Dinohoax – What About Fossils and Paleontology?

An ‘expert’ weighs in on the debate…


JLB 21007 – Dinohoax – What About Fossils and Paleontology? (11-Feb-2021)

1) The fossil images by the reddit person: https://imgur.com/gallery/5fP2RxX
2) My free Dinoskeptic videos: https://www.dinoskeptic.com/
3) My ‘Dinosaurs of Queensland’ research page: https://www.johnlebon.com/start/key-topics/dinofraud/dinosaurs-of-queensland/
4) Wiki page on the Bone Wars: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bone_Wars
5) Cosmos article on fake dinosaurs: https://cosmosmagazine.com/palaeontology/great-dinosaur-fossil-hoax/
6) The original reddit post which led to all of this: https://old.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/lhkd2o/trans_women_should_be_allowed_to_compete_against/gmyim72/?context=3

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