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Late Night Truth Lounge | Ep #05 – Simulation Theory Deboonked (19-Dec-2023)

The fifth episode of the Late Night Truth Lounge.

Topics tonight include Simulation Theory, modern parenting, and more.

Trigger Warning

In this episode I kinda tee off a little bit on modern parents.

Like, almost all modern parents.

Or, at least, it may seem that way.

I wasn’t trying to offend anybody, but I know how this stuff can come across sometimes.

So if you are a parent who may be offended by other people offering commentary on modern parenting, perhaps you’d best skip this episode.


NOTE: The video version for this one is not available. Audio-only.


JLB’s appearance on Polish Luke’s podcast: on bitchute, odysee and spotify.

Livestreamed 19-Dec-2023. Podcast published 21-Dec-2023, with minor editing to improve audio. Available publicly.

One thought on “Late Night Truth Lounge | Ep #05 – Simulation Theory Deboonked (19-Dec-2023)

  • 9 mins in and im chuckling, your definitely at your comedic best in this manner. George carlin esk

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