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SpaceX Hoax: Does It Even Matter? #Starman

A lot of people are arguing about whether or not the latest SpaceX stunt was in fact an elaborate fraud, a ruse to fool the lemming masses. My question is simple: why does it even matter?


JLB1816 – SpaceX Hoax: Does It Even Matter? #Starman (13-Feb-2018)

Hoax Hierarchy: here.
Gustave le Bon quotes: here.

Post updated 22-Aug-2019 to embed reuploaded video.


6 thoughts on “SpaceX Hoax: Does It Even Matter? #Starman

  • Nate M

    Always the knit of identity.

    Does that make sense? Lol, never…

  • supermot34

    Just renewed my subscription, I’ll be going through all this content I’ve missed over the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to it because it’s been ages since I had member access and you have a lot of very interesting stuff to look at. I’m a little overwhelmed with the quantity actually.

    • Terrific to see you back on board, Supermot. While you were gone, somebody else came along with a ’34’ moniker. Hopefully this town is big enough for the two of you!

      There is now a lot of content on the site; even I am sometimes surprised at how quickly it seems to have developed. Then I remember that I don’t really have much of a life and that I have dedicated myself to this operation for about eighteen months now, and it all makes sense.

      Looking forward to getting your feedback on some of the more recent content, especially the Member Skype calls. It is fair to say that the discussion has evolved to become something much different to anything anybody is likely find on YouTube…

  • John, you ask : My question is simple: why does it even matter?

    What are you referring to do you mean was the rocket launch all CGI and an elaborate deception, or if space travel is possible, or are we really on a spinning ball, or are we just binary quantities in an elaborate matrix, or it’s just another round of bread and circuses for” the lemming masses”

    So many questions open up when you are equipped with the opportunity to truly question what your eyes feed you through mass media and what’s expected of you in your cultural realm.

    From a direction that you been going and your postulation that “those that rule are not evil” which by the way I don’t think you have presented a good case for. What examples would indicate the possibility of benevolence from your frequent reference to “these people” “them” “these guys” and ” people behind the internet in general ”

    Apart from the rise of the internet that you applaud “them” for ……….. and I agree that it’s a great thing for knowledge, I see pretty scarce evidence that the rest of the machinations that go along with a deep state’s desire for absolute power and control in any way necessary and possible, has any sense of care and compassion for other dwellers of this earth or that it will stop without resistance.

    it is not the problem of accruing money that is any showing as to the benevolence of controllers, it is the flow of sustained wealth and power positions that are not possible for the great unwashed.

    To be a threat potential, you have to know what are the ” system overlords” grand plans are … As you have stated…… you are not one of them ……… hence a possible answer to your question of why you find no lack to any freedoms on your ability to express your views in a public forum.

    The “system” needs to be explained not only with a material value but its long-term objective and why the need to have a system of controllers, as well as what is the end scene that will be played out if there is only benevolence attributed to the end results.

    A premise that I hear you saying in other conversations is, that there is a fundamental difference as “race ” as a humanoid difference that is intellectually determined to enable understanding of the system controllers.

    Why do you care about interracial children or dilution of the white race if there is only benevolence in the system control that is being perpetrated in the age that we live?

    As for “wealth” in the system, an economy tends to grow or shrink depending on how many people are actively providing win-win goods and services to others… compared to how many (zombies, cronies, and Swamp critters) are living off the effort of others.

    GDP growth has been going down for the last 35 years. In 1950, the government represented about 30% of the U.S. economy. Now, it is more like 50% adding in “private” sectors substantially controlled by the feds, feeding the Zombies and swamp critters.

    Then, there were scarcely 100,000 people in prison; now, there are nearly 2.5 million. Then, only 2% of Americans received Social Security or disability payments. Now, there are more than 10 million of them or about 4% of the population.

    That trend – fewer people supporting more people, financed with fake money ( based on fractional banking and usery) means the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

    And it won’t change until either until the system blows up or people come to their senses, granted over a given period of time in regards to the things that mattered to me I’ve recognised the foolishness of trying to change somebody’s mind.

    I work more with influencing by example and to that point…… yes….. I have an easier life as well. But at some point, if you see things going to hell in a handbag you may have to reassess the situation, or otherwise, there is a possibility you can be subjugated to someone else’s agenda with no possibility you can apply your’s, due to being controlled and lack of freedom. Regards Russell

  • bmseattle

    Did you remove the link to your ongoing dialogue with Lesta?

    • bmseattle

      Oops, sorry, just realized that it’s in the Silverfox post, not this one.

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