JLB Chats #22 ‘Fakeo Friends’ (24-Jan-2023)

What is Fakeology all about and why should you care?

Is GPT-3 technology as ‘artificially intelligent’ as we have been led to believe?

How did the ‘paid shills’ meme become so popular in this corner of the ACT realm?



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Dave J’s appearance on the MDC series – here.

Markus Allen’s appearance on THC – here.

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Production notes JLB Chats #22. Streamed/recorded 25-Nov-2022 (Plovdiv time, 24-Jan-2023 Toronto time). Released as Chats 22 26-Jan-2023. No editing. 32kbps per original Fakeologist upload.

6 thoughts on “JLB Chats #22 ‘Fakeo Friends’ (24-Jan-2023)

  • The Deadly Assassin, 1976, staring Tom Baker, one of the best episodes. Also, in regards to chem trails there’s a line in another Dr Who episode The Caves of Androzani which says ” every cloud has strontium lining”

    I worked in Dr Who many years ago, building the sets and running exhibitions.

    Here’s a clip of myself and David Boyle ( owner of the Alien Exhibition, sadly no longer with us) doing a short Tv interview for the BBC. Small world.

    I make an appearance on the second half of the clip. Excuse my appearance, I had a wee bit of drink and coke problem in those days.


  • Also, something I nearly forgot. The Timlords have an organisation called “Celestial Investigation Agency”

    Or CIA mentioned in The Deadly Assassin! Would you believe it?

  • ElynnKyUS

    I don’t believe in (accept as true without evidence) chemtrails but do observe something being sprayed almost daily that stretches for miles and are not the same shape or color as clouds that are naturally formed. What I see stands out to me precisely because they don’t resemble clouds and they last for hours until the sun is no longer visible and the sky looks orange and black. The sky naturally appears blue behind the clouds, not white, black or orange as it often looks after half a day of spraying. I often see up to ten aircraft circling around at the same time spraying where the sun is positioned and have taken at least a thousand pictures for anyone who asks to look at. There is a channel on youtube called “sunfire sky” that might be of interest to some of you. This is being talked about openly so it isn’t a secret conspiracy, although it could all be a show to convince everyone they can control the weather.

    • bmseattle

      I suppose we need a specific definition of “chemtrails”.
      I mean, even contrails would contain “chems” of some sort, right?

      If the “conspiracy” definition of chemtrails is something along the lines of “toxic substances sprayed covertly from aircraft in order to either dispose of said substances cheaply or to poison the population”, then I’d reckon that none of us knows the truth of that definition.

      I will say that it is extremely common to see (non-commercial) aircraft flying back and forth over the city in which I live.
      The result is multiple “lines” of “trails” that run parallel to each other, slowly spreading out, into a cloudy haze that, basically, covers the entire sky.

      It stands out as unusual to me… especially as compared to earlier in my life. Trails like this were not a part of my experience growing up (I’m 50 years old).
      Whatever is happening… it is happening more frequently and in a higher volume that at any previous time in my life, that I can recall.

      I don’t claim to know the “science” behind contrails. For all I know, there is a simple explanation as to why they are more visible and common than in the past.
      Even if I were to admit that I lean towards suspicion that it is “spray” of some sort, I have no way to know what is being sprayed.
      It could be vitamin C for all I know.

  • bmseattle

    It’s interesting that JLB’s appearance on THC was one of the most popular episodes ever…yet, when you scroll through the “popular episodes” entries on the THC site, the JLB episode is nowhere to be found.

    I remember the episode being hugely popular, and the comments on the show were extensive.

    For whatever reason, Greg doesnt seem to want to promote that show (or re-invite JLB as a guest), despite it’s popularity.

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