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  • 04-August-2019 at 11:53 pm

    Funny video! That’s guy’s dad had workmates that died on 9/11. Trololol.

  • 12-August-2019 at 2:03 pm

    JLB, I commend you on your recent efforts on Reddit to heal the conspiratards of their Epstein-oia. Since there is no dedicated Epstein post here, I’ll just add my 2-cents on this one. I agree with Ab that Epstein is most likely a fictional character and also that he’s most certainly NOT Obama in prosthetics (LOL). I mean, why bother with physical masks when you have this (and simple Photoshop for the still images).

    Anyway, I just figured out who this “monster” reminds me of, and who his image is possibly based on or vice-versa? What immediately struck me when I first saw Epstein in the news was his dramatically peculiar physical appearance. His face actually does look rather mask-like, almost like it’s chiseled from stone. With his Neanderthal-like visage, he can be seen brutally chinmogging anyone who dares share a photo with him. Who in the universe could possibly defeat this lantern-jawed Titan? Only one.

    Yep, that’s right: Jeffrey Epstein IS Thanos!


    And it appears I’m not the only one who has noticed the similarity:





    And there’s actually more to the story. Check this out.

    I ran a Google News search and, as far as I can tell, Epstein first started showing up in the media as a person of interest back in 2002. I first found this article in New York Magazine that, to be honest, was a bit tl;dr for me. But what I did read seemed to contain a number of foreshadowing innuendos, sowing the seeds of intrigue for the mysterious Epstein character. Incidentally, Epstein attempted to acquire that very magazine a year later, with a competing bidder being none other than fellow future sex-monster Harvey Weinstein. One particular line from that article provides our first sync gateway to Thanos:

    Ever since the Post’s “Page Six” ran an item about the president’s
    late-September visit to Africa with Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker – on
    his new benefactor’s customized Boeing 727 – the question of the day
    has been: Who in the world is Jeffrey Epstein?

    The president they’re speaking of is Bill Clinton and here’s a link to the Page Six article mentioned. In addition to additional future sex-monster Kevin Spacey, who else appears in the Page Six piece, the blurb that first spawned the Epstein legend? Nelson Mandela and freakin’ Bono!

    Anyway, personal syncs aside, the NYMag line refers to Epstein as Clinton’s mysterious “new benefactor.” Let’s take a look at Thanos’ first appearance in film:

    Thanos first appears during the end credits of The Avengers as Loki’s
    mysterious benefactor.

    This is followed by his next appearance:

    Thanos makes an uncredited appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy,
    which introduces him as the adoptive father of Gamora and Nebula.
    Thanos makes a deal with Ronan the Accuser to destroy Xandar in
    exchange for the Orb…

    We’ll get into Thanos and his “adoptive daughters” in a bit. But what’s this about him “making a deal” with “Ronan the Accuser?” From Epstein’s criminal bio, we have his first accuser in 2005 which led to a drawn-out legal case in which he was eventually offered a sweet deal. In the details that came out from that case, it was alleged that Epstein was basically a pimp, “lending” underage girls to powerful men. The pimp tag has been attached to him throughout his legal dramas.

    Well, the tag has also been applied to Thanos:




    One of Thanos’ main activities is abducting children from different races he’s conquered and “training” them to do his bidding. Here’s a scene from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with his “adoptive daughters” Nebula and Gamora waxing on about the wicked ways of Pimp Daddy Thanos. Allow Christian blogger Toshio to further explain Thanos’ practice of kidnapping young orphans, grooming them and playing twisted psychological games with them in a true pimp-like fashion.

    And like every nasty villain in every thrilling drama, the audience is always waiting for the baddy to finally get his comeuppance and meet his justified end. With Epstein, it was his death by suicide in his jail cell with our conspiratard comrades virtually unanimously agreeing that there is something suspicious about the official story. Perhaps it was an “assisted suicide?”

    Well, I have yet to see Avengers: Endgame but I decided to spoil it for myself and find out what happened to that nasty ol’ Thanos. So…

    ======SPOILER ALERT=======

    Thanos apparently dies twice in this installment. And the first time is mighty curious:


    Now that the Avengers Endgame digital versions are out with commentary
    from the writers and directors, it was revealed that Thanos’ death was
    more of an assisted suicide.

    I’m not sure exactly how he dies the second time, but apparently the problem with Thanos is that he cannot be killed, being infinitely powerful and all. So in the comic books as well, he can only meet his end by offing himself.

    So what’s the point of all of this? If Epstein was just a character whose “evil life” strangely paralleled that of the Mad Titan Thanos, what was his purpose? Looking at the etymology of the name Epstein, we have “water stone” with “stein” clearly meaning “stone” with the “Ep” part being more questionable. Perhaps we can consider the meaning of the prefix “ep” or “epi”:

    before vowels reduced to ep-, before aspirated vowels eph-,
    word-forming element meaning “on, upon, above,” also “in addition to;
    toward, among,” from Greek epi “upon, at, close upon (in space or
    time), on the occasion of, in addition,” also “after,” from PIE *epi,
    *opi “near, at, against” (source also of Sanskrit api “also, besides;” Avestan aipi “also, to, toward;” Armenian ev “also, and;” Latin ob
    “toward, against, in the way of;” Oscan op, Greek opi- “behind;”
    Hittite appizzis “younger;” Lithuanian ap- “about, near;” Old Church
    Slavonic ob “on”). A productive prefix in Greek; also used in modern
    scientific compounds (such as epicenter).

    On, upon, above, toward, among, after, near, against, behind. It seems like “ep” signifies omnipotence or infinity. Ep-Stein. Infinity Stone. And of course big bad Thanos was ALL about collecting those infinity stones. And for what purpose? Well, Thanos (who is described as an eternaldeviant hybrid, hmmm…) will tell you it’s about bringing balance to the universe. And maybe that’s the same purpose an “evil” character like Jeffrey Epstein is ultimately serving on the world stage. Whatever it is, I imagine it’s far over the heads of the lemming masses and “world-saving” conspiratards.


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