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JLB1674 | Peekay, Russianvids, PressReset Labelled ‘Bullies’ by ABC

Prominent YouTube ‘truthers’ Peekay, Russianvids and PressResetEarth have been cited by the ABC as dangerous conspiracy theorists who ‘harrass’ the grieving families of victims of events like Sandy Hook, as part of a ‘vicious trolling campaign’. But what does the average person know about the ABC? Even here in Australia the answer is: not much.


Impromptu Chat #7 | ‘Russianvids’ (17-Jun-2016): Link
Australian Roundtable Podcast | Ep #17 (1-Feb-2015): Link
‘Skeptic Community Roundtable’ (26-Mar-2015): Link
ABC Clip: Link
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30 thoughts on “JLB1674 | Peekay, Russianvids, PressReset Labelled ‘Bullies’ by ABC

    • No worries, Guy. Hope you enjoyed your debut. Have you listened back to the show yet? I usually listen back to live shows because I tend to miss a few things while trying to host; there is always something on playback which makes me think, ‘oh really?’.

  • It is an old ADL advertising tactic now being employed by the mainstream media. They don’t want people to hear the moderate, well reasoned voices taking apart these psy-ops who won’t lead you down a garden path in other areas. Most of all, these men will not tell you who is doing it and why… they will never talk about that. This is why, i will assume, your name did not come up.

    • I agree with your comment Wanda, in relation to ‘them’ (?) wanting and intending, to divert attention ‘away’ from minds, thoughts and opinions, such as those that JLB has, and more significantly, and so eloquently ‘expresses’ in the way that he does.. and I find this broadcast today, very intriguing and somewhat suspicious indeed, for more than one reason..

      When I first saw this video this morning, I sensed, I would have to ruminate on this one.. before seeing a picture of what I think, may be a bit deeper, than what this first appears to be.. and I will leave my own independent comment.

      (Did not know your had your own website Wanda! I have just been having a look, interesting.. I will definitely check it out)

    • Hi Wanda, I was glad to see that you were one of the first to sign up to take part in this site. Your comment here seems eerily similar to what I would expect at fakeologist (not that there’s anything wrong with that). On one hand I feel left out not being included in that ABC clip, on the other hand the three YouTubers they did feature have very different styles to my own, so perhaps it is a compliment of sorts…

      • It is a compliment… and not a complement of sorts. It remains in effect right up to the point i find you become oddly obtuse about any particular topic and defending a line of thinking that defies logic and which is full of holes and incongruities.

        The game seems to be, if you are an agent, you will dish enough truth to gain a modicum of credibility and the confidence of your viewers/followers… but eventually, there is line you are not allow to cross, no matter how ridiculous it makes you look. For Truthiracy, that line was flat earth… for Deanna Spingola, it was Sandy Hook… i could go on, but everyone knows one or more of these types themselves. Some others profess an absolute and illogical faith in the bible as historic fact… even more ridiculous are the Jew-wise believers who swear on a stack of bibles that Jesus, the sun of a Jew created god is going to come down from the clouds and vanquish all evil. There is yet another group which holds to the lie known as “It ain’t the Jews, it’s the Jesuits”… even after it is pointed out to them the Jesuit order was started by Jews, which logically should end that argument… but doesn’t. And then there’s the “It’s not the Jews, it’s the Zionists”… but we’ve only had Zionists for just over a hundred years, we’ve had evil Jewish plots way longer than that.

        Troubling to any conscious being is they are re-creating us as unquestioning beasts to serve them. As our creators, they will rule as the gods of earth for perpetuity… and this is according to their Holey Books and the words of their religious and political leaders historically. Jews are insane, genetically and ideologically… as a collective. <— Key words: as a collective, so anyone feeling compelled to call me a racist or a hater should realize they've been programmed and are not examining our situation clinically. I mean, if you want to convince me of something, post a credible argument that cannot be shown to be deceptive and is not faith based.

  • Sans Bravo Sierra

    When the pollies promise that crap about “no cuts to the abc” etc, not that they’ll keep that promise anyway, but you kinda go, yeah, we don’t want to loose our national broadcaster… And then you buy into it. But I guess you’ve just opened up my eyes to this one. There’s obviously an agenda there. but do I want 40 bucks invested (more or less) on behalf of me to abc? No thanks. I can’t remember the last time I tuned in there. Sure it’s good to have something other than the mindless dribble you get on sunrise and the project, but I don’t know if they’re all too dissimilar.

    • I used to think we NEEDED the ABC to give us ‘balance’. How misguided I was. I originally intended to call my YouTube channel ‘Johno Pro Bono’ and my first ever video (yet unpublished) was a breakdown of an ABC 7.30 (or Lateline) segment on e-cigarettes. Their statist agenda is so blunt and obvious once you shake off the programming. You’ve given me an idea, I might release that original JPB video as a Patreon exclusive. Boy was I green back then!

  • John, there’s an easy way for the media to straighten this situation out if these guys are in deed wrong about these events being fake.

    They could do their damn jobs right and make sure that their reporting of these events leave no shadow of a doubt that they were in fact real !!

    • Snide – the mainstream ‘media’ ARE doing there jobs right.. this, is their job – to propagate without question, the contrived, deceptive, artificial and vulgar version of reality, that the evil show-runners have created for us, that the masses, seemingly and quite willingly, have bought in to.

      • Wanda – Oh yes, I am with you regarding Peekay and Russianvids.. two characters I have not dedicated any serious ‘thought’ to at all.. solely based on prioritizing my time for more worthier concerns here, in deciphering the lie-system.

        My attention was alerted to Peekay, with his bizarre Brexit video, as you highlight, his monologue recognizing an achievement for ‘people power’ against this lie-system.. What ? And a totally questionable and ‘unbelievable’ performance it was, which was then quickly removed.. adding to the ringing sound I could hear. Then his response video to ‘The Paulstaul Service’, very bizarre to watch, the content and non-verbal communication.. then his comments on JLB’s 1673 video ‘The Istanbul Terrorist Attack’.. and now, a promo on mainstream media?

        I have left a comment about my thoughts on Russianvids.. here on JLB’s Impromptu Chat #7, if you want to read it.. but yes, I agree with your take on him entirely. So, isn’t it interesting what we see here.. with this ‘mainstream media’ announcement?

      • LOL… that’s right miss ali… they are doing their job right. They make no mistakes, they leave no stone unturned. They have sold us wars based on lies, lying politicians, they have destroyed honest, decent people, and sold us false economies, snake oil cures and all manner of deception. They are only now closing up the last gaps in their system… the occasional live interviewee that lets the truth out before they can cut the stream. We are certain to see less and less live interviews that are not of a controlled type.

    • Indeed, but you and I both know that the mainstream media does not exist to report facts.

      • JLB – Indeed we do.. In fact, I think we need to drop the label “Mainstream Media” and give this phenomena the credit it deserves – ‘Mass Mind Manipulation’.

  • Major Crud

    Notice how Lenny Pozner never wants to show his face. On his YouTube channel you can see 2 videos of him launching balloons. One near dark & one with sunglasses on, on a cloudy day. Why the sunglasses when you’re only going out on the deck for 5 minutes? Why is he blacked out in this video? I believe the answer is simple. He doesn’t want to be recognized as Shrimpy the CT State Police Officer as seen in Barry Soetoro’s video. Robbie Parker was seen left handed making his speech & played a left handed swat team actor next to Wheeler. Due to a lack of comparable photos to select it will probably be someone who gets into computer facial recognition technology with the help of an expert that proves this to be correct, & Sandy Hook was not true. I can’t wait to see who steps up and does it!

    • Hello MC, thanks for taking the time to comment. When did you first wake up to Sandy Hook? For me it was 2013/14 via the YouTube ‘truth community’ scene. These days Sandy Hook to me is as fake as the sky is blue, not even worth focusing on any more. Lenny Pozner, Lenny Shmozner. I hear that he tries to shut down ‘Sandy Hook researchers’, but I have never heard from him.

  • Thanks Miss Ali… well, each in their own way, right? Right off the top of my head… PeeKay was waving flags for Brexit, like the people really got their government to do their will and this is the beginning of good things, we can all have faith in the system now… Russian Vids pimps the Holey Book as a reality, which is worshiping ISRAEL instead of what IS REAL… and, while i’ve not watched Press Reset in eons, that guy is all over the map… he doesn’t even try.

    I hope you enjoy my website… that was me chronicling my spiritual awakening. While the information is timeless, it is drastically in need of updates… i have changed my mind from the creator being feminine to being no sex… just an energy evolving… but, the universe can be seen as a womb, it still takes two… and i still have references to evolution and gravity in there… that might be a good thing though… given how easily people tune out when something confronts their pre-conditioning. I was going to do an entire section deconstructing Christianity, but lost most of my data (tons of it) when my last computer died and i had not backed anything up… live and learn.

    • Wanda – “..chronicling your spiritual awakening..” I like that. My plan is to eventually start creating content.. a work in progress at the moment.

      I too lost lots of saved research information last year when my laptop expired, but in terms of making notes, I always hand-write them, as I retain the words and ‘thoughts’ expressed this way, much better, than tapping them out on a keyboard. I find that there is something significant taking place, in the ‘action’ of thinking and writing by hand.. and a format conducive to epiphanies!

      I found your section on ‘blood’ and ‘blood groups’ especially thought provoking. Why? I started thinking about ‘blood’ more deeply, years ago when I was reading a book “Eat Right For Your Type” about certain blood groups, and eating particular foods is more suited to each group for a number of reasons.. (not sure if this is even credible now, given how much I have realized over the years..)

      At this same time, I was thinking a lot about mass-immigration, as I could see it all around me and how it was impacting my city, especially the area I live in, more so being a community worker at the time.. and I was thinking ‘what’ these people behind the scenes were really up to, with this agenda.. and was it a nefarious plot.. involving ‘tribes.. and blood groups. It’s funny, as over the past year or so I have been deeply re-thinking the immigration agenda.. more so recently, and remembered my thoughts on the ‘blood’ and genetic aspect of it.. So, when I saw your article on blood groups yesterday, it was one of those moments, that you have a ‘ping’ and are reminded of all the thoughts you have had on this subject.. and in my mind, a sign, to think about this deeper, and join some dots!

      • I think you are on the right track there re: immigration and blood groups. I wish i could post an image here… but i guess a link will do just as well:

        ^^^ That is a consanguinity world map. Consanguinity is marriage between close family members. When looking at the map, it is easy to see the Middle East is a veritable hot-bed of inbreeding. Inbreeding leads to insanity, among other things such as genetic diseases. You can also locate a similar map of corresponding negative blood types… i got one included in the package of a blood testing kit i ordered for my son because he has never had his typed. Negative blood is termed such because it lacks the alleles, proteins and other improvements the majority of the population has evolved to. Negative type blood is un-evolved, in other words. That is not to say that everyone who has negative blood is a lunatic or anything like that because there are other factors in play… it’s like brown eyes, blue eyes. However, in the case of inbreeding, the prevalence of insanity is an important factor because there is not enough fresh blood to wash the undesirable traits out. I hope that makes sense.

  • Agent Punchy

    I’d argue that in the early days, JJJ was edgy with an apt slogan “radio that bites”; a refreshing alternative to commercial radio. Today the announcer voices are airbrushed and yes, embrace cultural marxism. Did it in the past? I was too young….

    • Thanks for the comment, AR. When was JJJ edgy? Probably before my time. Somehow I got through my teenage years without ever intentionally tuning into JJJ (not because I was trying to avoid it, I just never went through that phase). Perhaps I was lucky. Once I got to uni I had to sit out all of the conversations about cool bands and music festivals, but if that is the price for missing out on ‘Hack’ programming, it is a price well paid.

  • Take down those sites? This is why we need decentralised, censorship resistant internet. Its coming. Also if you’re going to get people to register, add an SSL cert.

    • I recently discovered that the foundations of SSL trace their roots back to the NSA. We might have to do an Impromptu Chat some time soon to discuss these sorts of things.

  • This is very suspicious indeed to me, for a few reasons. I am not that familiar with any Australian mainstream media, other than what JLB has shown, from TV commercials and news clips.. all of which look extremely over-the-top and bizarre.. and so I don’t know, if it usually promotes ‘YouTube’ characters.. and their content (?) which, if it does, surprises me!

    So, a mainstream media bulletin, from the corrupt (and evil) state-sponsored ABC.. ‘advertising’ a trio of YouTube ‘truthers’ – as bullies – and these ones in particular – and with, what seems quite significant in my opinion, at 0:34 – a bold text statement: “..Australians might be shocked to hear an ‘Aussie accent’ among the bullies..!” An ‘Aussie accent’ hey.. now where else online and on ‘YouTube’ can we hear this?

    Why is this announcement being broadcast ‘now’, and eighteen months after the ‘Sandyhook Event’ took place? Rather coincidental, given that we have just had the ‘Orlando Event’ – promoted at length, with the ‘details’ of the mainstream media coverage, by two of these characters, Russianvids and dissected daily, by Peekay.. AND with JLB’s take on it, with his videos, ‘Orlando Live Coverage’ – which according to YouTube reached 30,000 views quite quickly.. and his ‘Impromptu Chat #7’ (..let’s discuss what other people won’t..) that funnily enough, included Russianvids himself..

    Then we have JLB’s ‘Istanbul Airport Terrorist Attack Live Coverage’ video, only four days ago, which would you believe, featured Peekay.. making some very intriguing comments, if you ask me.. presented sarcastically of course, alluding to his involvement, behind the scenes, with the ‘media’ and more specifically, those running the show (?) – which I must add, were slightly drawn out, not amusing and didn’t wash.. but not only this, the claims that, this once aspiring actor turned YouTube Star, who as many do, have to take up any film and TV ‘extra’ roles in their pursuit of fame and attention, did NOT watch his own ‘extra-debut’ with the famous Nick Cage in the Hollywood blockbuster “Knowing..” and in fact, played down the entire scenario..? Anyone buying this?

    And a day later, we get this from the mainstream media?

    What are we to make of this? As we all know, JLB reliably offers a ‘truthful’ alternative angle to the alternative angle.. in all of his work, but especially his media-fakery stuff.. and yet, was not referred to in this promo.. or was he?

    Again, are we to believe that the mainstream media intelligentsia, are paying close attention to the conspiracy-theorist scene, and its ‘truthers’ on YouTube, and have determined that Peekay, Russianvids and PressReset, are representative of, and epitomise, exactly what the alternative-research community is all about, here online.. and must propagate this reality, to the masses?

    So ‘who’ exactly is this announcement aimed at? The average sleeple of the masses, to keep them on snooze? Or.. the ‘smarter’ ones, who will always suspect, something is not right… the ‘conspiracy theorists’? What has this been designed to suggest? It seems to me, that if there is a chance, the average person has woken-up to some of the lies, and believes there are ‘truthers’ out there who can unravel them.. then maybe, these three amigos can offer some insight.. and who, if you check them out, promote a mixture of truth, nonsense, lies, fear porn and Biblical prophecy.. and as far as I can see (particularly if you listen to Russianvids deflect and protect tactics, in Impromptu Chat #7) do not or will not verge from certain subjects.. that are more pertinent to what is actually going on here (as Wanda highlights on here in her comment) and can ultimately keep the truth-seekers, going one step forward, and two steps back.

    Was it intentional that JLB, with his “Aussie Accent” was not given any net-time here? If the masses are diverted from these particular ‘truthers’ will they also overlook JLB? OR, if they ‘see through’ the chicanery of this broadcast, will they believe that these three, are actually the ones, bringing you the ‘truth’? Hmm… I think it’s a case of ‘to be continued..’ with this one, but it has certainly put more question marks over Russianvids and Peekay, in my opinion.

    • I fully understand your suspicion. I have no personal beefs with Peekay or Russianvids (and I’ve enjoyed their input on my recent shows) but I can see why others might think that their schticks could turn away n00bs to the scene. The thing I always point out is that some people will find my style hard to deal with at times as well, so I’m not about to try to tell PK/RV how to do their thing. Listen to all, follow none, yada yada ūüėČ

      • JLB – “Listen to all, follow none..” And a philosophy I hold myself.. however, it comes down to this, for ‘me’ – I am fighting for my soul – which adds an entirely different perspective, to this ‘scene’ and its interpretation.

      • Listen to all… follow none. I like that. So much easier than posting a disclaimer every time some questionable presenter makes a valid point i wish to share… well, this is good, but be careful with other things he/she might tell you. And on the occasions i don’t put a disclaimer in, someone will inevitably come along and inform me that so-and-so is disinformation.

      • I don’t think it is so much about turning away the newbies as it is about diverting them to someone who will give them half truths and keep them locked into false paradigms. Replacing one dichotomy for another and/or reinforcing flawed ideology like the criminally insane bible god as creator of all and patriotism, which is just more father worship. The word patri means father in Latin… from there you get Patriotism… it’s all religion in the end… it’s all faith based.

        • Patriotism and Christianity may be useless appendages in a free and peaceful world. However, in an ever expanding Marxist ideology, whites need these more than ever.

          I also find Christianity to be subversive (at least in its advertised form), but since it glues the community, I gladly tolerate it. Remember that Jesus is mocked in the Jewish circles. This is a leveraging fact that can wake up Christians to the Jewish problem.

          Patriotism too is a means of waking up a nation to its identity. This of course to counter miscegenation if nothing else.

          • Thanks for registering and posting, Adrian. How did you find the site?

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