Fakeologist is a multimedia website focused on discussion of media fakery. Much of my personal development as an independent thinker, researcher and content creator circa 2014 – 2016 can be traced back to my interaction with the Fakeologist platform and its users. On this page I will give my own take on Fakeologist as it exists today.

This page first created in 2016 and last updated January 2023.



1) What is Fakeologist?

2) Who runs the operation?

3) Who else is involved?

4) Discord dramas

5) Why should I engage with Fakeologist?

6) Why should I exercise caution with Fakeologist?

7) JLB interactions with Fakeologist

8) JLB appearances on Fakeologist

9) Video: ‘Who are the Fakeologists?’

10) JLB promotion of Fakeologist

11) The KHam affair of 2015

12) The alleged ‘Died Suddenly’ ‘scam’ drama of 2022

13) More information

1) What is Fakeologist?

A multimedia blog-based website focused on discussion of media fakery, which has attracted a small community of contributors who take part in the discussion via the:

*Fakeologist Discord server

*Comments sections of the blog posts

*Integrated webforum (see here)

On average about one or two new posts are published on the blog each day, which generally focus on a particular recent media story, or promote a new podcast / YouTube video by a third party.

Since April 2017, much of the site’s activity has been centred upon its Discord server, which facilitates audio chats (often streamed live) between various Fakeologists as well as round-the-clock text chat discussions.

Update Jan 2023: See the ‘discord dramas’ section below for new information.

Participants in the Discord server discussions have the ability to livestream their discussion via the Fakeologist website, and each broadcast discussion is then reuploaded as a standalone mp3 file for anybody to download/stream.

These ‘audiochats’ are permanently archived and there are now over 1,000 such discussions available at Fakeologist.

2) Who runs the operation?

The site belongs to a man who calls himself ‘Ab Irato’ or more often just ‘Ab’. Ab (also known as ‘Tim’) does not reveal his legal identity or his physical appearance, but has given some level of detail about his life via the posts and podcasts. The following is a basic overview of the character known as ‘Ab’ according to his own testimony:

Ab is a middle-aged American man (in his mid-fifties) currently living in Toronto, Canada. His day job involves large amounts of driving cross-country, which allows him to listen to many podcasts. He has a family, but the wife and children are disinterested in media fakery, meaning the fakeologist website is Ab’s chief outlet for discussion of such topics.

Ab first awoke to the lie system in the early 2010s after learning about the deception involved in the official story of 9/11, and decided to begin his own blog / podcast in response, which eventually became the Fakeologist site as it stands today.

Ab is a heavy promoter of Simon Shack’s September Clues film, which Ab cites as the key source of his own initiation into what he now knows as media fakery. Ab has interviewed Shack on several occasions, although their relationship has been strained by Ab’s promotion of the Flat Earth meme (or, more specifically, Ab’s reposting of prominent Flat Earth promoters’ material, beginning 2015). Ab takes a particular interest in local news fakery around his own province of Ontario.

Ab spent most of 2017 focused on ‘elite gender inversion’ (a.k.a transvetigations), a niche field of conspiracy ‘research’ (i.e. entertainment/gossip) concerned with questions such as, ‘is [ostensibly female celebrity] really a man?’. This interest appeared to have died down somewhat by the beginning of 2018 although Ab still mentions it occasionally to this day.

Ab was one of the first people in the broader ACT realm to identify that the ‘pandemic’ was a hoax. He then spent much of 2020 researching and discussing the various alternative opinions regarding vaccines. Ab is now of the opinion that the the chronic illness of his own daughter (a young adult) is the result of vaccines she received earlier in life.

Ab was at one point a Maple Leafs fan but since learning about fakery in pro sports has lost interest in the NHL. Apart from working his job, and discussing media fakery, it is not clear that Ab has any outside interests or hobbies, other than general health. Ab is a teetotaller and spends a lot of time listening to various health-based content creators. For example, Ab is a promoter of the idea that humans should squat when going to the bathroom, and has installed a ‘squatty potty’ in his own home.

Like many content creators in the ACT realm, Ab does not generally meet his fans / followers in real life. He made one exception when Hoi Polloi (assistant to Simon Shack) visited him circa 2019. Apart from the information Ab has shared on his own website and in the podcasts he has recorded, not much is known about Ab, although there may not be that much to know. He seems like a fairly simple guy who is passionate about media fakery and enjoys discussing it with the people who visit his site.

3) Who else is involved?

A small community of fellow ‘fakeologists’ regularly contribute their thoughts to the site. A core group of four or five individuals regularly partake in the ‘audiochats’, which are sporadic and self-initiated podcasts which stream live via the fakeologist site and are then archived for later listening.

An outer group of perhaps a dozen or more individuals occasionally join in the audiochats as well but much less frequently than the core group. Fakeologists reside primarily in North America, Europe and Australia, are usually males in their middle to later years, and generally do not host their own websites or content hubs (although there are some exceptions).

As of early 2023, the following is / was a fair summary of the main fakeologist participants:

Current most prominent: Ab (Canada) | Exoteric (Aus) | Frank (Aus) | Uncle Odd (US)

Formerly prominent: Rollo (Aus) | Tom Dalpra (UK) | Unreal (Europe) | Gaia (Holland / Columbia) | Geris (Switzerland) | Velocet (Aus) | Beevie (Aus) | SMJ (US)

On the outer (?): Typo Error (Britain) | Faye (Switzerland) | NotSoFreeMason (US) | FarceValue (US) | Napoleon Wilson (UK)

Gone (?) but not forgotten: Delcroix (Ireland) | O’halahan (South Korea via US) | John Adams** (US) | | Phil Blanks (US)

**Note that this is the same John Adams who featured regularly on Hoaxbusters Call with Chris Kendall (who has also made some appearances on the Fakeologist Discord server). It was a truther drama centred upon Fakeologist in the first half of 2018 which led John Adams to apparently quit the ACT realm.

4) Discord dramas

From April 2017 through to 2022, the fakeologist discord server was at the heart of the fakeologist operation and most community discussion. Then the server was unceremoniously canceled by discord, and several regular users were also banned. A new fakeologist server was created in its place but it was also banned within a few months. This occurred three or four times within the space of about a year, at which point Ab seems to have given up on the discord platform altogether.

The problems were compounded by the fact that the previous fakeologist discord server moderator, Velocet from Sydney, stepped down from the role in late 2022, around the same time as the third or fourth cancelation by discord. A new moderator team stepped into the role and implemented policies which aggravated and alienated much of the existing fakeologist community. Even if the latest discord server had not been canceled, it would have been very unlikely to reach the level of popularity and activity of the initial server (circa 2017 to early 2022).

As of early 2023, the fakeologist community appeared to be a shell of its former self. Whereas the discord-based audiochats regularly attracted up to a dozen participants in 2020 – 2022, by early 2023 the numbers had dwindled, and most audiochats featured only the same three individuals: Ab, Frank from Geelong (Aus), and Rick from Port Macquarie (Aus). Ab has stated that he never really liked discord in the first place, and implied that he is not unhappy that the fakeologist discord community has been decimated.

Whether or not a new fakeologist discord server and community is established and nurtured remains to be seen. As of early 2023, it is quite possible that the discord-based fakeologist community has peaked, and the heights of activity and discussion enjoyed from 2020 to 2022 will never be seen again.

[See also the ‘Scam Drama’ section below]

5) Why should I engage with Fakeologist?

Ab regularly posts videos and podcasts from a relatively wide range of sources, from mainstream ‘alternative media’ outlets through to small-time YouTubers with a only a handful of subscribers. Exposure to a range of viewpoints and interests can be useful for the would-be deprogrammer, especially in the intermediate stages of the process.

Ab’s familiarity with and interest in the broader online ‘truth’ scene makes his site accessible for typical YouTube ‘truthers’ (and other Baby Hoax truthers) who are looking to further their deprogramming.

Ab’s own opinions on fakeology are generally well-developed and insightful, particularly in regards to the logistical / technical aspects of how TPWRTS might accomplish their operations, and also the meta-aspects of this line of inquiry, such as the ‘group psychology’ of the masses and their willingness to believe.

Ab’s method of delivery and demeanour is dispassionate and mellow, which makes for a pleasant contrast to well-known ‘conspiracy theorists’ such as Alex Jones, and prominent Baby Hoax truthers such as those commonly found on YouTube.

Although Ab reduced his one-on-one interview output a few years, some of Ab’s previous podcasts remain top quality. It is well worth perusing his back-catalogue which features many timeless gems. For example, see his interviews with Rae West of Big Lies (March 2013 and April 2015).

Most of the individuals involved in the fakeologist virtual community are (or can be) pleasant and interesting to talk with and listen to. Several of them do seem genuinely interested in research (even if only trivial in nature in comparison with genuine primary source research methodology) and they often leave post / forum comments containing useful links for further investigation. Collectively they have a terrific breadth and depth of insight and knowledge into media fakery and related topics, particularly at the Baby Hoax, Toddler Hoax and Kiddy Hoax levels.

6) Why should I exercise caution with Fakeologist?

Like most platforms in the ACT realm, Fakeologist has attracted a number of individuals who radiate negativity. This is not entirely the fault of Ab, who is generally positive and bubbly, even optimistic-sounding about life. It is simply an element of this scene which is difficult to mitigate, unless one employs a paywall to filter out the riff-raff. Negative people will rarely pay for access to exclusive content / servers, which makes even meagre / inexpensive paywalls an effective measure to keep negative mindsets out. Ab has decided against employing a paywall on his site and so it remains home to many negative people.

Ab is reticent to discuss many aspects of race realism and cultural marxism. This may mislead a n00b deprogrammer into a false sense of awareness regarding not only who is largely responsible for the maintenance of the lie system, but why they are doing it, and what they ultimately hope to accomplish.

Most Fakeologists also remain openly hostile to the War Hoax. That is, they will continue to promote the lie that millions of people died in so-called ‘war combat’, and attack anybody who points out that ‘War’ is in fact a Hoax. On one absurd and comical occasion, a number of Fakeologists even agreed with the notion that War is a Hoax, but then continued to argue that War is also somehow ‘real’, and attacked JLB for explaining that War is a Hoax. Whether this is merely a manifestation of cognitive dissonance, or there is some other explanation, is a matter of debate among those in the know.

Update Oct 2019: It appears that some of fakeologist crowd is finally waking up to the War Hoax. See this post by Ab, and this follow-up audio by JLB.

Update Jan 2023: The 2022 ‘Ukraine invasion’ thing threw a major spanner in the works for the ‘war is real’ camp at fakeologist. Few if any regular fakeologists now push the ‘war is real’ narrative, however none of them have yet apologised for their previous War Realology, nor their pre-2022 attacks on JLB for exposing the War Hoax.

Most Fakeologists also seem to remain under the spell of the ‘paid shills‘ meme. This is the psychologically and spiritually toxic belief system which posits that a bunch of people sitting around and talking about media deceptions are so important / dangerous to the system that some government or military body is paying people to spy on them and even infiltrate their ranks (apparently to ‘stop’ them from doing… what exactly? I don’t know). Yes, people really believe this crap.

It is not just a stereotype: most people in this corner of the internet are truly deluded beyond hope of rehabilitation, and will accuse anybody who questions the ‘paid shills’ meme of being a witch blasphemer ‘paid shill’ himself. Some people (JLB included) have admittedly fallen victim to this belief system upon initial arrival in the ACT realm, but then managed to undo the programming. However, most people who have been immersed in ‘paid shills’ meme belief for any significant length of time will never be able to recover. It is pernicious.

In 2015 and 2016, Ab heavily promoted the Flat Earth meme. Ab was conspicuously the very first person to ever interview Mark Sargent of ‘Flat Earth Clues’ infamy. Will he be as generous in promoting the superior Bon Earth model? Only time will tell.

In 2017 Ab focused heavily on the ‘elite gender inversion’ or ‘transvestigation‘ field of conspiracy candy. In fact, he has even appeared in a studio interview with local Ontario ‘satellite radio’ outfit Humble and Fred, promoting the topic of ‘EGI’ (‘elite gender inversion’) as apparently more important and / or interesting than regular media fakery and the 9/11 deception — topics whose coverage helped Ab to build his audience and credibility within the media fakery scene when he first began his website.

Ab has interviewed several prominent YouTube ‘transvestigators’ and regularly reposts their material to his website. Even more conspicuously, Ab was one of the first to interview the clown who calls himself ‘Jon Humanity’. This is reminiscent of Ab also being the very first to interview Mark Sargent when Flat Earth was sprung on an unsuspecting ACTism audience.

Finally, Ab has openly stated that he likes to see ‘drama’ on his audiochats, because he believes it increases traffic (and, presumably, donations). This may be why he allows his guests to blatantly lie about and besmirch other members of the fakeologist community. Ab’s attitude towards these matters has likely played¬† at least some role in the often-toxic attitude on display among various regulars of the fakeologist platform.

Anybody considering joining or engaging with the fakeologist community ought to be aware that, should they do so, within a short period of time, they are quite likely to come under attack from existing members of the fakeologist community. This is just how the fakeologist community operates. If you are used to the more collegiate and genuinely friendly atmosphere of the JLB community, you may find the fakeologist community to be jarringly negative and antagonistic. This is just how they are.

7) JLB interactions with Fakeologist

My first exposure to fakeologist.com was during the 2015 Transasia ‘YouTube Truth Movement’ Saga, circa February of that year. I somehow stumbled upon an audiochat featuring prominent Australian fakeologist ‘Rollo’ in which the ongoing Youtube ‘truther’ drama was discussed, and my interest was piqued when Rollo mentioned the Australian Roundtable Podcast (the weekly show which I was hosting at the time).

Shortly thereafter Ab invited me to take part in a live call with Mark Sargent, whose ‘Flat Earth Clues’ had taken the alternative / independent media (or ‘truth movement’) scene by storm. I have since been involved in dozens of Fakeologist ‘audiochats’ and also left a small number of comments on blog posts at the site.

I have also promoted fakeologist on several occasions, via my own videos and podcasts. Rollo has made several appearances on my own live YouTube hangouts, most famously taking part in the live on-air exposure of then-popular YouTube ‘truther’ ‘Jeff C’ during a boozy Sunday Sessions in July, 2015.

More recently, Ab was a guest on the Member Skype Call series. You can listen / download that interview here.

Update 2023: Ab was also a guest on Bonversations in late 2021.

8) JLB appearances on Fakeologist

For a detailed listing of every (known) JLB appearance on Fakeologist audiochats, see the following pages:

2015 | 8 appearances

2016 | 6 appearances

2017 | 25 appearances

2018 | 19 appearances

2019 | 22 appearances

2020 | 25 appearances

2021 | 19 appearances

2022 | 10 appearances

2023 | No appearances so far

This makes a total of over 130 JLB appearances on Fakeologist audiochats over the course of about eight years, or slightly more than one per month on average.

See also the JLB Chats page where some of the most interesting / relevant JLB appearances on Fakeologist have been remastered and re-released as standalone podcasts.

9) Video: ‘Who Are The Fakeologists?’

In March of 2018 I was joined by Rollo to broadcast a livestream which covered Fakeologist and attempted to offer some insights into what the platform is all about.

[Original youtube video deleted by youtube 2019]

You can download / stream both the video and audio-only version of this broadcast via the Fakeologist backup here.

10) JLB promotion of Fakeologist

Over the years I have promoted the Fakeologist platform via countless youtube videos, livestreams, podcasts, tweets, and links on reddit.

It is fair to say that, apart from ab himself, nobody has done more to promote the Fakeologist brand and encourage ACT-interested individuals to check out the site and interact with the community.

For one example, the JLB Chats are a series of podcasts in which I take one of my appearances on the Fakeologist audiochats, clip out the unnecessary parts of the call, and the reupload as a standalone mp3 to my own podcast host. In many cases I have then also promoted that podcast via youtube and twitter.

In 2021 I also wrote a detailed article for this site explaining why I felt a recent Fakeologist audiochat was one of the best pieces of ACT content I had ever listened to:

Fakeologist Review

Post #105 – High watermark of Fakeologist audiochats (10-May-2021)

Later that same year, I took a short clip from another Fakeologist audiochat and created a youtube video to promote it.

I have at times been criticised for my own critiques of the Fakeologist platform, however the record shows that I have done more to promote it than anybody else apart from Ab himself. When I have been critical of Fakeologist, it has only been due to the fact that I truly appreciate the platform for the good it provides, and would like to see Fakeologist (the platform, the community, and Ab himself) both survive and thrive.

11) The KHam Affair of 2015

At a later time I will go into more detail about what shall be for now termed the ‘KHam Affair’. The following is a brief summary.

In early 2015, ‘KHam’, an American woman (who claims to be a schoolteacher) hosted a weekly show on Fakeologist and was in effect the 2IC of the website – at least in terms of content production and social hierarchy. Simon Shack was (and still largely is) idolised as a research demigod by many Fakeologists, especially KHam (and Rollo).

As the Flat Earth meme began to sweep the internet, Shack’s website ‘cluesforum’ began heavily propagating the counter-meme that the Flat Earth meme was a ‘psyop’, intended to ‘discredit by association’ all other researchers who challenged / debunked NASA’s claims about space missions. As the host of the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable (which was being broadcast weekly at the time), I was singled out for targeted criticisms. One cluesforum poster even alleged that ‘John le Bon’ was chosen to be my intelligence agency operative name, because of the fame of musician Simon le Bon, which ‘sounds like’ Simon Shack (who is also a musician).

Shortly after visiting Shack in person in Italy, KHam launched her own direct attacks upon myself, via the Fakeologist platform. This chain of events ultimately led to KHam ceasing her weekly shows and losing most (if not all) of her social standing within the Fakeologist community, which was at that time largely supportive of my skepticism towards heliocentrism doctrine. For a more detailed review of this affair, see JLB1547.

By late 2017, KHam and I appeared to have put our differences behind us, as evidenced by cordial conversations on 14-Aug-2017 and also early 2018 ūüôā

KHam’s most recent appearance at Fakeologist (as of early 2023) was in February, 2021.

12) The alleged ‘Died Suddenly’ ‘scam’ drama of 2022

In late 2021, Ab became familiar with an online activist named Tiago, who claimed to live in Nova Scotia, Canada. By early 2022, Tiago had become a regular guest on Ab’s podcasts. Soon thereafter, Tiago was included as one of the four regular panelists on Markus Allen’s Fakeologist-based ‘Markus Allen Show’ (featuring Markus Allen, Ab the Fakeologist, Frank from Geelong, and Tiago).

Tiago presented himself as a successful ‘day trader’, in his 40s, who had previously worked as a paramedic (both in Canada and, Tiago claimed, in the war-torn middle east as a contractor of some kind). Tiago ran a facebook called ‘Died Suddenly’ centred on users sharing stories about their own ‘vaccine damage’ and that of their loved ones (specifically with regards to the coronavirus vaccines).

Due to censorship from facebook regarding vaccine injury groups, Tiago claimed to be building a separate, independent website, which would dedicated to fostering discussion about vaccine injuries. to this end, he accepted donations and created a GoFundMe page with an initial target of $25,000 CAD. Below is a screenshot from archive dot org from August 2022.

(See full-size image here)

Tiago’s ‘Died Suddenly’ GoFundMe page is no longer online. This may be somewhat related to what happened in October of 2022.

It is a complex story involving several individuals and interpersonal relationships, but below is a brief overview.

Velocet from Sydney had — for years — been working with Ab to help improve the Fakeologist platform, including the website itself, the discord server, and the audiochats. Velocet is qualified / experienced / talented in various areas of IT and audio engineering. Tiago had apparently been in discussions with Velocet regarding assistance in building this new ‘Died Suddenly’ website, but nothing had been formally agreed to. Despite this, Tiago had implied (if not outright stated) that any money donated to the ‘Died Suddenly’ cause would be shared with Velocet for his work in helping build the new site. Velocet, however, had not apparently received any of the thousands of dollars which had been donated to Tiago for the new site.

The matter came to a head in October of 2022, when Velocet appeared on a Fakeologist audiochat to expose Tiago for being a ‘scammer’. Velocet alleged among other things, that Tiago was using the ‘Died Suddenly’ concept as a means to take and keep donations from unsuspecting, well-meaning donors, and that no website was ever likely to be forthcoming. You can listen to the entire audiochat here., the most relevant section begins around 1h 18m into the recoding. Below is a 17m clip from that part of the call.



Having previously appeared on Ab’s audiochats every week for a chat about ‘Died Suddenly’ and recent news events, Tiago disappeared immediately after Velocet’s revelations. Ab later revealed that Tiago was not even responding to Ab’s emails. The timing of Tiago’s sudden departure seemed rather conspicuous to some of the long-term members of the Fakeologist community. Tiago’s GoFundMe page disappeared shortly thereafter and, by early 2023, Tiago had still not been heard from since Velocet’s comments on that audiochat in October of 2022.

There is no suggestion that Ab was involved in or even aware of any ‘scam’ involving Tiago. Instead, it would appear that Ab was an unwitting patsy in the ruse.

13) More information

Join the Fakeologist Discord server* and chat away with Fakeologists from around the world. If you are a fan of my work, you may want to keep this fact to yourself when visiting the Fakeologist Discord server, because most of the biggest JLB haters like to congregate there. You may be treated better if you do not mention JLB.

*As of early 2023, the following discord invite link [here] to Fakeologist is valid. This may change; if so, email Ab [address] and he can send you a new one.

Also note that JLB is the world’s foremost Intelligence Super Agent and has compiled detailed information on most (if not all) prominent ACT realm platforms and personalities, especially within the media fakery segment of the broader conspiracy subculture. Most of this information is shared only with Members of the JLB Super Agency. What you have read here is only the tip of the iceberg. Neither the JLB Super Agency, nor the regular JLB Full Membership think tank, are currently open to new members.

If you want more information, email JLB (contact details available here).

What A Time To Be Alive…

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