Unlocking The Flat Earth Archives

I recently reuploaded my 2015 interview with leading Flat Earth proponent Eric Dubay.

A large proportion of the Membership of this site are/were unfamiliar with my work circa 2015-17, so it makes sense for me to also reupload some of the YouTube videos I published during my involvement with the FE subculture.

Below is a selection of the most relevant videos from that collection. In time I hope to eventually reupload my entire YouTube back-catalogue to johnlebon.com, including all videos related to FE. For now, I hope this selection will suffice.

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Blast From The Past – Eric Dubay on the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable

In 2015 a new, weekly, livestreamed podcast hit the google airwaves and forever changed the face of the so-called 'truth movement'. Unlike anything seen before, the show featured a regular panel of three co-hosts, plus a new guest each week, with a structured format centred on asking questions about what we think we know about our so-called 'universe'. That show was called the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable.

Now more than three years on, in 2019, I'm beginning a new series here at johnlebon.com, entitled Blast From The Past, where I will be re-releasing the BESR interviews for your enjoyment. Each episode will be made available in both the original video format and also an mp3 file.

Recently my YouTube channel was terminated, so I am making this series available via my own, non-google video and mp3 hosting platform here at johnlebon.com.

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