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Research Methods, Tim Osman, and Margaritas

Impromptu Livestream

Research Methods, Tim Osman, and Margaritas

Streamed 20-Jul-2022

Recently I have been reviewing my earlier material on the History Hoax.

Last night I decided to do an impromptu livestream focused on the Primary Source Research Methodology article.

Pretty soon the live audience had climbed to over 50 people, and I got a little carried away replying to the chat.

Then I was joined for the first time in years by the original Tim Osman, the infamous Truther Troll circa 2014-16.

Topics of conversation included the History Hoax, the Flat Earth scene, the jet fuel hoax, ‘scientific experiment’ hoaxes, and much more.

I have taken the time to rip the video to mp3, so you can watch or listen, whichever you prefer.

The first four minutes of the video is basically filler, I was trying to get my setup working properly.

I have removed that from the mp3 version.

The livestream cut out for some reason just a few minutes before we planned to close, so I apologise for the abrupt ending to the show.

It was terrific to chat with Tim again and I hope we can do another show like this sooner rather than later.

Backup video

(Show begins around 3m55s)

mp3 version

Original Stream

(Show begins around 3m55s)

Relevant links

Article #29 – Primary Source Research Methodology (17-Oct-2017)

JLB1852 – Jet Fuel Hoax? (7-Aug-2018)

Flat Earth Debate – Antonio vs JLB (29-May-2016)

Livestream – Tim Osman and JLB Discuss the ‘Truth Movement’ (22-May-2019)


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Streamed late 20-Jul-2022, mp3 posted next day, exported at 96kbps, first four minutes removed. Post updated 3-Aug-2022 with backup video.

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