20 thoughts on “JLBE1683 | JLB Cameo on Delcroix’s ‘Flat Earth – Have a Heart’

  • “Some great minds out there, discovering some amazing things.” “Ok, what are they discovering?” …. Crickets “Based on what?” …. Crickets.

    Enough said?

    • Have you ever had a question thrown at you out of left field? It is like being in court… you don’t have any time to process an eloquent response. Think about that.

        • No… he asked the question, which caused a flood of thoughts to crowd my mind, competing to come to the fore. And that is why i could not eloquently state an response. Had i previously though the topic out… i would have had a ready response… next time that happens to me, i will have a quick answer. Even Delcroix asked John what was up with all the questions, which is a well known method of deflecting and derailing a topic. You see it all the time in the media and in courts of law. That’s all i am going to say on that.

          Why on earth would i want to watch anything about a senate inquiry. I am not real fond of begging my masters to loosen my chains. I just break them.

    • Having spoken with both Del and Wanda off the air in the past, I can assure you they are both bright and well-meaning individuals, whose efforts in this scene I appreciate. This display was not their best performance, and your comment here goes to the heart of it. The Flat Earth online cult/reality tv saga has sucked in some good people, sadly. I hope they soon come to their senses.

  • FYI Elena Duggan conquered an epic Heston Blumenthal dessert to take the prestigious Masterchef crown for 2016.

    • Lol. I am not going to google those names in case you are being serious.

  • adriantretiak

    I like how they conclude at the end that the reason for not being in agreement with you is because you’re “young”. Like you don’t have the experience yet to see that countless 3 hour hangouts contain heaps of useful information for your en… for you to learn from.

    I stopped paying attention to the FE scene half a year ago. I don’t know if the topic was purposefully promoted by an unseen force (to disorient people), or that it just happens that heaps of would-be-researchers are doing what they know best, pounding the same thing over and over again. I used to back Jeran’s channel, but when he started posting songs and kept doing commentary on the ISS feed, my enthusiasm quickly faded away. All in all, I think have to admit that the Flat Earth topic helped me discover the Jewish problem, and I have to thank Eric Dubay for that.

    • Maxwell Smart

      You didn’t need Eric Dubay for that.

      Eric Dubay is a well-poisoner and an anti-Christ.

        • Maxwell Smart

          You most certainly sound like one. Now keep depleting those brain cells with all the internet has to offer on flat earth chicanery … ooga booga.

    • Thanks for the comment, and your sentiments regarding the ‘young’ ad hominem are similar to my own. I am the first to acknowledge my own youth and naivety, especially in this scene where 20-somethings are almost non-existent, and the average age of the more prominent presenters seems to be 40+. That said, a waste of time is a waste of time, and if I can see that the Fe scene is indeed a waste of time, my seniors ought to be able to see it, too.

      As for Dubay, I am still thankful that I purchased a copy of his book ‘The Atlantean Conspiracy’. Much of it is terrific, so long as one is willing to go and double check what is said. I am convinced that the vast majority of FE believers have not read a single FE book, let alone read Dubay’s. If they had, there would be more talk about ‘giant humans’ (which are, to me, obvious bunk), among other things. Similar to your own account, Dubay’s work on the usual suspects was also helpful for me. For instance, I had never seen footage of a ritual Jewish circumcision prior to his three-hour video (at least, not that I can remember). If you are a good person, that kind of thing has an effect on you.

      What is Dubay’s real agenda? I don’t know. I like to think he is similar to me, and in many ways it seems that way. He is only a few years older, and his views on topics like work and government are practically the same as my own. If somebody tells me they think Dubay is legitimate, I won’t argue with them; if they tell me they think he is illegitimate, I won’t argue with them. I simply don’t know.

      • Huh… interesting take on things. You took my saying you are young as an ad hominem… and i am sitting here chafing at the word senior… lol. We certainly do live in interesting times. I like you John… and i freaking love the internet… i love it. I love it in a way i really can’t put into words.

        Here’s the deal with the age thing… and when you get to be over 50, you’ll understand what i mean. The mind doesn’t age. My mind is right about 29 years old… perpetually. That will never change… it hasn’t. Once you get all the growing out of the way, the hormonal changes… you settle in and get to know this vehicle you’re driving… then it’s just a matter of data in, data out. To improve the quality of one’s life, it is necessary to improve the quality of one’s attention. But we don’t come with a manual… no road map, and we’re pretty much on our own and the highway is full of brigands and hoboes. <— that is the very first time i ever used the word brigand in a sentence.

        If i was 29 again, which i never will be in this vehicle, and knew what i know now that i didn't know then… things would be all different. We are the living word, i know that. What we say and what we think changes from moment to moment… i am not even the same person i was when i clicked on 20 minutes ago. If i ever say anything unkind or harsh, don't take it personally. I might have meant it when i said it, but i don't now, and i would take it back if i could. I don't know everything. Whenever i do think i have it all figured out, life comes along and shows me something else… and it never ends.

        The plural of why is wise… it is important to question. To quest at eye on… third eye. I am you and you are me and we are all together. Well… looks like it's going to be one of those philosophical days. I'm good with that.

  • Looking forward to the Tesla video…I researched him a couple years ago and realized a problem immediately when his father was connected with the Vatican (Tesla supposedly made numerous trips to the Vatican with his father when he was young).

    You are so right about the hangouts. Until recently, there hasn’t been much of any new information about the flat earth. When I choose to listen to a hangout, it is for entertainment value. I know you and Bob have issues, but I think Cami has come up with very interesting new information that is very interesting. If you didn’t listen to Globebusters a clearer description is in Nathan Oakley’s channel – 3 fifteen minute videos primarily with Cami.

    Your conversation would have been more interesting if the female would have not kept changing the subject – I don’t think she was getting your point.

    • Thanks for the comment, Kathy.

      The Tesla podcast was released not too long after this video, and I am pretty happy with how it came together. I hope you enjoy(ed) it.

      The hangouts are, for most who partake or view, nothing but a waste of time. Mere entertainment dressed up as intellectual or spiritual discussion. Most people feel they need entertainment to ‘relax’, and most people I know seem to think that several hours of ‘relaxation’ is required every day. I don’t try to change their minds. I couldn’t personally look myself in the mirror if I were wasting that much of my precious life in front of a screen merely to ‘relax’ while listening to bozos talk about FE, but each to their own.

      I haven’t seen Cami’s new ‘map’ or ‘model’; I haven’t watched an episode of GB for quite some time now. I had been trying to keep up to date on their show, and take notes for each episode, to build up a knowledge base of their New Age nonsense. There is much to learn from observing these people on a meta level. But even that has become too much for me. There is only so much time in a week, you know?

      As for Wanda, she did go off-topic several times, overall the entire conversation was difficult. I can tell you with confidence that I have spoken to her off the air before and she is, so far I can tell, an intelligent and articulate person. This was not her best effort, but we all have off days. Check out her website before casting too much judgement ūüôā

  • Maxwell Smart

    This podcast was the perfect illustration as regards, in terms of those who have swallowed the red pill, why the White race is being decimated, Muslims are flooding our countries and destroying our unique cultures, and the Jews are winning.

    Jewish pop culture has migrated from the mainstream media to the alternative media, disguised as cognitive entertainment. Actors are hired as pseudo intellectuals, others volunteer their services for free, scripts are pre-written. And despite not being able to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, the real game – the real PSYOP – is to get these lemmings hooked, dumbed-down, and otherwise distracted.

    Hooked, dumbed-down and distracted from what, you say? From the devil’s parasites who were put on this Earth to wreak havoc upon God’s creation.

    “Jewish history has been tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good fortune of the rest of the world.” – Samuel Roth, Jews Must Live, page 18.

    Parasites need distractions, to get people hooked on garbage and to be distracted with all the vices that come out of creating Sodom and Gomorrah. The Jews are winning because of it. And it’s high time that we take back the narrative. For if there’s one thing Jews excel at, it’s creating fairy tales.

    Speak truth to power and watch the Jewish fairy tales slowly crumble. Stay within the Jew matrix and we get everything we deserve. This is war. They know it, and we’re preoccupied with listening to Flat Earth model preachers and other puerile dog shit.

    Fight or die.

    That’s what it all boils down to.

    When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. Corinthians 13:11

    • Maxwell – “For if there‚Äôs one thing Jews excel at, it‚Äôs creating fairy tales..”

      Question: You really believe these ‘Jews’ have ‘not’ had a hand in creating this ‘Jesus’ story??

      • Maxwell Smart

        That’s garbage – with all due respect.

        The greatest mission for the Jews is to kill Christianity, with the White race going along for the ride (the two go perfectly together).

        Judaism is a complete bastardization and filthy corruption of Mosaism (Christianity before Christ). If you interpret the Bible correctly, using original sources, you will see that it is anti-Jewish from front cover to back cover. In fact, true Christianity is 100% anti-Jewish.

        The Masoretic Texts were a corruption of the Septuagint (Hebrew Old Testament translated into Greek in around 260 BC), the intention being, via interpolations, vast omissions (25% if memory serves), and changed timelines, to discredit not only the New Testament, but to prove beyond doubt that Christ was not the true Messiah (and Christ is not Jewish, by the way. That is another horrendous Jewish lie. But then Jews have it BOTH WAYS, since they mock and despise Christ both openly and in their Babylonian Talmud. But this is how they keep the Christian Zionist Zombies in line and in the Jews’ thrall).

        Of course, the King James and subsequent Bibles used the Masoretic Texts as their foundation. Hence why there are 27000 translational errors in the King James Bible alone. Essentially, we have been left with corruptions layered upon corruptions, with the beneficiaries of those corruptions, accidentally as well as purposely (King James had his own nefarious reasons in wanting to replace the Geneva Bible) being the Jews.

        The same Jews that killed Christ (God) have, between the Holodomor, 2 major wars, Communist uprisings, civil wars, etc, killed 100s of millions of military men and civilians. Killing comes naturally to Jews, like water off a duck’ back.

        Catholicism, Protestantism and Christianity have obviously been corrupted to the bone now (it can be proven that Jews bought the best Christianity money could buy), but that wasn’t always the case. It wasn’t that long ago that Christians understood the true nature of the Jews, and understood who and what they were. But Bibles like the Scofield, Bullinger and lies that have been told from the pulpit have changed all that.

        So unless you know the history of Christianity, Judaism (and this is only a cursory outline) and the parasitical nature and purpose of the Jews, the idea that Jews had a hand in who Jesus was and what he stood for, is complete and utter bunk.

        All that Jews have desired is to KILL the story of Jesus, why He came and why He was crucified. And to do that they must KILL Christianity, which they have almost completely done.

        I hope that answers your question. And you might be able to see, now, why agents like Eric Dubay exist and what their true purpose is.

      • Oh miss ali… it’s great to see you. I agree with your insights of the bible.

        Of course the Jews had a hand in creating the bible… i don’t necessarily think Jesus did that. When i first realized Jesus didn’t say seek the truth, rather he said “i am the truth” i didn’t understand it, and i cast the whole thing off, chucked the whole book. But then i re-thought it. The bible God is a fvcking evil deity… no question. But Jesus… is truth. The Jews with their filthy God they created in the book they wrote, get us to externalize the Christ… to place the Christ outside of ourselves… which makes “him” an idol. As the chosen of the God they created, they will be the ones to judge us in the last days… and anyone who worships the idol is an idolator. See how that works? There is no sin… there is only error. To repent is simply to re-think.

        I would love to have a conversation with you… i think you are brilliant too. Would you join Del and myself on a hangout? I think you can see we are not confrontational… we don’t set people up or back-stab, and i am not imply anything here, so hopefully no one will read into that. We argue, with reason, the better argument wins… as it should. If you listen to this entire podcast with Del and myself… we had a “caller inner” and he and i had a great spiritual conversation starting at one hour, fifty five minutes. I think i changed his religion from believer to seeker of higher truths.

        • Maxwell Smart

          Spoken like a true ignoramus. I think the Talmud better suits your mentality. But then there is always flat earth to while the wasted hours away.

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