The History Hoax Explained (16-Jul-2019)

If ancient history is a hoax, then why hasn’t anybody exposed it before now? How could so many experts all be in on this gigantic fraud? What is the motivation behind lying about history?

In this livestream I answer all of these questions and more.

By the end of the presentation you will understand how and why the History Hoax is one of the easier Hoaxes for The People Who Run The Show to propagate.



Streamed on Youtube 16-Jul-2019. mp3 uploaded 17-Jul-2019. Equalised (RIAA), compressed 3:1 @ 15db, exported at 64kbps.


9 thoughts on “The History Hoax Explained (16-Jul-2019)

  • 18-July-2019 at 7:57 pm

    Excellent presentation, straight to the point, easy to understand, great examples, funny af, well done, Sir!

    • 20-July-2019 at 3:32 pm

      Thank you, Hando. Your kind words here are much appreciated.

  • 19-July-2019 at 11:59 am

    Nobody died nobody got hurt, except maybe old mate king Tut’s legacy.

    Great audio!

    • 20-July-2019 at 2:57 pm

      Thanks, Chris. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

      What I forgot to mention in this presentation, however, is that the exact same Supreme Commander of Ancient Egpytian Fairytales, Mr Mostafa Waziri, was the guy at the centre of a video I made on this topic a year ago.

      Last year they announced a big discovery, this year they announced another big discovery, and you can bet that next year Mr Waziri will be announcing yet another big discovery.

      And the lemming masses will not bat an eyelid.


      • 20-July-2019 at 9:58 pm

        Perhaps a piece comparing and contrasting Mr. Waziri’s press releases/announcements on the discoveries is in order. I have a feeling that if you look close, very little effort is being expended to hide the fact that the releases are are probably very similar i.e. just change a few details and re-release.

  • 19-July-2019 at 7:44 pm

    I started thinking about Disneyland. Perhaps Disney continues with their woke reboots e.g Snow white as a black lesbian cripple wearing a full burka and the 7 dwarves being played by time travelling suffragettes. Perhaps people finally stop paying for the disney nonsense and they go broke. Disneyland falls into a hundred years of disrepair.

    Year 2119. Some bright spark buys the old theme park for a few quid. Now overgrown by trees and bushes etc it has been forgotten about. Stories start appearing in the press about the discovery of the ruins of an ancient civilization. Tourism booms. Then another is found in Florida. Proof of a continent-wide civilization. They must have been advanced enough to travel cross-continent etc. Excavations all over the country discover mickey the mouse dolls etc. These are believed to be religious artifacts for home ceremonies.

    Experts claim that the disney characters are the ancient gods of the civilisation which was thus polytheistic. Mickey is the demiurge. His ears represent the world which emanates from his being. Two ears represent the dual nature of the created world, Yin and Yan, both emanating from a single source, . The head of Mickey represents the mind of God, the thought that created the world. Minnie is the archetype of the mother goddess. Goofy is the fool, the god of this world, Hermes the trickster. Pluto is the dogstar etc.

    As tourism booms, discoveries are made near Paris and in Japan. This ancient civilization must have been worldwide, very advanced. Disney dollars are found which have miraculously survived tens of thousands of years without deterioration. This prooves that there was a sophisticated economic system.

    The political system is believed to have been a monarchy with four co-ruling emperors. One in modern-day California, one Florida, one Paris, one Japan. They resided in castles in a walled city. These castles were believed to have been enchanted. The disneyites believed in a magical world where dreams were powerful and could come true.

    The ultimate God of the disneyites, the hidden, unapproachable one is believed to have been known as WALT. It is believed that the disneyite civilization was contemporary to the ancient Hebrews and the two civilsations hated each other and were often at war. WALT and YHWH ordered their tribes to war. Ultimately the Jews won and took over the disneyite civilization.

    All this has been rediscovered in recent years. Roll up and pay 500 shekels for the tour of the ancient disneyite cities.

    • 20-July-2019 at 2:51 pm

      Brilliant comment.

      As chance would have it, I read your comment not long after rewatching Idiocracy for the first time in a while.

      I feel inspired to take your comment and make it the basis for my own Idiocracy-style ‘intro’ video.

      There also happens to be a scene towards the end of the film which is very similar to what you have suggested here.

      For context for those who haven’t seen the film, the following scene is set in the year 2505, in a time when the stupid have taken over the earth.

      [I’ll probably read back on comment threads like this in the future, so for posterity, for my future self, remember that the person you watched this film with did not see the funny side of it.]

      • 20-July-2019 at 8:29 pm

        Feel free to use it as you wish. I’ll have to watch idiocracy. I watched the first fifteen minutes years ago but didn’t really like it at the time. Can’t remember much about it but I’m interested in seeing if I’ll see it with different eyes now.

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