JLBP1684 | Nikola Tesla a Scientism Priest?

In this series I respond directly to comments left on my YouTube videos. Episode #09 is focused on the comments section of ‘JLBE1652 | Nikola Tesla a Scientism Priest?’. Many people involved in the ‘alternative media’ promote and/or believe a number of fantastical stories regarding inventor Nikola Tesla. According to some, Tesla: developed ‘free energy’ technology; designed a ‘death ray’; was interfered with by the Rockefellers (or others) who allegedly burnt down his lab; and was written out of the history books. How many of the people parroting these claims have read the primary sources documenting what Tesla actually said? How many are aware that Tesla claimed that intelligent life existed on Mars? In this podcast we look at the primary sources which reveal that the ‘real’ story of Tesla is even whackier than the ‘alternative’ mythology – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg

JLBE1656 | Nikola Tesla a Scientism Priest? (20-May-2016) Link
Tesla Society pdf: Link
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  • Awesome job! It sounds to me like he’s just a character. If you think about the communication capabilities of the early 20th century it seems like just making up a mad scientist character would be really easy. Uri Geller claims to have worked with The Mossad. Perhaps Einstein and “Tesla” were set up to be diametrically opposed figures in history by the Jews.

    • Thanks for the kind words. The Uri Geller rabbit hole is a deep one all of its own, and you can be sure he (and Andrija Puharich) will feature prominently in future podcasts. Can I ask, how did you find this site?

      • I’ve been following you on YouTube ever since the globe skeptic round table. I’ve dabbled in flat earth believing and I definitely want it to be true but I am more of agnostic now when it comes to that whole debate. I really enjoy the broad spectrum of topics you cover and look forward to see where your research takes you. I also hope that you can calm down a bit on the condescending insult thing you do sometimes, it just makes you sound like a prick. But all in all I am a fan of your work!

        • Thanks for the kind words. When you talk about ‘the condescending insult thing you do’, can you give me some examples? I am obviously not perfect but in almost all of my work online, I am holding back what I really want to say to the minions and morons who pollute this scene with their infantile nonsense. We have this amazing technology with which we can communicate instantly with people all around the world, and some of us are using it to try to work out who we are, where we are, why we are here. The miscreants who get in the way deserve far worse than insults from me.

          • Well…that’s a good example right there. I’m not saying you are wrong that there are lots of morons on the Internet, I am simply saying by using that language (seems like you do this mostly in comments) it triggers people and turns them off of your work. I just think it might be wise to refrain from the name calling as there is already way too much of that on the Internet. That’s my only criticism and I also understand how frustrating people can be.

          • Astaroth

            “the minions and morons who pollute this scene with their infantile nonsense”

      • Hando Tõnumaa

        Uri Geller told in an interview to Red Ice Radio he believes in the official story of 9/11

        • Well that is interesting. I will see if I can find a clip of this and if so, include it in my followup podcast. Thanks.

  • Exceptional Perception

    Heres some documents if you want to do more research. I dont know why you care so much about whether these people existed or not though, it makes no difference to me tbh, havent you yourself mentioned the quote “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” before? BTW, have you taken the Myers Briggs personality test? It would be interesting to know what your results are, and inb4 >the myers briggs test is bullshit parapsychology Orwellian propaganda pseudoscience everyone knows that, lol.


    • I’m glad you took the time to leave a comment. Let me reply in parts:

      1) You have left a link to ‘some documents’. What are they, what information or claims might I expect to find in them; do they in any way contradict the information I presented in this podcast? If not, why have you not replied to or engaged with the information presented in this podcast?

      2) Regarding the quote you cite: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” What point are you trying to make? I have presented, not only in this podcast but elsewhere as well, a swathe of information – much of it primary source documentation – which indicates that many of the events and characters of history are fabricated (some in part, some entirely). I am presenting the idea that much of history is fabricated, and I am citing events and people in order to do so. Are you seriously unable to see this? Or is your thinly-veiled ad hominem attack on me simply your defense mechanism kicking in, now that your beliefs about Tesla have been challenged?

      3) Regarding the ‘myers-briggs’ test, I have not taken it, and do not plan to. Can you tell me what benefits you have personally derived from it? Perhaps I can be convinced. I am an open-minded person after all. Somehow I suspect you have brought it up in this post merely as yet another thinly-veiled ad hominem attack.

      Many different people have left comments on my channel(s) over the past two years, so I can occasionally confuse usernames and avatars. Perhaps I am mistaken but for some reason I had the intuition that you were one of the more sensible commenters. Your post here suggests I may have been mistaken. Another explanation for your post here is that although you are indeed the commenter I took you for, this is simply a touchy topic for you at this point in time. Many people have bought into the myth of Tesla and some myths are harder to let go of than others.


      • Ive done the Myers Briggs test. A few questions in you see the trend pretty quickly. Im INTJ off memory. Not a big surprise.

    • Exceptional – No offence friend, but given how you define yourself online with your ‘name’, I find your comment, that you “..do not care..” either way, whether such prominent characters, given to us from the ‘lie-system’ existed or were fabricated, and have no significance.. as very odd? What is exceptional about your perceptions of this ‘reality’ that is playing out?

      You have missed the point and relevance of this piece of work, as we can see from the “quote” you have used. I have to agree with JLB’s response to you.

  • Useless Eater

    Very informative. I started buying the Tesla myth being propagated around the net. My guess is that it is a sort of PSYOP that is being used to get the Alternative Media crowd behind Tesla then slowly release his real thoughts to gains support for NASA’s Mars project. I think it will also play on the minds of Flat Earthers since he is clearly a Baller.

    Thank you for your hard work.

    Useless Eater

    • Thanks for the kind words. Your perspective on Tesla is an interesting one. We know for a fact that the people pushing the Tesla myths have direct ties to the military. We also know that Tesla mythology is a linchpin for the Judy Woods ‘direct energy weapon’ nonsense which many in this scene swallow like so much flavoured milk. Now we see Tesla being promoted on ‘History’ Channel while also being flogged on places like Red Ice Radio and Coast to Coast. Your conclusion seems like a fair one.

      • John just curious, what exactly about Judy woods work is nonsense? And what do you think could’ve caused all the anomalous damage to the wtc complex?

  • Hi JLB,

    An extremely enlightening presentation.

    When discussing Tesla’s claim at transmitting energy, the description given immediately made me think of HAARP (whether or not that is real is another subject). Supposedly, high energy can be transmitted via bouncing from the generator on ground to antenna in the sky (I wonder if this is why, if real, they spray metals in the atmosphere).

    I must admit that because I question mainstream publications’ motives (and who controlled those publications disparaging Tesla’s article), I wonder “if” there is ulterior motives for this disparagement. I note that Popular Science is well known for misdirection articles.

    Do I “believe” all the hype about Tesla? Did he create all these weird inventions?

    Eh. If I can’t see it or experience it or prove it satisfactorily via sources such as you cite- No.

    At least I haven’t been HAARP’ed yet.

    And finally, think about this entry on Gernsback at wiki:

    His family was Jewish

    ‘Nuff said.

      • Maxwell Smart

        If he had been a Jew, the kikes would have claimed him a LONG TIME ago.

      • Somehow, you missed this sentence:

        And finally, think about this entry on Gernsback at wiki:

        Or will you argue that Gernsback was no Jew?

    • Thanks for the kind words. A few points in reply:

      1) Regarding transmission of energy. I haven’t done nearly enough research on this topic to know whether or not it is practically possible to transmit energy, in a method similar to the ‘Tesla coil’, over long distances. I can’t comment as to whether or not there is any practical legitimacy to Tesla’s claims. What I do know, from the limited theory and practice afforded in high school physics and electrical studies, is that electricity seeks the path of lowest resistance. Air (or the ‘ambient medium’ as Tesla described it) is much more resistant to electricity than copper – we can see this for ourselves when we experiment with rudimentary circuitry. This may be why Tesla claimed he would need 12/20 million volts to transfer electricity long-distance. At best, even by Tesla’s own words, this kind of power transmission may be ‘theoretically possible’ but practically useless. At best.

      I am even more skeptical about things like ‘HAARP’. I often wonder if the power of the people who run show comes from how easily the masses buy into their stories about what they can do. ‘They can send robots to space, they can manipulate our weather, they can prove we are all 99.999% empty space’. All mind control.

      2) Your concerns about Popular Science are valid. Here are the direct links to the articles I cited: Page 1, Page 2. You’ll note that the author is given as ‘physicist’. If Tesla were a genuine good guy scientist being kept down by the man, then Popular Science would say nasty things about him, wouldn’t they? The issue is that the piece submitted by ‘physicist’ seems, in its own rights, entirely fair and reasonable in dealing with Tesla’s nonsense. This is why I try to maintain focus on the message rather than the messenger. Do I trust Popular Science? No. Not now, not 100 years ago. Do I trust my own senses to fairly analyse the claims being made by Popular Science, Tesla, etc etc? Definitely.

      3) Regarding Gernsback. Yep, you are quite right. I didn’t want to focus on that in this podcast but in future editions you will see that it all goes even further. Think about Judy Wood and the main people pushing her in the YouTube ‘truth’ scene. More parentheses than you can poke a stick at.

      4) “If I can’t see it or experience it or prove it satisfactorily via sources such as you cite- No.” Well said.

      • David Mann

        _”If Tesla were a genuine good guy scientist being kept down by the man, then Popular Science would say nasty things about him, wouldn’t they?” _

        Well no, not necessarily. John, for a so called establishment skeptic you’re displaying extremely one dimensional and simplistic thinking. I’m quite surprised someone as intelligent as yourself who takes pride in exposing establishment lies would fall for such a thing, since reverse psychology is one of the fundamental cornerstone techniques of counter-intelligence. The establishment aren’t stupid or one dimensional in their thinking when it comes to disrupting the so called ‘truth movement’. They know that many truthers automatically have a tendency to engage in knee-jerk negative reactions to anything they promote or treat fairly in a balanced manner.

        They also know that many of the same truthers will react _positively_ to anything or anyone they denigrate and demonize. Adolf Hitler is just one example. Alex Jones is another. David Icke is yet another. It’s classic reverse psychology. Now the question is, why would a mainstream science publication support someone whom was largely previously ignored or ridiculed by the same establishment elite that the publication is a mouthpiece for? The answer should be glaringly obvious by now: the establishment will promote individuals or ideas that they have previously ridiculed or suppressed for over 100 years if they feel that by doing so they can _*control*_ and _*manipulate*_ the so called ‘truth movement’ more effectively into _leading it into a certain direction_, namely, into accepting and believing their counter-intelligence disinformation as some kind of supposed ‘secret and suppressed truth’.

        One such example is Judy Wood’s absurd DEW non-theory for the destruction of the WTC complex on 9/11, which was promoted by Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory television show broadcast by TruTV which is owned by CNN/Time Warner. They mix some truth (e.g. zero point free energy) and mix it with obvious disinfo (a space based DEW weapon supposedly disintegrated all the steel in the WTC towers into dust which is demonstrably false). This was done so as to discredit not only the existence of zero-point free energy, but to discredit truthers and the entire truth movement in general. That’s why absurd disinformation propaganda campaigns like the Mandela Effect, flat earth and dead celebrities/dead politicians supposedly living incognito in underground bases/Israel/uncharted islands have been promoted for over a year now on the internet.

        I have to repeat this so that it sinks in: the establishment know that attacking someone publicly will cause support for that individual by many in the truther community to increase, while treating them fairly – even if previously suppressed or attacked – will cause truthers to target that individual in a negative fashion. *Rather than trying to confront your admiration for anti-establishment heroes head on by attacking them – which they know will fail – they engage in reverse psychology by being fair and balanced. They will say good things about the individual in question, knowing full well you will now regard that individual – as well as all their ideas and life’s work – as totally suspect.*

        *Think of all the government operatives in the truth community who got attacked by the mainstream media so that their credibility is suddenly boosted a thousand fold in the minds of truthers. That’s precisely the _modus operandi_ of the counter-intelligence guys and gals in D.C.*

        • Thanks for taking the time to register and post. I am not sure you quite understood the comment of mine to which you replied. During my podcast, I explained in detail, with quotes and references, why I do not believe the official alternative (i.e. History Channel, Marc Seifer etc) account of Tesla’s life. Naturally, given that I do not believe in Martians, I also do not accept the official official (i.e. Tesla’s own words, as accepted by Tesla Society etc) account of Tesla’s life. do you accept either of those accounts and, if so, why? Cheers.




      [Edited 31-Aug-2016 by JLB to condense three comments into one.]

  • Freedom Patriot

    Great work JLB. I have never looked into Nikola Tesla but after your presentation I feel I need not waist my time. I laughed my guts out at this crack pot.

    • Freedom – When you say, you “..laughed your guts out at this crack pot..” – does this mean, you believe him to be a credible character from recent history, that made outrageous claims, that JLB has now highlighted as such.. and so, no more thought on the matter?

      Because if this is so, I think you have missed the entire point of this video and its contents.

      • Freedom Patriot

        Miss Ali, there are so many rabbit holes to go down and time wise it is impossible for me to explore every one of them. I was vaguely aware of Tesla and the free energy claims but there are too many real issues going on in this world right now for me to concern myself with.

        JLB will hate this, but I am somebody that listens to him for entertainment. If I can’t sleep at night he has a voice that relaxes me. And his skepticism I find amusing at times.

        I am referring to Tesla as the crack pot for the record. I wonder how many people that believe in his free energy has actually done the research like JLB? How could this guy be taken seriously?

        JLB has a unique way of looking at the world which I like. I just wish he used his talent to address some real issues like the TPPA from time to time like he used to.

        • miss ali

          Freedom – Indeed, one deep, dark rabbit hole after another.. and this ‘Tesla’ piece, speaks volumes, and not about ‘free energy’. However, I will not burden your mind with unnecessary thoughts.

          Really, I should not be surprised that you listen to people, who are exposing the ‘lie-system’, for ‘entertainment’ purposes.. but if this is what you get from listening to JLB, then without a doubt, you are not ‘listening’..

          If he used to address this TPPA you mention, then I would assume, he has covered the topic, and naturally moved on to other things of importance, and the more you realize, the deeper you go. Why would you expect him to stick to one subject matter? I would suggest, if this is an important issue for you, then you should present stuff on it yourself, to generate discussion.

          Just because you, are entertained by the work of JLB, does not mean he is here for your entertainment!

          • Freedom Patriot

            Miss Ali, Unlike you, I am not a ‘groupie’ of JLB. I like some of his work and that is it. I liked this particular podcast and thought I would let him know. And about the ‘free energy’, I was simply stating what little I knew about the guy before I listened to this podcast.

        • I don’t ‘hate you’ for listening to my work for entertainment. Obviously it is better for people to listen to this kind of material than watch Masterchef or listen to Joe Rogan. And the more people who listen to my work for entertainment, the more chance they might share it with somebody who does more with it than merely listen. No hatred on that front.

          At the same time, I wonder why, if you know that the system is lying to you, and you know that people on YouTube who claim to be helping you see through the lies are also also lying to you, do you not become more active in your own deprogramming? Even if everything I released was 100% accurate and on point, I am only one person, and I can only release a few hours of material per week. You are your own person, and by far the best person on earth to deprogram your mind.

          Do you see what I mean?

          As for the TPP, I used to cover that kind of thing on the ARP. See Episode #3 for a 30-minute segment dedicated to the topic. Before Ethan and I had even met, he had photographed me holding an anti-TPP placard at a protest in Brisbane. I have done more to research and spread information about the TPP than anybody else I know.

          So why don’t I bother with it any more? Quite a few reasons which will take too long to go into now. I might release a podcast or something detailing it in the future. Suffice to say that having spent time trying to talk to untold numbers of random people about alternative topics/views, I am very confident that the TPP is so abstract and seemingly-unimportant to the average person that it is literally wasting my time to even try.

  • Maxwell Smart

    Nikola Tesla quote: ‘NEVER TRUST A JEW.’

    I don’t care what else he might have done.

  • Maxwell Smart

    It is amazing to me why someone would go after Nikola Tesla, the greatest White genius of practically any generation, yet give Albert Einstein, a Zionist Jew and proven fraud (as Tesla himself attested) a free pass.

    Just run a Jewgle search on ‘Einstein fraud’ and ‘Tesla fraud’ and you’ll see for yourselves who is regarded as genuine, and who is regarded as a fraud.

    And remember, Jewgle (whose mantra is/used to be, ‘Don’t Do Evil’ LOL!) is owned and controlled by Jews. But the contrasts are so obvious that the information could not be suppressed.

    Sorry, John – this one’s a fail.

    • Maxwell – No, what is ‘amazing’ here, is the fact that you seem to have edited a large and significant part, of this important, well thought out and well put together presentation.. and why is this really? Because you believe the character ‘Tesla’ to be a ‘White’ man, and have sized the situation up, comparing him to another well known ‘character’, who is ‘Jewish’ – Einstein? – And this is enough to make your assessment on this entire video and its meaning?

      I see a lot of your comment on YouTube, and it is apparent you have retained an abundance of information, more than me I’d say.. but in my opinion, you fall right in to this ‘Jewish’ coordinated program, as your bitterness and hatred towards this ‘lie-system’, prevents you from actually seeing through it.. – it’s what I am calling a “..break in logic..” that serves a very useful purpose indeed, and one I have elaborated on, within this site, with more to come..

      If you believe they control everything (not disagreeing with you..) how can you believe most of the historic narrative that is propagated through the established education systems, books, media and more importantly TV – that they control? I will respond to your comment on the ‘Jesus’ story, on the other video here..

      And while I am here, just another question, if you don’t mind? There is no doubt a population replacement program is taking place, and we know who (?) is behind it.. and the why, I think is much darker than we know.. I do not know where you reside, but I am in the UK, and have a good insight in to this and the peoples involved.. When you constantly refer to these migrant peoples as ‘third world vermin’ and ‘Muslims’ taking over etc.. are you basing this on your own personal experience? I ask, because large percentages of these ‘migrants, say from Nigeria, are actually ‘Christian’ (and would you believe, not too keen on the ‘Jewish’ persuasion) with this part of Africa, being predominately Christian, albeit differing denominations of it.. most if not all, of the Romanians, Serbians and Bulgarians that come here, and this includes those that are ‘not’ White, also ‘identify’ as Christian, and Catholic.. Iran and Syria have large Christian populations too, that are also migrating and even many Ethiopians and Eritreans are Christian. Almost all Chinese that come here, and are here, are Christian.

      Do you still regard these people as vermin, despite them being brethren in terms of belief?

      Another thing to add, is that even Muslims that come to the UK from these countries, and I am speaking in terms of my own city, and evidence from others in the UK, while being culturally ‘Muslim’, really have no religion that they practice themselves, let alone ‘enforce’ upon others. I am curious how you interpret this aspect of the ‘migrant crisis’ as it is known?

      I will leave my own comment, about this brilliant video on ‘Tesla’ later on, I hope you read it.

      • Maxwell Smart

        The fact that Tesla, a certified genius, just happens to be White, Miss Ali, is not the main reason for my contention. Most of our great inventors/inventions have come from the White race, and that is a fact that you will have to deal with.

        I’ve looked long and hard into claims people have made re Tesla, using the same primary sources that John used, yet they have come to two separate conclusions. Why is that? One, Dr Marc Seifer, who wrote his doctoral dissertation on Tesla (obviously using primary documents), used this same research for his critically acclaimed biography on Tesla (‘Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla’).

        Tesla may have been eccentric, and he may have been a naive businessman, but compared to the likes of that Jewish crackpot, and 100% indisputable fraud, Albert Einstein, he was a shining light among shining lights. If pointing that out makes me an ‘anti-Semite,’ so be it. I wear that tag very proudly.

        People also need to contextualize what Tesla said, in terms of his Mars speculations (as opposed to claims), but never do. And that’s because it doesn’t suit a particular narrative: which is that Tesla wasn’t the genius he was cracked up to be. Yet we are all guilty of that from time to time.

        As for this claim: ‘If you believe they control everything (not disagreeing with you..) how can you believe most of the historic narrative that is propagated through the established education systems, books, media and more importantly TV.’

        I don’t do any of these.

        Nor am I one to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. I cherry pick. Truth usually stands on its own, and is really not difficult to spot, not when you understand the MOTIVATIONS of those who are selling you a PARTICULAR narrative – and particularly when seen in the light of an HISTORICAL narrative.

        Where people fall down is in dismissing two thousand years or more of recorded history, believing that all history is to be neglected, since, well, they were not present. That’s pretty arrogant when you think about it.

        As for your other questions re immigration and Christianity, I’m not a believer in universal Christianity. Period. That is a Catholic construct (and universalism is itself a Jewish construct). Christianity was exclusive to Israelites, it did not include any of the other races.

        You can debate this as much as you like, but Christianity is the history of the White race. And it can be shown to be such. Why do you think Jews have this inherent hatred for Christianity and White people? Because the two are inextricable!

        So I don’t consider those people to be ‘brethren’ at all. Nor do I hate those people, not at all. But they don’t belong in White nations, do not benefit or add culturally or religiously to these nations, most survive on welfare provided to them by White taxpayers while others compete with them for fewer and fewer jobs.

        This isn’t about cultural enrichment, even if it is packaged in those terms. This is about replacing White people with a foreign enemy (enemies don’t always have to be violent, even if some of these people clearly are). This is is about destroying the foundations of Christendom. This is about being able to control the spread of White Nationalism, which Jews could never abide.

        Even prior to these foreign invasions via these Jewish sponsored legislative acts, it was about creating Cultural Marxism as a means of spreading Sodom and Gomorrah (drugs, promiscuity, etc) and thus morally weakening the White race (particularly through the effeminization of its men). You can clearly see what Jews were trying to do in Germany preceding the rise of the Third Reich, through the importation of Africans and other races. Why? Because it provides another way for Jews to hide behind these other races, thus removing all attention from their own nefarious activities (that was until a Jew-wise Hitler came along).

        You don’t have to take my word for it. No one has to take my word for it. Just read the Jews’ own literature.

        “The Revolution won’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism.”

        Whatever level of ‘vermin’ Jews see fit to flood our White countries with is not really the point. And don’t think for a second that their intention is to flood White countries with the best of the best. At the end of the day, the results are the same. it’s about ensuring that Whites are minorities in their own nations. And that Whites can never fight back.

        Miss Ali, you miss the big picture. You might think that most Muslims (perhaps because you are one yourself) are moderate, but once Muslims outnumber indigenous White populations by a good margin, they will be White nations no more. The next major step will be the introduction of full blown Sharia Law. And albeit incrementally, it is happening right now as we speak.

        Your own PM, Theresa May, is a big proponent of Sharia Law.

        God help the UK, Europe, and all White nations.

        I hope I’ve answered your questions.

        • miss ali

          Maxwell – I may respond to more of your points later, see how I feel. But for now, ‘Universal Christianity’ ? That’s a new one to me, did you coin that phrase yourself? Would not surprise me, you come across as one who believes in a ‘chosen sect’.. and ‘where’ do you believe ‘Jesus’ was from? (please do not say God..)

          • Maxwell Smart

            You can believe what you like, miss ali. I will manage well without your beliefs, as will God.

            And if you seriously do not know the process by which Christianity was universalized, or that it exists at all, then what you say from here on in is hardly going to interest me.

            But I would be right, would I not, in saying that you are in fact of the Muslim ‘faith?’ As Muslims believe that Christ and God are not one and the same. It wouldn’t surprise me. But there it is.

        • So your argument seems to be something like, ‘Marc Seifer has come to a different conclusion than JLB, Marc Seifer is a phd, therefore I am going to ignore the mountains of evidence provided by JLB’. I wonder how much you know about Marc Seifer. During CR09 I mentioned that the main character pushing the ‘Tesla had secret plans which were stolen by the CIA/Rockefellers’ line is a ‘parapsychologist’ who plainly states that he got this ‘inside information’ on Tesla from Andrija Puharich (and Andrika Puharich is the guy who brought (((Uri Geller))) of spoon-bending fame to the US to ‘study’). I also mentioned that I plan to go into much further detail about this in a future podcast but I’ll let you in on a little secret ahead of time: that character I referred to is none other than Marc Seifer.

          Here is a short video Seifer talking about Tesla: Link. Note the three greatest inventions he cites as being Tesla’s: hydroelectricity (lie), fluorescent light (lie), wireless communication including cell phone technology (lie). Is it just me or does Seifer seem a little bit like a usual suspect? Either way, just wait until you hear the mountains of information I have on Seifer. I don’t think you’ll be singing his praises or citing him as any sort of authority once you know more about him.

          Not that the messenger is all that important. It is the message, the primary source evidence, that matters. I presented heaps of it, straight from works (ostensibly) authored by Tesla, which reveal everything one needs to know. Nobody has challenged any of the primary source evidence I presented, or pointed out any errors in my line of reasoning following from that information. To me it is very obvious why this is the case.

          The Tesla stories are mythology: both the mainstream story and the ‘alternative’ (i.e. History Channel) story. I have presented more than enough evidence to substantiate my case, and I look forward to any primary source evidence anybody can present to refute my case. I’m more than happy to change my mind to fit the best available evidence – are you?

          • Maxwell Smart


            I’d have thought that if Seifer was a ‘usual suspect,’ that it might have occurred to you that Seifer would have put Einstein on a pedestal, rather than Tesla.

            In fact, the opposite is true. You see, (((usual suspects))) have a habit of pumping up their own. And it can be seen all around us – it’s those tribal instincts that have a knack of automatically kicking in.

            For what it’s worth, Einstein himself acknowledged Tesla’s genius.

            That link you provided is not incriminating in any shape or form. The man may be showing his age, but not much more. And the reason I raised the issue of his Phd was not by way of comparison, but by way of pointing out that Seifer did his doctoral thesis on Tesla.

            So he had to have been nothing if not rigorous. If Seifer had come to the same conclusions as yourself, then what reason would Seifer possibly have for either omitting or denying those findings?

            Dementia – unlikely. Bias – possible (but cui bono?). Blackmail – unknowable. Financial reward – unlikely (and cui bono?).

            But he didn’t come to the same findings as you, and nor has history come down on the same side as you. So what gives? This can’t simply be a case of misinterpreting data.

            Need I remind you that Tesla was the owner of 700 patents. Aside from which he could speak multiple languages by the age of 17 as well as perform integral calculus in his head!

            And then there’s that little matter known as HAARP, which certainly didn’t create itself, and which on its own bears the mark of a genius. If Bobby Fischer’s IQ was estimated to be 180, then one’s mind can only boggle at Tesla’s.

            Here’s an experiment you can do, John. Try requesting Tesla’s files through the FOI Act and see how far you can get. Yes, people have tried that. So what do they have to hide? My answer: plenty.

            In fact, the Jews (who Tesla never trusted) have not been able to lay a hand on Tesla apropos of denying him his rightful place in history, and it would be madness to think that these parasites haven’t tried. If a person is White, Christian, ‘anti-Semitic’ and happens to be a certified genius, then your character (as Christ and Hitler found out) WILL be assassinated.

            Of this there is no doubt..

            Yet there is a trend, it seems, to deny important figures that ‘rightful place in history.’ Why is that? Is it a need to stand out from the crowd? Is it this conspiratorial need to recast all conspiracies and play down (and outright reject) historical events to suit individual (and collective) agendas, as per the hoax-busting community? The same hoax-busting communities which fixate on the Jesuits, Vatican, yet never go within a bull’s roar of naming the Jew?

            These are very clear mile markers on the road to distorting the truth.

            But then I wouldn’t be supporting you if I didn’t think you were doing good work, John. Nor would I be of much use to you if I kissed your arse and didn’t point out where I thought you were wrong.

            Would I change my mind? Of course I would. But you haven’t done that, so I won’t be.

            At least not this time.

            • You have made a few points here. I’ll respond briefly to the main ones.

              1) Regarding Seifer. The guy is making money peddling nonsense about Tesla. In that video I linked earlier, did you notice the claims Seifer made about Tesla’s ‘inventions’? All nonsense. Tesla did not, by any honest account or measure, invent hydroelectricity, fluorescent lightbulbs, or cell phone technology. That should be your first red flag concerning Seifer and his legitimacy. As for his ‘phd’, since when do any of us take academic credentials as anything other than academic credentials? But if you want to take academia seriously on this one, look into where Seifer got his ‘phd’. Again, I’ll be releasing my findings on all of this and more in a future podcast. Seifer, usual suspect or otherwise, is not a credible source on anything.

              And, once again, I’ll point out that it shouldn’t be about Seifer or anybody else. It should be about the primary source documentation. I have demonstrated, with Tesla’s own words, that he was repeatedly pushing intelligent life on Mars (and claiming he could communicate with them). He was also pushing evolution. I have shown this to be the case, have I not? Tesla also admitted that he had no free energy machine, and he also admitted that he would need, in his opinion, 30,000 ft high towers and 12 million volts to transmit power through the air. Have I misrepresented Tesla’s words? If not, why are you denying or ignoring them? Surely Tesla’s own words are more important than Seifer’s.

              2) You talk about Tesla’s views on the Jews. Where can I find documentation for these quotes? I’m more than happy to include this in my next presentation.

              3) Your admiration for Tesla. ‘He could speak lots of languages, he had a 180+ IQ’. This reads to me like hero worship and I wonder if you realise just how much you idolise Tesla. How do we know how many languages Tesla could speak at any age, let alone as a teenager? I have not been able to find any video or audio footage of the man. If you know of any, I would be thankful for the links. In the meantime, to me he is just a character. Perhaps a character ‘based on a true story’, perhaps a character entirely fabricated. Either way, I go with the evidence to form my opinion. And still nobody has shown where my evidence is wrong.

        • miss ali

          Maxwell – Well ‘no’ actually, you did not answer my question, the most relevant one being, I think: ‘Where’ do you believe ‘Jesus’ was actually from? I will leave it there for now, out of respect for JLB’s (brilliant) Tesla video, and to keep the discussion relatively ‘on topic’ (and the fact that discussing such things is entirely futile, with your cult)

          If you care to answer this, ‘a word’ or ‘one sentence’ will suffice. Interesting you assume I must certainly be ‘Muslim’. Anyone with a thinking mind and common sense, that recognizes intelligent design, AND a plan.. must surely understand that the creator of this, has no ‘human’ attributes, and most definitely no ‘semi-human offspring’! Unless of course, you have been duped in to this cult.. by another well known cult, and their sub-cult.

          • Maxwell Smart

            Miss ali

            At this juncture I would have to assume that no response of mine would satisfy whatever ‘cult’ (or more accurately, void) exists within you. John talks about hero worship. Well, John, I think I’ve found one.

            • It is disappointing to see you attacking fellow posters on this site. All three of myself, yourself and Miss Ali are on the same page with things like the usual suspects, the holohoax, white genocide. Why would any of us resort to personally attacking another over an issue like whether or not Tesla was a ‘good guy’?

              I presented my case regarding Tesla. Neither you nor anybody else have refuted a single piece of evidence I presented, nor has anybody pointed errors in my logic which following from the evidence. You have given us an appeal to authority, with Seifer and his ‘phd’ being that authority. You have also claimed that Tesla said words against the Jews, but have not (as far as I can tell) provided evidence for this either.

              Are you going to focus on the topic and/or the evidence? I hope so, because you are better than this ad hominem rubbish you have just served up.

    • Mezzie – I like your comment.. yes this “Council of the Nine” (?) connection is another significant component to this ‘story’ playing out, over the centuries. From what available information there is, this ‘mass-channelling program’ involved very interesting characters, and developed in to what they call the ‘Remote-Viewing’ program.. AND believe it or not, is regarded and even promoted as a legitimate thing.. by some prominent ‘truthers’, including Flat-Earthers..

    • Thanks Mezzie, hope you are well. In a later podcast I plan to go into detail about those connections you have listed – it is good to see that you are a few steps ahead. How long have you been listening to Jan Irvin? I have only gotten into his stuff relatively recently, some of his interviews are terrific. I will try to promote some of his better work over the next little while.

      • Maxwell Smart


        I couldn’t reply to you above, so I’ll do it here.

        If you think my reference to ‘hero worship’ (your original words) re Miss Ali can be construed as constituting an attack, then you need to grow a backbone. I have done my absolute best to be patient with her.

        Of course you could have looked this up yourself, but this quote would suggest that Tesla had no fondness for Jews, and any criticism of a Jew is quickly labelled, by them, as being anti-Semitic.

        Just ask them.

        Writing to Katharine Johnson, November 3, 1898, Tesla bemoaned. “…a day of plebeians— drummers, grocerymen, Jews and other social trilobites…”

        Social trilobites – Any of numerous extinct marine arthropods of the class Trilobita, of the Paleozoic Era, having a segmented body divided by grooves into three vertical lobes and found as fossils throughout the world.

        Hardly a compliment.

        And no, I wasn’t there when he wrote that.

        When Jewish parasites do what they do best: steal, lie, deceive, etc, it is a perfectly natural reaction.

        For the record, Tesla will still be remembered (and to a much greater extent after Jews have lost control of the education and banking systems) when you, Miss Ali, and I, are long gone.

        That is a fact.

        • Thanks for providing a source for your quotes. I have looked into these and they seem to come from ‘A Man Out of Time’ (1998/2001) by Margaret Cheney, who lists as her source for the ‘Jews and other social trilobites’ quote a letter from Tesla to Katherine(/Kathryn) Johnson dated November 1898. This letter is supposedly housed at the Columbia University physical collection. I have not been able to find any copies online. So the quote about ‘Jews, and other trilobites’ is sourced from Cheney (1998/2001), who cites a private letter between Tesla and Johnson, supposedly housed at Columbia University, which I cannot verify.

          Let’s take it on face value and assume Columbia do indeed have the physical copy. So Tesla made one disparaging remark about Jews, in a private letter, in 1898. And you believe that this proves that he was Jew-wise and anti-Jew. Let’s also take your conclusion at face value. Does this mean that Tesla is beyond criticism, or that his scientism preaching should not be exposed or critiqued? Does it excuse his scientism?

          As for the ‘never trust a Jew’ line, this also seems to come from Cheney, although she does not even list a source for it, but merely mentions it in a footnote for the quote I discussed above. See page 127 of the pdf of ‘A Man Out of Time’, which I was able to find online without too much trouble. So here we have a comment allegedly made by Tesla, without so much as a source to even try to verify it. Why do you believe it to be true? Because you want it to be true? Imagine if somebody gave you a ‘quote’ from some other figure of history, with no source, no way to verify it, and the alleged quote was a comment you did not want to hear, or which did not fit your preconceived worldview. Would you be so quick to accept it? I would hope not.

      • I first discovered him in 2008, wish i had studied the Trivium then but had other things that occupied my time. I revisited Jan late last year and have been glued to his channel since. There have been so many shocks to my system with his information and evidence that its taking me awhile to process. I am teaching myself the Trivium now :), better late than never.

        Thank you for asking, I am well.

        With respect

  • stephenphillips

    Tesla plays a big role in a number of ‘alternative technology’ 9/11 Twin Towers destruction scenarios.

    My own understanding of this area, is that Tesla was a genuine pioneer but has been co-opted/misrepresented by a Media/intelligence effort to sow confusion. Nothing new, there. It is always good to be challenged, though, and I will report back with any new convictions. Great job, overall. We are now in a position where we are obliged to question everything.




    • Thanks, Stephen. You are right about Tesla underpinning certain ‘alternative theories’ about 9/11, chief among them being Judy Wood’s ‘direct energy weapon’ nonsense. This is why I wanted to look into Tesla in the first place. Little did I know how far the rabbit hole would go.

      How long have you been into Miles Matthis’ work? He is the only other person I know of who has done an in-depth investigation into the Cavendish Experiment. I won’t post too much here but suffice to say that Matthis strikes me as equal parts brilliant and absurd – a perfect reference point for people who can focus on the information, rather than the person presenting it.

      You are right about questioning everything. This really is an amazing time to be alive.

  • That was excellent! I look forward to seeing where this goes next.

    • Thanks, Neil. This podcast only looked at the tip of the Tesla iceberg – the whole charade goes so much deeper. Stay tuned!

  • local_chump

    Certainly some odd stuff here. He is attributed with the discovery of AC current and the Tesla coil. So somebody must have discovered these things because they didn’t build themselves.

    But the Google images section for Tesla is rather a laugh, looks like the same image again and again, sometimes inverted… Who knows?

    • Good point about the Tesla images. At first it seemed odd to me that there was no video footage to be found of the man. It seems even stranger that, as you have noticed yourself, the photographs are also suspiciously few. If it were any other well-known person of the time, then one could put it down to there being much less technology available to people back then – but Tesla was himself a technologist who mixed in those circles. How can there be so few photographs of the man?

  • Freedom Patriot

    I have been giving some thought to the crack pot Martian communicating Tesla. The reason I think he is a crack pot is because of my beliefs. So where do I get my belief that there is no life on Mars? Yes, that’s right, our good friends at NASA.

    So if I have serious questions about NASA, which I do, I in turn should have serious questions about my beliefs. Maybe there is life on Mars? But here is a case where I am so indoctrinated in the NASA narrative that I can’t bring myself to believe there is life on Mars.

    So could Tesla be correct? Maybe. I don’t have the capacity to personally prove or disprove his claim either way.

    • If somebody is claiming that the bright light in the sky known as ‘Mars’ is a solid physical object (let alone inhabited by life), the burden of proof is on them.

      • Maxwell Smart


        I made specific reference to ‘speculations’ regarding Tesla’s ruminations on Mars; that they needed to be viewed in context. This context was that Mars might have sustained intelligent life forms (see Percival Lowell for corroboration). I believe Tesla was influenced by that. Further context can be applied here (take it or leave it, but if we start questioning every single quote and hand written letter that would otherwise seem genuine, then we may as well ignore every aspect of history altogether):

        “The signals are too strong to have traveled the great distances from Mars to Earth,” wrote Tesla. “So I am forced to admit to myself that the sources must come from somewhere in nearby space or even the moon. I am certain, however, that the creatures that communicate with each other every night are not from Mars, or possibly from any other planet in our solar system.”


        And I will strenuously maintain that even if Tesla had taken that belief to his grave – that those signals were coming from Mars – then so what?

        How can that detract from all of Tesla’s great work, and how it has benefited humanity?

        How have Einstein’s theories (which have all been smashed to pieces) benefited humanity?

        I credited you with being better than putting out dog and pony shows.


        • Thanks again for providing a source for your quote. Sadly the ‘ancient code’ website does not seem to provide a source for the quote themselves. Therefore I spent some time seeing if I could track it down myself, and the earliest record of it I could find was from the book, ‘The Lost journals of Nikola Tesla’ (2001) by Tim Swartz. I downloaded a pdf of the book (it was easy to find). In it, Swartz cites ‘Dale Alfrey’ as the source of the quote:

          In the Tesla journals that he uncovered, Dale Alfrey noted that by the 1920’s Tesla had grown confident that he was able to make sense of the strange radio broadcasts from space. However, soon afterwards, Tesla began to expressed great concerns about beings from other planets who had unsavory designs for planet Earth.
          “The signals are too strong to have traveled the great distances from Mars to Earth,” wrote Tesla. “So I am forced to admit to myself that the sources must come from somewhere in nearby space or even the moon. I am certain however, that the creatures that communicate with each other every night are not from Mars, or possibly from any other planet in our solar system.”

          The book also claims that Dale Alfrey accidentally bought several boxes of Tesla notes at a garage sale in 1976:

          Most of these boxes and the secrets they contained have never been found. In 1976, four undistinguished boxes of papers were auctioned in the estate sale of one Michael P. Bornes. Little is known about Bornes except that he had been a bookseller in Manhattan. This auction took place in Newark, NJ, with the boxes and their contents being bought by Dale Alfrey for twenty five dollars. Alfrey had no idea what was in the boxes when he bought them on a whim. When he later went through them, he was surprised to find what appeared to be lab documents and personal notes of Nikola Tesla. Some of the lost papers of Tesla had once again resurfaced. However, due to ignorance they were almost lost once again.

          If it is the case that ‘Dale Alfrey’ and his accidental purchase are indeed where your quote ultimately comes from, will you still use it as evidence for your case?

          This is why I base my case on primary evidence which nobody disputes is, ‘officially’, from Tesla. I appreciate that you have at least provided sources for your quotes, but I still had to do the background research to see where those sources got their information. As you can see, they are not compelling.

          But let’s suppose that Alfrey is legitimate, and Tesla’s quote is, too. It still involves Tesla speaking about extraterrestrial life – well before the mind control of ‘science fiction’ had infested the minds of the masses on the complete scale we now see. My original question, and my original research, centred on whether or not Tesla was preaching scientism. If we take the quote you have provided on face value, the answer is still a definite ‘yes’.

          As for Einstein, mark my words that he is on my list. Sooner rather than later I will break down his nonsense so that only the most retarded of fools cannot see that the character of ‘Einstein’ is a fabrication and, if the man himself existed, he was a fraud. I don’t play favourites, but I am only one man here. This kind of research takes hours upon hours upon hours to put together. One has to wade through countless pulp fiction filler, hunting down sources for claims which are often second and even third-hand (where they are listed at all – often they are not). So far as I can tell, I am the only person in this scene even attempting to analyse the primary source documentation for these scientism characters. Now why is that? Where are all of the other ‘researchers’ out there? They don’t exist. Based on all available evidence, it is clear to me that there is just a small handful of people on this earth who are willing to even engage in this kind of research, much less do so properly, let alone present it in a way which allows others to get the key points in concise form (such as podcast format).

          I appreciate that you see Tesla as a Jew-wise genius who was suppressed by the Jews. Only during this research have I come to see that the myth of Tesla runs deep in white nationalism circles. The other day I even heard Kyle Hunt and Shaun Surplus waxing lyrical about the great Nikola Tesla. This is why I am so much better off doing my own thing on my own site, and not attempting to join groups or ‘movements’. Even intelligent, well-meaning people buy into fairytales and myths, and my style and method can and will upset some of these people – even good people like yourself.

          • Maxwell Smart


            I appreciate the kind words. However, while I agree that some ‘icons’ deserve to be torn down (regardless of race or religion), Tesla isn’t one of them. Nor am I particularly fond of Kyle Hunt, who I believe is working to undermine the White Nationalist movement (you should take a look into his background. I know I did). Hunt is also scared to debate me on Twitter, since he never has any facts and only relies, for the most part, on Jewish sources.

            But that is just an aside.

            As neither of us are prepared to budge on this one, the only thing left to do is to agree to disagree, and move on. Debating the merits of Tesla is one thing, but it will have zero impact on what the Jews have up their sleeves. If I could somehow channel Tesla, I’m sure he would agree with me:

            Miss! Never trust a Jew!

            (To a secretary, as quoted in Tesla: Man Out of Time (1998) by Margaret Cheney.)

            P.S. The wife and brains behind the Jewish fraud, Albert Einstein, was Mileva Maric, a SERBIAN! She being Serbian, he being Jewish, the Jew got all the credit.

            Given his relative obscurity (rectified since), the exact same thing was true of Tesla.

            Peace brother.

  • matthew brust

    Tesla was awesome, but JLB is so much smarter and a better scientist because he knows planets aren’t real. lol you are a charlatan JLB

    • Looks like somebody’s feelings have been hurt. Was Tesla one of your heroes? Too much History Channel for you, methinks.

      • matthew brust

        lol. no my feelings weren’t hurt. No Tesla isn’t a hero to me. And no, I don’t watch the history channel. Why do you always think that you are hurting peoples feelings? After watching countless hours of your presentations, methinks you are a charlatan. You are good at taking a grain of truth and spinning a lie, the same thing you accuse everyone else of

        • miss ali

          Matthew – So you have watched countless hours of JLB’s work, and can still not provide anything, other than these comments to support your claim, that being, JLB is a ‘charlatan’? Your word on the matter is suffice then?

          • matthew brust

            miss ali, all someone has to do is watch his stuff, it’s self evident. I enjoy watching his stuff even though I don’t believe it, it’s entertaining, and so are the comments.

        • miss ali

          Matthew – Your second response? Proves how accurate JLB is, on so many things…

          • matthew brust

            how so? What does it prove he’s right about? I can think of many things he’s right about, but hardly any of them are conclusions he draws

  • miss ali

    “..tip of the ice-berg..”? I am starting to realize just how much of an understatement: “lie-system” is.

    I came across ‘Tesla’ a few years ago, as he is heavily promoted by Art Bell’s Coast-to-Coast show, which was established to propagate the Alien-Agenda and other deceptions (and from characters such as David Hatcher-Childress, and their stories of “high-strangeness” as it is called). Interestingly, with his right-hand man, ‘Richard Hoagland’ and his in-depth ‘Mars’ story, that developed from N.A.S.A’s Viking I “Face On Mars” of 1976.. and his subsequent “Monuments of Mars” work and direct involvement with NASA before the Apollo Missions. I tuned in for an insight in to what was really going on, and only now, a few years later, the picture and agenda, is becoming somewhat clearer.

    Is this Tesla character a ‘Scientism Priest’? Most definitely yes, and a significant and clever insert, serving more than one purpose along the timeline of this story and back-story, they are playing out.

    Aside from Tesla’s technological associations and inventions he is credited with patenting, what JLB has done here, is highlight some sophisticated “media fakery”! This Tesla narrative does indeed, go deep and wide, and is intrinsic to the ‘evil’ agenda of the lie-system, and what’s more, ties many aspects of it together. How does Tesla fit in to all this? Well we know in the seventeenth century, ‘Mars’ was on the agenda, with Johannes Kepler, the astronomer ‘and’ mathematician (according to the official story) of the Holy Roman Empire tasked with studying Mars (?) and to give credence to this notable achievement, we have the Kepler floating ‘space-telescope’.

    I have elaborated on what I see as the ‘bigger picture’ on this site (see “Terran Downvale Busts the Lie System” and “Bastille Day Terror in France: Real or Hoax?”) and once again, refer to Thomas Jefferson and his pronouncement of 1789, how he would much prefer to have “..newspapers without a government..” as oppose to the other way round! As the minister of France, he had a hand in the creation of their ‘new culture’ following the ‘French Revolution’ and what came about as a result of that, significantly.. the creation of ‘mass-media’.

    In 1833 one of the major Newspapers that emerged was the ‘New York Sun’ and as we see in this video, published articles on Tesla in 1901. According to the official history of the ‘New York Sun’, it was one of the first ‘newspapers’ to “..become a successful penny daily, popular with the city’s less affluent, working classes.. and emphasised local events, police court reports and sports.. and by 1834 had the largest circulation in the U.S.. its rising popularity was attributed to its readers passion for the Sun’s ‘sensational and sometimes fabricated stories’, and the papers exaggerated coverage of sundry scandals..” – http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn83030272/

    Interestingly only one year later in 1835, there appears to have been the first insert of “media-fakery” in a mainstream newspaper, in what was known as “The Moon Hoax”! “..throughout the final week of August 1835, a long article appeared in serial form on the front page of the New York Sun, its headline: “Great Astronomical Discoveries lately made by Sir John Herschel..”

    Herschel, the article declared, had established a “..new theory of cometary phenomena.. planets in other solar systems..” Then almost as an afterthought, the article revealed his stunning achievement, that he had “..discovered life on the moon..” In America and Europe to this day, the Moon-Hoax, is remembered as one of the most sensational “media-hoaxes” of all time, that was believed by many.

    The article on this site continues and points out the influence of mass-media:

    “The moon hoax foreshadowed what would eventually become a central concern about the mass media: its ability, because of its enormous reach, to shape and influence popular belief. Later hoaxes, such as the 1938 War of the Worlds “panic broadcast,” would provide an even more dramatic and disturbing example of this power. But in 1835 the mass media was still new enough that that most people seemed intrigued rather than concerned by this display of its power!” end quote.

    I had not heard of this media event, but from what I have been reading, it has been written about a lot, and in many different publications.

    Again, some of the ‘usual-suspects’ involved here, with ‘Sir John Herschel’ – yet another character credited with all manner of things, as it was in those days of the ‘Polymath’, and a title not used in these times, which I believe, is why Tesla’s character, was focused primarily on a specific area, that being ‘energetic wireless transmissions and receptions’ whilst also featuring the propagation of the ‘back-story’ in play.. of interplanetary communication. It seems to be easier for this behind-the-scenes cult, not to give him too much stuff to do.. given how modern media has developed, and they can contain his presence on this scene, by using mere newspaper articles and ‘two’ photographs to bring him to life.. and reanimate him further along the line.

    So what do we have here? ‘John Herschel’ in the Moon-Hoax of 1835 (and from what I can gather, aws not retracted by The New York Sun, as a hoax) who has named all the moons of Saturn and Uranus, while also being the son of William Herschel, the ‘discoverer’ of Uranus in 1781 also, the first president of the Royal Astronomical Society – and all this information is established common knowledge.

    Can all this directly link in to Tesla? Yes.. and not only that, but also his ‘death ray’ particle beam weapon AND the usual-suspects of the Manhattan Project. Can people accept that there is actually a ‘bigger picture’ here?

    If Tesla, was nothing more than a puppet, then these newspaper articles, at least those that JLB has emphasised in the video, are extremely instrumental in this script and crucial in the mental conditioning of the masses, so as to entertain the next stage of their agenda as it unfolds.

    The article from The New York Herald 1919 of Tesla’s experiments in 1899 speaks volumes:

    “..signals of Mars.. beginnings of civilizations.. but when a conviction lives through ‘ages in the minds’ proving stronger and stronger with increasing knowledge and intellectual development, it may be safely concluded.. there is a solid truth, underlying the instinctive perception.. of modern investigation of other worlds.. and where there is ‘heat light and moisture’.. organic life is bound to develop..”

    We can see right here, how these words allude to the back-story, not only of ‘evolution’ and how the human came in to existence.. but one that has been ‘encoded’ in Greek mythology, ancient history, cultural legends, ‘religion’ and the science fiction AND ‘alternative media’ of now, that our ancient or not so, past, could have involved interplanetary locations, travel, and another theme to this ‘story’, a ‘cosmic war’! Who, is really writing and transmitting this script to the masses?

    As the article continues: “..what a tragedy, the Martian civilization met its fate (?) and the time is right, now, to make a systematic study of this transcending problem, consummation of which may mean untold blessings to the human race.. and ‘capital’ should be liberally provided and a body of competent experts formed to examine all the plans proposed, to assist in carrying out the best.. the mere initiation of a project in these uncertain and ‘revolutionary’ (and another hint right there!) times would result in a benefit, that can not be underestimated..”

    So we had N.A.C.A (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) established in 1915 that now makes way for N.A.S.A in 1958 and again, the usual suspects, and this time, including those of the ‘Nuclear Program’, and the Manhattan Project. It is truly like a deceptive merry-go-round of the highest order, and an evil one at that, picking up and dropping characters off as it goes round.

    Here is one of the first ‘motion pictures’ – and examples of mass-mind-manipulation – introducing new editing techniques and special effects, from a very interesting character, the French film maker, and ‘illusionist’ (?) George Melies, in his 1902 silent film: `A Trip To The Moon’!

    Clearly, for anyone with eyes-to-see, the precursor to N.A.S.A’s: ‘Trip To The Moon’ 1969.. along with the Apollo Lunar Module.. but this time the occult symbolism, is quite apparent.. and even includes the ‘laurel wreath’ of Greek mythology, that ‘Apollo’ is represented as wearing on his head.. also symbolised by Julius Caesar (and that is another rabbit hole entirely, and you will have to wait for that one!)


    If anyone can not see, that Tesla is serving a purpose here, in this coordinated performance – and I have not even commented on his schtick yet – then I am not sure, what, will make you see.
    JLB.. I am looking forward to Part Two of this brilliant piece of work.

    • miss ali

      Here is the YouTube version of the film in my comment: ‘A Trip To The Moon’ 1902 – as this extends to thirteen minutes and includes the end scenes, where the ‘laurel wreath’ can be seen. This is a very revealing symbol in not only this film, but the bigger picture.

    • Matthew Brust

      lol if he’s a priest of scientism they aren’t promoting him very well. I bet if you asked 100 random people on the street, not one would have a clue who he is. It’s a nice distraction from real things the establishment lies about though.

      • miss ali

        Matthew – I bet if you asked 100 random people on the street, not one would have a clue about ‘where’ they are!

        • Matthew Brust

          Why put where in quotes? Do you know where you are? I bet if you asked 100 random people they’d know who Edison and Einstein are.

          • miss ali

            Matthew – No offense mate, but I can’t really see anything productive coming from this. You’ve stated your position on JLB, and you waste your own time, spending hours listening to people you believe are devious liars, as it somehow entertains you. So, not really my thing here..

          • supermot34

            Throughout my lifetime I’ve heard PLENTY about Tesla, from games and movies, to science forums and discussions, books, etc.

            I’ve only heard a little bit about Edison in my lifetime, and that was usually in reference to how he stole credit for Tesla’s work.

            So in my experience, Tesla is more well known than even Edison. The people over at Reddit fucking love Tesla, for example.

  • TheProphet49

    Excellent work on the podcast, JLB. I’m glad that you already had this one in the works when you asked me about future video for August.
    I’m looking forward to the upcoming work.

  • Maxwell Smart


    This is what’s called flogging a dead horse. You should have moved on from this when you had the chance – but you can do with your channel/website as you please.

    If you think that diminishing Tesla’s great works is going to change the world, or change what we know about Tesla to be true, then I’m telling you that you are engaging in a self-deception.

    What you are essentially claiming is that those inventions credited to Tesla somehow, miraculously, invented themselves, or were invented by some anonymous entity; and that 700 patents credited to Tesla either wrote themselves or were submitted, again, by some anonymous entity. If only one-tenth of what we know about Tesla WERE true, then people would still regard him as having been a genius.

    There is stirring the pot, and there is stirring the pot. But the only task in which you have succeeded, Herr Le Bon, is to give new meaning to the word which you hold dear. Scientism.


    • My latest video (JLB1686) was a thinly-veiled advertisement for the podcast in question. There are several reasons I produced this video, the most obvious one being that I want as many people as possible to listen to the podcast for themselves. I am not exaggerating when I say that I spent many, many hours putting together the research which underpinned the presentation, and more hours again recording and editing the podcast itself. It is natural that I would want to maximise the proportion of my subscriber base who are aware of, and encouraged to listen to, that piece of work.

      The other major benefit of promoting that podcast in the way I have is to learn more about my subscriber base, and how to promote my longer-format work to them. The podcast was first released via podbean, then promoted via a JLBExtra ‘Comment Response’ clip (i.e. my secondary channel), and later I re-released the original JLBE1652 video on my primary channel with a link to the podcast in the infobox. This is the first time I have properly promoted the podcast on my primary channel. Each step along the way I have noted how many new plays/downloads each promotion has generated. This information is very useful to me, especially as I continue to update my plans for the next phase of my work in this scene.

      I can see why you view this as ‘flogging a dead horse’. You would have been one of the first to listen to CR09, and you have been engaged in the discussion in this comments section from the beginning. It has now been almost three weeks since I released the podcast, and this is the first time in two years I have promoted the same material with several separate uploads. Over the past three weeks I have not released any major material on other topics. It would be easy to infer that this is the beginning of some new direction with my channel/site. As you will see for yourself soon enough, this is simply not the case.

      My next CR will be based on the ‘Do You Agree With Max Igan’ video I released a few weeks ago (i.e. the Holohoax). I expect to record and release that one within a few days. My plan is to roll out promotion for that CR in a similar style to how I have promoted CR09: Podbean release, JLBExtra clip, JLB proper promo. This will probably be the promotion structure going forward, because it seems to have worked well for CR09. The next one or two CR’s will be focused on other topics to keep things varied and the broader audience engaged, and then I’ll follow up with another Igan/Hart inspired ‘Do you agree…?’ video/CR double, focused on the usual suspects. The takeaway from all of this is that I have a plan, I’m working to that plan, and many of the things I am doing with my site/channels at the moment are geared towards improving not only my audience but my own method of delivering important information to that audience.

      At times this will frustrate people like yourself, especially when I critique sacred cows like Nikola Tesla. I’ll warn you ahead of time that I am not nearly done with Tesla, although this round of focus is at its end. There will be more Tesla stuff to come, and it will make the first round look like child’s play. The reality is that the Tesla myths are central to much bigger and more important stories which the people who run the show want us to believe – ‘Judy Wood’ and her ‘dustification’ being just one example. I hope for the sake of both of us that you can persevere through the Tesla stuff. Your support up until recently has been much appreciated.

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