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JLB1563 | Aus to South America Flights Kill ‘AE’ Flat Earth Map?

A short video outlining the backstory of Sam Chui, the man who filmed himself in the cockpit of a flight between Sydney, Australia and Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2014. Can his testimony be trusted? And if direct flights between Australia and South America do indeed exist, can proponents of the ‘azimuthal equidistant’ map account for them?


Odiupicku’s video:
Sam Chui’s video:
Sam Chui’s post about the flight:
Sam Chui’s ‘About Me’:
ABC Radio interview:
CNN article:

Note that Odiupicku’s video states that Sam Chui’s flight (the footage in question) was between Sydney and Santiago, Chile (rather than Buenos Aires, Argentina). For the purpose of his video, and my general questions, the important point is that the flight was direct from Australia to South America. The Sydney-Buenos Aires route was terminated in early 2014, but a new Sydney-Santiago flight took its place and (allegedly) remains active to this day.


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