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The Cold and Lonely Truth (three videos)

I recorded three videos while walking around in the snow today.

The first and third are available via youtube.

The second one is only available here.

Both cover some home truths which few ‘awake’ people seem to want to hear.

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance…

I think most so-called ‘awake’ people are still at step one. It’s kinda sad to see.

But also a little amusing in a way…

Video 1: ‘Why won’t they wake up?’

JLB 21008 – ‘Why won’t they wake up’ (13-Feb-2021)

Video 2: Some Home Truths

JLB 21009 – Some Home Truths (13-Feb-2021)

Video 3: Two Years on the Road

JLB 21010 – Two Years on the Road (13-Feb-2021)


Ab and Markus’ most recent call (featured in video #2 above) – here.

My comment which led Markus to respond – here.

Tonnes of free podcasts featuring JLB and various fakeologist people – here.

JLB’s Youtube podcast channel with lots of calls featuring Members of – here.

MattyV’s video – here.

JLB 21008, 21009, and 21010 uploaded 13-Feb-2021. First uploaded to youtube, second only to website, third also to youtube.

One thought on “The Cold and Lonely Truth (three videos)

  • Negentropic

    Sv3rige/Goatis is going to be in Sofia, Bulgaria in the next couple of days. He was South near the Greek border before in some other city for a few days. Bulgaria and Germany apparently have the 2 highest murder rates in Europe.

    Why don’t you contact him and arrange to meet up with him sometime in the future just for the hell of it, see what happens? He’s not just a raw meat guy, he’s also pretty woke to media fakery in general, easily as woke as half the guys on Fakeologist audio-chat. At the very least you guys can exchange e-mails and update each other on the vaccine and pcr test situation in Bulgaria. I think Bulgaria is now requiring PCR tests to enter or leave the country, so you’re stuck there unless you want another possibly nano-bot-infected q-tip to be shoved up your nose. All the best and take it easy on the cheap alcohol. Better yet try to find some cheap weed instead. Your liver will thank you in a few years.

    8Corvus Corax8
    8Corvus Corax8
    9 hours ago
    Hello, I live in Bulgaria. I can advise you to go to the ski resort of Bansko. it is 170 km from Sofia. there are mountains and forest. book your hotel in booking. next to Bansko there is the village of Banya, in the village of Banya, 5 km from Bansko, you will find hotels with thermal hot springs.
    8Corvus Corax8
    8Corvus Corax8
    9 hours ago
    if you want details, I can write to you on your mail-admin. but I speak English badly …
    8 hours ago
    Thanks, I know about it. I would only go there in summer, I got enough snow already.

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