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Late Night Truth Lounge | Ep #06 – Simulation Theory EXPOSED (27-Dec-2023)

The sixth episode of the Late Night Truth Lounge.

We’re taking a close look at where this ‘simulation theory’ originally came from.


Video version not available for this episode. mp3 only.


John le Bon and friends celebrate christmas.

MDC S3 E35 – White Christmas (23-Dec-2023)

JLB’s appearance on Polish Luke’s podcast: on bitchute, odysee and spotify.

Livestreamed 27-Dec-2023. Podcast published 28-Dec-2023, with minor editing to improve audio. Available publicly.

3 thoughts on “Late Night Truth Lounge | Ep #06 – Simulation Theory EXPOSED (27-Dec-2023)

  • This raised some interesting questions, why indeed would outer space spruikers want to proliferate the idea of an Earth based simulation? Could it be an attempt to add some validity to the now redundant heliocentric model? Food for thought indeed.

    Great work as usual, appreciate the time you spend to clean up the audio on the MP3 version.

    • Could not find John Leslie or Mitch Porter …

      Some snarling at 1h 33 ish about Speakpipe & “I watch a lot of videos & don’t need to read anything ” tx plus that famous fauxDonald message … otherwise very instructive -TO ANYONE REALLY INTERESTED …


      “I watched the plane …”lol

  • Negentropic

    It seems that both JLB and Tim Ozman are really impressed by this bullshit hopium of modern technology which is not really true advancement (in true ideas and in science) but miniaturization. The only real advancement is in miniaturization. People are in such robotic love with their silly time-wasting gadgets of mental masturbation that they have no idea they are actually living in a Dark Age. Bbbbbbbbbut I can eat all the Pizza I want, drink all the beer I can puke and watch NFL football, I can worship a bunch of neanderthals playing a rigged game! I can order everything online – isn’t that advancement? No it’s not. We are living in a Dark Age – a Dark Age in capitals.

    Almost all supposed current technological advancement is a hoax

    We are actually living in a Dark Age

    We have not “split the atom”

    We are certainly not “exploring the stars” in any way, shape or form

    After a century and a half we are still putting gasoline in our cars which is laughable

    I-Phones are basically just a computer and radio transmitter (they are certainly not connected to any non-existent satellites in non-existent “space” that no one has ever been to) both of which we already had by 1945. All they’ve done is miniaturized them in order to make them tracking and spying devices. They know our thoughts, our schedules, where we are going and are at all times – basically more about us than we even know.

    h/t Fakeologist – FakeNukes Phil

    Not only that but human beings today are by far the sickest they have ever been, since almost all of them have been conditioned and programmed to never, even once, eat their natural diet yet to falsely think of themselves as healthy and to think they know what health even means.

    Primal Digest 01 –

    Primal Digest 02 –

    Remember – Nobody cares more about your health than a bunch of usurers. They’ll even give you a break when you do the right thing!

    P.S. I just noticed that the Harley guy gets the timeline wrong in his 9-11 story – the second CGI plane hit the CGI building 17 minutes after the first – not “approximately” 7 minutes later as he claims.

    The North Tower (WTC 1) was the first building to be hit when American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into it at 8:46 a.m., causing it to collapse at 10:28 after burning for one hour and 42 minutes. The South Tower (WTC 2), which was “hit” 17 minutes after the North Tower, had already collapsed first at 9:59 –

    So the official fable would have you believe that for 17 whole minutes the supposed people inside the WTC 2 were just sitting there, eating popcorn and watching the disaster show in the WTC 1, instead of getting the hell of their own building as fast as they could.

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