3 thoughts on “Is Valentine’s Day a HOAX?

  • RicStaR13

    I’ve come to the conclusion that almost everything is fake in this reality, even of course truther claims, more so than anyone else at times. We all get these biases and they’re incredibly hard to detach from. Preconceived notions of the world we’re given, because it’s definitely given, I started to wonder how much I knew from my own investigations several years ago, and if you’re honest, it’s quite scary how much of the world is given, I didn’t stumble across Egypt and discover all the history of it, I was given it, I didn’t even ask to know about it? And what do we know, well that oxyrincus or however it’s spelt, says it all, a damn rubbish dump, an ancient rubbish dump in fact, how they know it’s ancient I don’t know? That papyri could just be coffee stained parchment or anything.
    But yeah, this nonsense about valentines, i actually looked into this some years ago for a girl i was with, yes I was a normie too, like everyone else at one time. Anyway, I found it to be bullshit then, although of course I didn’t go into everything else, I just thought well of course some stories are invented, little did I know that if I was to look into everything, and i mean everything, it all appears to be stories sold as facts. I also battled for ages with this history hoax with the fact that,of course they sell it to some degree, it has to be interesting, but then I realised there is no real history to add stories to, they’re all stories creating the history.
    So yeah, valentines day is pretty obvious to even normies like I was.
    I will say the ancient Greece video is decent, it’s the reason I joined as part member and really enjoyed it. I’ve been into conspiracies for ages, but even at school as a child I was in history class and was never convinced if anything they said, I questioned quite a bit, I then got out straight not by the government or shills or anything if they exist, but just friends and girlfriends, you don’t generally get girlfriends as a young man if you’re spouting crazy theories of the world. It took getting over enough women and realising friends are rare anyway, and the true ones don’t much care about things like that, for me to get really stuck into the conspiracies. There are definitely shills at the top, I mean Jones and Icke just to name a couple, they are sure Fire ways to determine most from further investigationstudy, even though most of what they say is probably true to some extent, the rubbish they add to it is insane. I mean Icke says things like Saturn is a massive machine or something that infects our brain computer matrixes, you know, just utter rubbish. I think he believes in the holohoax as well, sure he does, seen him use Hitler as some kind of enemy and then showing that Hitler was friends with the rest, well yeah, I’m sure they’re all using Hegel’s fantastic system, but he believes the gassing myth, Germans gassing Jews, it’s so absurd to think that. He does speak truth to get you in though, and once you’re in, if you don’t have real discernment you’ll hear the truths and take the bullshit as truths out of kind of pack mentality, it’s designed I’m sure, although who knows, I don’t even know the shape of the earth, I don’t even know what earth is, I haven’t seen bon earth so who knows, I doubt anyone of us will know, the fact earthersalmost had me, they kind of have, because I’m not longer convinced of the ball earth, however they all have issues, oder aye I’m much more aligned with geocentric, nasa is obviously fake and I use the moon landings as a guide for who to listen to without anything else, if anyone says that was real ,because it’s so obvious, I cannot listen to anything they say after that, I will still speak to them or be friends or whatever, but no facts they spout after will be even absorbed, because it’s probable everything they know is utter shit. I’ve gone on anyway on a video that really had nothing to do with my comment

  • Nate

    Interesting comment.

    I wish more comments would ramble on and on like this. I love reading comments on this site, its so much better than reading the news everyday like I used to. Sometimes the commenter throws in golden nuggets or mind blow without even realizing it. You never know how your comments might help another member on the site.

    Mind blow and truth aside, long comments inevitably reveal bits and pieces of yourself to others on the site.

    I consider this site to be a “safe place”. A place where I can carelessly share my beliefs and perspectives. If there are problems with what I say, the others on this site will point out the problems, or ask questions that force me to rethink, reword, and reevaluate my beliefs. This might lead me to change my beliefs, or it may reinforce my beliefs. At no time, however, do I feel like I am ever being attacked, or shutdown by retards, after commenting on here.

    Point is, I am not afraid or ashamed to share my beliefs and inferences on this site, and I hope others will feel the same and leave long rambling comments.

    “Undrape! you are not guilty to me, nor stale nor discarded,
    I see through the broadcloth and gingham whether or no,
    And am around, tenacious, acquisitive, tireless, and cannot be shaken away.”

    • RicStaR13

      Thanks for that.
      I have read through a lot of comments, been watching the YouTube videos for a while as well, so kind of know jlb will discuss most things.
      I just read my comment back and this keyboard I’m using on my phone is terrible, I’m sure I proofed my comment but missed the errors. Most is fine though.
      I’ll make more comments trust that

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