak.

But what he is trying to do is often needed, especially when there’s lots of people on the call.

Richard seemed to want to kybosh the discussion about Simon / Hoi’s errors in the past, which is understandable given his apparent allegiance to them.

I’m glad BM stuck to his guns and didn’t allow Richard to stop that discussion.

4 – The Toronto dude

The dude from Toronto, whose current name escapes me, has made an excellent return to fakeologist lately.

He used to be known as Garbage Media, and was one of the first people I ever interacted with at fakeologist, back in 2015.

In fact he was on a roundtable with Ab and myself when Mark Sargent first entered the scene (in the months prior to the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable).

He was also the fellow who introduced me to one of my favourite clips of all time:


Anyway, I’m glad he’s back.

5 – 9/11

I think the main reason why I enjoyed this audiochat so much is that it genuinely revisited the key topic of 9/11.

This was largely thanks to BM, who clearly had a lot of things he wanted to get off his chest.

9/11 is about so much more than ‘psyops’ or ‘false flags’ or ‘vicsims’ or ‘media fakery’.

I’ve written detailed articles about the esoteric elements of 9/11 elsewhere.

Even though BM and co didn’t go near the esoteric elements, it was still nice to hear some serious discussion about 9/11 and ‘what really happened’.

6 – The ‘truth’ scene

Another cool thing about this chat was the amount of time spent on reconsidering what and who the ‘truth’ scene is all about.

Back in the day, Shack / Hoi’s ‘September Clues’ was a landmark production. That was a long time ago.

Why hasn’t the conversation progressed very far from ‘no¬† planes’ and ‘vicsims’ in the decade (plus) since then?

How could Shack / Hoi / Ab / Staveley have been so far ahead of their time with regards to the exoteric elements of 9/11?

And how could they, despite this, still be so far behind on the esoteric elements of 9/11?

Why did Shack / Hoi spin off into lala-land with the ‘Tychos model’?

Why did Staveley spin off into lala-land with Mandela Effect and Sasquatch?

Why has Ab allowed himself to be entirely consumed with the news cycles concerning 3/11 and muh deadly quaxxines?

What happened to 9/11? Did anybody ever really get it?

7 – Muh muh muh Muh Coronas

In the ten hours of FAC905, there is precious little conversation about muh coronas.

And thank heavens for that.

Maybe that, above everything else, is why I found this audiochat so easy to listen to.

I know there’s a Great Reset going on. I know the global travel restrictions are probably here to stay.

More than most, I know the Brave New World is already here in ways most people would rather not realise.

I called the pandemic a hoax while most people in this scene were still pushing fear porn about videos of people collapsing in China (smh).

We’ve all been affected by muh coronas to one degree or another; I’m sick of hearing about it.

So massive credit to BM, Rollo, Richard, the Toronto dude, and all other participants for dropping 3/11 for a few hours.

8 – FarceValue

FV dropped by and asked a question I have heard him ask quite a few times over the past few months:

Why can some people see through the hoax(es), whereas most others apparently cannot?

FV seems genuinely perplexed by this question, as are so many in the broader ACT realm.

I’ve got what I consider to be a consistent, cogent, and practical answer to this question, which I have spoken about elsewhere.

But I could be wrong, and I always enjoy listening to genuinely inquisitive conversations on this topic.

Final thoughts

The above is basically a stream of consciousness, hopefully I have managed to record and convey my main thoughts.

In the future I would like to invite BM and the Toronto dude to join me as guests for episodes of Bonversations.

If either of you read this, and are interested in appearing on the show, please email me at johnlebon123 – gmaymay

For anybody who takes the time to listen to FAC905 (at least a few hours), I hope you’ll take the time to leave your own thoughts below.

Relevant Material

For a long time I have seen myself as a researcher (and historian) of not just the ‘truth’ but also of the ‘truth movement’.

What leads people to this corner of the internet? What kinds of people are here?

Why do so many of the prominent people in the scene come across as mentally unstable / unwell?

How come we see so many incident and accidents, hints and allegations?

Why did I end up here? What was I trying to achieve? What have I really achieved?

And after everything, what have I learned? How did I learn it? And how did I unlearn other things?

Below is a shortlist of content I have published which address these kinds of questions.

The Conspiracy Ego Trip Framework

Article #52 – The Conspiracy Ego Trip Framework (24-May-2019)

My best attempt to date to explain what I think is really going on here.

By ‘here’ I mean the ACT realm, and ‘real life’ as well.

Perhaps the two are not as separated as we might like to imagine…

The Wizards of NY

Article #46 – The Wizards of NY (13-Oct-2018)

A deep-dive into the esoteric elements of the event we call 9/11.

Believe it or not, the Wizard of Oz and 9/11 can be viewed as two sides of the same coin.

Truther Wars and the Digital Age

Article #45 – Truther Wars and the Digital Age (14-Aug-2018)

Dave J has been around for a long time. Truther Wars have been around even longer.

In this piece I detail my findings and conclusions about the biggest Truther Wars the scene had seen.

Member Skype – Simon Shack

MSC #13 – Simon Shack & Psychedelics (1-Apr-2018)

Some Members of johnlebon dot com and I discuss Simon Shack, Cluesforum, September Clues, and so much more.

The Fringe of the Fringe of the Fringe

Article #41 – The Fringe of the Fringe of the Fringe (9-Mar-2018)

There aren’t many platforms out there which are hip to media fakery.

In this piece I documented some of the happenings involved in the overlaps between them.

Simon Shack’s Tychos Model

Alt Video #06 – Simon Shack’s Tychos Model (22-Mar-2018)

Simon Shack’s ‘September Clues’ is still considered by many to this day to be a breakthrough piece of 9/11 research and exposition.

So what the hell happened to him, to end up releasing something like the ‘Tychos Model’?

Train Wreck Notes

Article #21 – Train Wreck Notes (24-Jul-2018)

Ab from fakeologist invited Shack, Polloi, and K-Ham to explain their Tychos Model.

It was a colossal disaster, and in this piece I documented the many reasons why I say so.

The Truth Circus

Article #44 – The Truth Circus (14-Jul-2018)

A detailed analysis of the people and personalities of the ‘truth’ scene.

Transcending 9/11

Article #42 – Transcending 9/11 (10-May-2018)

After reading this piece, if you still think ‘no planes’ and ‘vicsims’ are the main takeaways of 9/11, then I can’t help you.


These individuals make all of this possible.

Did you enjoy this presentation?

If so, thank them, not me.

I couldn’t (wouldn’t) do this if these lovely people didn’t support it.

That’s a fact.

Post #105. 2,500 words. Available publicly.

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