Impromptu Chat #7 | ‘Russianvids’ (17-Jun-2016)

Let’s discuss what other people won’t: 9/11, media fakery, scripture, history, Orlando, Flat Earth and more. Featuring Russianvids, LordRollo, Validation Boy, and host John le Bon.


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Validation Boy:

‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ and NASA:
Codex Sinaiticus article on Wikipedia:
Passage John 8:44 of bible:
Joel Stein article in LA Times (19-Dec-2008):
Barbara Spectre on Jews and immigration:
‘Last Days of a White World’ in The Guardian (4-Sep-2000):

4 thoughts on “Impromptu Chat #7 | ‘Russianvids’ (17-Jun-2016)

  • 25-June-2016 at 7:12 pm

    Here’s the paradox… (?)

    ‘If’ I was considering whether or not to tune in to, or follow, Russianvids and his work, I would certainly decide ‘not’ to after listening to him in this discussion, for a few reasons.

    He cleverly, and subtly avoided and deflected points made and questions directly asked by JLB many times, even attempting to change the actual focal point of the subject and direction of the discussion. While it seemed like he was, responding, as he was talking a lot.. he wasn’t really dealing with the specific issue. The question asked by JLB about him (and others in this scene) focusing on the ‘actors’ as oppose to the ‘ACT’ – which is such a crucial aspect of all this, was responded with a “..let me correct you..” (?) and a tangent..

    Now this is very telling for me, as it implied JLB has got this wrong (?) which is so not the case. Maybe RV does not take well to perceived criticism.. but putting the emphasis on the ‘actors’ and the ‘details’ of this lie-system, results in particular subjects being discussed, and dissected.. while ‘other’ subjects, certainly more significant, being avoided and often altogether..

    I find it interesting how someone exposing the fakery around us, believes a true official bible exists, claiming it originates in Israel, while the others are deceptively created.. in the full knowledge that a group identifying as ‘Jews’ are the ones running this media-show, and yet propagates this same bible and its content, which somehow supports the exposure of the lie-system..? I mean, is this just me here..?

    For me, listening to RV was a prime example of how truth and falsehood, nonsense and ‘occasional’ insights, are mixed together.. and again, the paradox of how people can be fully aware of a lie-system in place, while still unaware, or in denial (or suspiciously avoiding..) other aspects of it.. that some of us believe, are actually much more relevant and revealing, in the progress towards real truth.

    • 05-July-2016 at 11:12 am

      You are quite right that RV deflected several questions. He is pretty slick at it, too, so credit to him for how well he does it – but I’d be surprised if anybody in the top 10% of the le Bon principle pyramid could not work out what was going on. The beauty is that most (if not all) of RV’s primary audience are firmly in the bottom 90% of said pyramid. Play to your audience and you’ll get the applause you seek ūüėČ

  • 01-July-2016 at 11:16 pm

    Regarding the discussion on 9/11: Perhaps we need to consider video fakery plus some sort of flying vehicle? I am convinced all the TV video is fake from the 911 production. Ace Baker’s videos were very convincing. Though I also subscribe to Field McConnell’s work from, where remote hijacking of planes is possible (MH370/MH17 etc etc ) + SMACSONIC where planes can be vaporised, perhaps explaining the entry to the steel towers.

    • 05-July-2016 at 11:10 am

      Why would one believe there were a ‘flying vehicle’ of some sort? Why would the producers of 9/11 need to bother with such props?

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