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The Weeknd Super (Sigil) Bowl Halftime Show

Millions of eyeballs around the world will be focused on one guy.

A man who seems to have a fascination with masks.

Why might this be a key chapter in the ongoing metascript?



(The mp3 file is ripped directly from the video i.e. it is the same presentation)

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JLB 21006 published early hours 8-Feb-2021. Zero editing done on it.


8 thoughts on “The Weeknd Super (Sigil) Bowl Halftime Show

  • Knightly News

    Its a masktard world at present. Eastern Europe sounds lovely. Give my regards to the Hussites.

  • The NFLs slogan this year is “It takes all of us.”

    Lol, I think that slogan is funny. When I read it I immediately think of death.

    “Death takes all of us”

    Remember earlier this year when the grim reaper showed up on the beach to protest? That was in Florida. Well guess what? That grim reaper popped back up in the news a few days ago.

    The super bowl this year was in Florida. And by coincidence a Florida team won (the buccaneers).

    The Buccaneers logo is a skull and crossbones

    grímr = ‘person wearing a face mask’

    Carrey made “The Mask” right AFTER Ace Ventura.

    Carrey’s last film role BEFORE Ace Ventura was in “High Strung”(1991). In that film Jim was Death.

    • Is death the 13th monkey? The center of the clock. Tree rings….time moves in straight lines and yet it’s counted with horizontal rings. Horizontal rings, 12 points referencing the 13th

      The 12th is a hanging man.

      I like the weeknd. I feel sorry for people that think he is an evil agent. For all I know he could be an angel.

      One of these days, alice….

  • markJ

    I hear that Vegas won’t pay out on Trump bets until 4th march. Why’s that I wonder?

  • as JLB astutely points out in another great video presentation, The Weeknd is making explicit reference with the persona he’s portraying for the song/video Save Your Tears to The Mask — a 199-4 movie that blew a 4-year-old Weeknd away so much he pays homage to it as a pop star performing the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

    and while the Save Your Tears video plays as a surreally elegiac version of Jim Carrey’s live-action cartooning plopped into the masked milieu of Eyes Wide Shut

    something about The Weeknd’s visage strikes me as uncannily grotesque, going beyond Carrey’s largely comedic flesh&blood Tex Avery stylings:

    this strikes me as an implicit call back (for whatever reason, i don’t know?) to the masks utilized for a movie released in 1990, almost 4 months exactly after the birth of The Weeknd, i.e., the comic strip-based Dick Tracy, which took the Oscar for Best Makeup.

    and in fact, Dick Tracy includes another resonant musical set piece (compare the audiences and backup bands, for a start) featuring one of The Weeknd’s fellow Superb Owl Half-time Shew alum–

    who also performed Dick Tracy’s Oscar-winning song at the above-mentioned 63rd Academy Awards, which she attended with none other than the self-crowned ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson as her date–

    yet another Pepsi Halftime ritual tool, to whom The Weeknd has long been compared (in more ways than musically, even), including vis-a-vis this latest public performance/working:

    • Hey Fuhng! I hope you are doing awesome 😎

      Another year and I still I have not made it to Woodstock, IL 😆
      I wanted to ride up there for groundhog day this year, but a few months ago I took a trip to Florida and I left my bicycle in the Florida keys 😥

      I heard the Dick Tracy characters(i.e. 88 Keys) are buried in Woodstock, IL

      Dick Tracy wears a yellow suit, just like The Mask.

      Dick Tracy is played by Warren Beatty. The music video for Ghetto Superstar shows Pras(or is it ODB?) taking off a Beatty mask.

      Dick Tracy was first released in Florida.

      In Dick Tracy, Al Pacino’s character “Big Boy Caprice” is a fictional analog of Al Capone with a fucked up face.
      “Tony Montana” in ScarFACE is also based on Al Capone. Tony is a Cuban living in Miami

      Beatty used a tommy gun when he played Dick Tracy and when he played Clyde Barrow

      Beatty, Barrow, Bulworth, Bugsy

      Beatty played Bugsy, the gangster that created the Flamingo Hotel. The Flamingo Hotel was designed with a “Miami” theme.

      After my trip to Florida, I visited Vegas for the first time and I happened to stay at The Flamingo when I was there.

      In The Mask, Stanley gets stuck with a POS old car that reminds me of the cars they have in Cuba. In The Mask, Carrey sings “Cuban Pete” and he shoots a tommy gun.

      Ace Ventura was set in Miami

      The Truman show was filmed in Florida.

      In “Tuck Everlasting” a family finds a fountain of youth. A villian (the man in the yellow suit) tries to take it from them.
      When I was in Florida I camped out on a beach where Ponce de Leon supposedly landed.

      The “man in the yellow hat” takes care of George, the curious Monkey.

      In 12 Monkeys Bruce Willis tries to escape to the Florida Keys, but he gets killed. The villian, in a yellow coat, gets on a plane to spread the virus.

      In Sin City, Bruce willis battles The Yellow Bastard

      Goldfinger is set in Miami.

      Dang it, I lost my place, lost the plot. forgot what I was talking about. I started looking up pictures of Michael J Fox in yellow 🤦‍♂️

      Radiation suits, #42 teen wolf, #42 The Frighteners…then I came across the movie poster for Fox’s “The Secret of My Success” 🍾
      Ok I’m lost, time to close my eyes

  • Great pick up on the 11 being hit by the new your jet. You are on the trail of the meta script no doubt.

    These massive events are shaping the minds of the masses imo. Is it good or bad, I have no idea. But when several hundred million are focused on one event, I feel that’s manifestion on steroids.

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