Burning the Fossil Fuel Hoax

Season 2, Episode 9 of the Member Discord Call series will be recorded from 4pm Saigon time this Sunday.

Sadly this means that our American friends will probably not be able to make it to the call but, as always, I’ll be more than happy to schedule a second call on the same topic, if those who can’t make it to the first call are keen to arrange an alternative time.

Take No Gnosis from Birmingham sent me a message earlier today:

Would you like to do a member call this weekend?

I know I have wittered on about carbon for a while, well I have been doing loads of research and what I have dug up on carbon is absolutely brain melting.

So if you are up for a call I would love to discuss

1) Your thoughts on the fossil fuel hoax and

2) Some of the crazy stuff I have dug up on carbon.

Sounds good to me.

Everybody is welcome to join us, and at the very least it would be nice to have a third voice there to bounce ideas around (similar to the recent call with Hilly which I thought worked perfectly).

I’m sure TNG and I can fill an hour or two all by ourselves if that is what transpires, but I for one think the Calls are more enjoyable when several voices are putting their ideas into mix.

Either way, I’ll be there at 4pm my time, with some notes ready to go on the fossil fuel hoax.

And I’ll try to get some more work done on the piece set to accompany Where Do Diamonds Come From?

Article #48 – Where Do Diamonds Come From? (17-Mar-2019)

Remember that if you ever want to organise a Member Call, all you need to do is message me ahead of time and we can make a plan.

I’m happy to set aside every Sunday if it means we are recording a new call every Sunday.

So long as it is planned ahead.

Gone are the days where I would wait at my computer every Sunday and hope that people would turn up for the call.

These days it is a case of, ‘If you’ll be there, I’ll be there’.

All you have to do is message me ahead of time to let me know what you want to discuss.

And this coming Sunday, myself and TNG will both be there, discussing yet more Hoaxes.

I hope some of you will be there, too!

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8 thoughts on “Burning the Fossil Fuel Hoax

  • 03-August-2019 at 3:31 am

    I’m a possible depending on if I can get done with milking on time. Can’t say I’m much of an expert on the fossil fuel hoax but I’ll chuck out whatever thought bubbles come to my head at the time.

  • 03-August-2019 at 8:17 pm

    I am a new member, and I wouldn’t have much more to add then just my thoughts on topics, but I would be available for the call; it would be a honor. If I am correct it would 2 AM here on the West coast US, which is completely manageable on my end. So as long as you don’t mind having a total newbie on the line, I would be available, and interested in participating. Let me know; looking forward to the call either way. Thanks.

    • 04-August-2019 at 2:04 am

      You are 100% welcome and I am sure that your contribution will be a positive one.

      A lot of people seem to have this concern that they ‘won’t have anything to say’ or ‘won’t have much to add’.

      That’s what I’m there for. I ask questions, keep the conversation going, all you need to do is not be an NPC ūüôā

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