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Istanbul Airport (Turkey) ‘Terror Bombing’ – Real or Hoax? [LIVE COVERAGE] (29-Jun-2016)

Another day, another ‘terror’ attack. This one might actually be real. Let’s see if we can find enough evidence to say with confidence that this event was probably real. Panel and guests include Sam from Sydney, Peekay, Validation Boy, Guy from Melbourne, Chad the Clever Ape, and host John le Bon.


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2 thoughts on “Istanbul Airport (Turkey) ‘Terror Bombing’ – Real or Hoax? [LIVE COVERAGE] (29-Jun-2016)

  • Another brilliant analysis JLB.. on one (too many to choose from it seems..) of the situations, we are faced with in our current reality, playing out in front of us. As always, your unique perspective is very much appreciated and valued.

    There are many aspects to this entire discussion that are worthy of further dialogue, and I will leave another comment, but for now, I just want to say, that listening to this Chad guy, was quite painful really. This was the perfect scenario, which was handled so well, to highlight just how victimized humanity are to this evil (yes evil..) lie-system, and how the mind has not only manipulated, but abused.

    It was clear from listening, that Chad had many moments, where he paused for thought.. yet the layers of sophisticated programming, are so ingrained.. you could feel his mental and emotional resistance to JLB’s ‘simple’ questions, about what he believed, but more crucially ‘why’.. which his mind just could not, or rather would not, yield to.

    We know what the truthful responses should have been, and it emphasized the human condition of the masses within this lie system. What should have been conducive to an epiphany for Chad, could be an epiphany for others listening, that may be in his ‘reality’.

    • Your final sentence sums it up perfectly, and the feedback I have received from others is that you are 100% correct. Sometimes we need to listen to other people, with whom we think we agree, suffer from obvious and painful cognitive dissonance before we reconsider our own views in the necessary way. As more scientism believers hear this kind of exchange, I suspect we may see more scientism apostates make their mark on YouTube. What kind of honest, decent person would want to align themselves with the likes of Chad (as he represented himself in that chat)?

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