IPS and the Mandoozle Effect – Part 2 (19-Dec-2019)

How can controversial ideas be spread in a time of supposed ‘mass censorship’?

Is it wrong to make money while telling people the truth about media fakery?

Does anybody really believe that Justin Bieber and TheWeeknd are the same person?

IPS and the Mandoozle Effect

Recorded: 19-Dec-2019

Published: 23-Dec-2019


Part 2 of this call is separated into two files, each about an hour long.

It follows on from Part 1 which was streamed live and is available publicly.

This was my first conversation with IPS a.k.a. Tim Ozman of the Infinite Plane Society.

Primarily I wanted to chat with him about the Mandela Effect as part of Mandela Month here at johnlebon.com

I haven’t followed any of his FE work for reasons explained in Part 1 of the call.

Basically, I became fed up with the FE scene by mid-2017 and stopped paying any attention to it, or to those involved in it.

This also means I was (and largely still am) oblivious to many of the accusations which have been made against IPS and his crew.

I have so much I’d like to say about this conversation and the many topics which were discussed , and in time I will release a companion piece to the call.

For now, I hope you enjoy my chat with one of the few guys in this scene who seems to be truly innovative in what he does.

I’m most looking forward to checking out the comments left in response to the call by the Members of this site.

Please do leave your own feedback in the comment section of this post, be it good, bad, or ugly.

As we approach the next decade and this website enters its fifth year of operation, opportunities abound for those with eyes to see.

Exciting times.

Who is IPS?

A gave a brief overview of the IPS operation in my Article about the Staveley / IPS beef.

Article #59 | JLB Notes: Brian Staveley Calls Out IPS (12-Dec-2019)

It is definitely worth checking that Article out before listening to the call.

Download or stream

Part 2 – Hour 1

Part 2 – Hour 2

Links and stuff

Hour 1

Intro track – here.

Tim Ozman as ‘Mark Sargent’ at Albuquerque city council – here.

Flat earth billboards on the news – here.

Dahboo7 video about a ‘UFO’ – here.

10 Things I Hate About You clip – here.

Dahboo7 video about a ‘huge discovery’ – here.

Bruce Lee clip – here.

Michio Kaku clip – here.

Conan O’Brien ‘one inch punch’ clip – here.

Justin Bieber clip – here.

TheWeeknd clip – here.

Jonna Mendez clip – here.

Hour 2

‘Why doesn’t TheWeeknd do interviews’ video – here.

David Hogg on gun laws – here.

‘Can’t Feel My Face’ by TheWeeknd – here.

Ayesha Curry clip – here.

Miley Cyrus clip – here.

Kavanaugh / Ford clip – here.

Dave J’s Ramsey -> Perry theory in the news – here.

David Lim and Sirius the dog clip – here.

Another David Lim / Sirius the dog clip – here.

Outtro track – here.

Production notes. Recorded 19-Dec-2019. Published 23-Dec-2019. Available to Full-access Members (and IPS Patreons).


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