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Late Night Truth Lounge | Ep #03 – Is Mr Beast an A.I. Character? (23-Oct-2023)

The third episode of the Late Night Truth Lounge.

Topics tonight include Mr Beast, A.I, and some black pill stuff.



(I ran the audio through a noise reducer [to get rid of background noise] and a compressor [to equalise audio levels], so it sounds a little different in mp3 version compared to the original stream)


Real eyes Radio (over 100 episodes waiting for you) – here.

Mr Beast video – here.

Snowden video – here.

Pallywood – here.

Deer video – here.

Crazy Dave J’s book – here.

Livestreamed 23-Oct-2023. Podcast published later same day, minor editing to improve audio. Available publicly.

One thought on “Late Night Truth Lounge | Ep #03 – Is Mr Beast an A.I. Character? (23-Oct-2023)

  • Mr Beast is good at his role: You nailed his technique= engaging, chummy … NB he has his followers to get the audience to identify: WE tagalong with him as he schmoozes away =millions like ‘us’

    As Joe Bisden put it:
    “What we often experience as shock and awe by an external influence is not what it seems; it is manipulated perception, metaphorically projected onto the movie screens of the collective psyche in order to control the population at large.”

    [Successfully, adeptly, convincingly]

    success (n.)

    1530s, “result, outcome, termination of an affair,” from Latin successus “an advance, a coming up; a good result, happy outcome,” noun use of past participle of succedere “come after, follow after; go near to; come under; take the place of,” also “go from under, mount up, ascend,” hence “get on well, prosper, be victorious.”

    H/T Calcified Lies
    Calcified Lies article about 9/11 (very good):

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