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JLBE1675 | For Those Who Truly Value My Work

It has been almost two years since I first began creating content here on YouTube. In that time I have produced more than 150 videos and hosted over 70 liveshows. Of the thousands of people who have viewed my work, a relatively small but important collection of individuals have expressed an interest in showing their appreciation via financial support. I have finally taken the time to create a Patreon page to allow these people (and others) to support me in my efforts to not only deconstruct the lie system in which we live, but share what I find with others via YouTube videos. I don’t expect contributions from all of my viewers but for those who truly value my work, it is now very easy to show your support.


JLB Patreon page: Link

20 thoughts on “JLBE1675 | For Those Who Truly Value My Work

  • Sans Bravo Sierra

    I value and very much appreciate your work, John. I’m learning new things, and the comment response podcasts are a good length for a lap around town. And I figure until the point where I can find the time to invest in my own content creation, then I owe you at least a buck a week. Done. Hats off to you.

    • Thanks, SBS. As you know, my hope is still that more people will begin putting out more of their own content. I have come to realise that a lot of people don’t feel they have the time/energy/skills/etc to have a crack at this scene just yet. In the meantime, they can always support people like me as a next best option ūüôā

  • Maxwell Smart

    Consider me in, John. You are filling the void/counteracting the liberal/communist/jewish lies/actions that ultimately seek to destroy us. Although you may not know it, you are actually doing Christ’s work. And that’s more than I can say for 99% of all forms of media. Keep it up, and if possible, go even harder.

    Cheers JLB.

    • Thanks, Max. I’m not sure about the comparisons to Christ* but I think I know what you mean and I really appreciate that. Did you notice I made my reference to the usual suspects nice and subtle in the Patreon promo vid? I figure they will likely shut my Patreon down eventually but until then, the people paying attention will know what I am talking about even if I am ‘diplomatic’ in how I go about it. Thanks for your post in support of the ARP, too. I think we will probably reboot it soon; the positive feedback from our latest episode is about 2x what I expected.

      *Just yet ūüėČ

  • Happy to assist. Would rather send you bitcoin tho! You could run your site out of a panama host who takes bitcoin. ūüôā

    • Lol. For others who might read this, Lucas’ contribution was $3.22/month. 322. Cheeky campaigner.

      • Glad you saw the funny side. Would love to send more, but don’t need a 3rd dependent just yet ūüėČ

  • Heya John, i’ve been following you since the first Aussie Round Table episodes back in 2014. Your work has truly changed my life and helped me to see that even some people who claim to be giving us the “truth” (you know they are *cough cough* orange is a symbol for 33 lol*) are just as bad, if not worse than the ones who are straight out lying to us. Being of a reasonably young age (19), I have a front row seat in the destruction of Australia and more specifically its youth.

    Anyway consider me in, there is no price on the truth my friend…good luck with your goals.


    • Thanks, Harry. I read your comment last night before logging off the computer and getting ready for bed, it was a good way to end the day. If a 19yo feels they are gaining from my work then that is a perfect reminder that the time put in is worth it. You and your cohort copped the programming even worse than my cohort (and we had it bad). I didn’t properly begin the deprogramming until I was mid-twenties so if you stick at it then who knows what an impact you could make. As bad as things seem for the masses, a young person with energy could shred this scene. I hope in time you give it a crack.

  • Vortex Pilot

    What about $5/month. Is there a provision for that? Does the write-in spot at the top of the Patreon page set up a one time donation, or is it for a programmable monthly amount?

    • Sans Bravo Sierra

      Yeah, you can write it in and specify your amount there. Just use the $1 part, and change on following page. ūüôā

    • Hi VP, when you sign up they give you the option to contribute as much as you like. For instance, old mate Lucas selected $3.22 for teh lulz. The ‘reward’ tiers are simply there to encourage people to pledge in certain increments but Patreon accept anything from $1/month or above.

  • TheProphet49

    I’m glad to see the website up and running and that you’ve established the Patreon. I truly appreciate the work that you are doing and hope to get in to the content creation side of things myself as I find a better balance for my current work/home situation. Keep up the good work, JLB.

    • Thanks for your support. My hope is to eventually release a series of videos explaining some of the things I have learned about video creation over the past 18 months, such as how to use Camtasia, how to structure a video for maximum watch-through rate, how to edit images with GIMP, how to record with Audacity, and so on. Tutorials about all of this stuff is already out there but I would like to release my own series so that those who want to know what I have learned (and see the mistakes I had to learn from) have an easy reference point to work from.

  • Superb idea.. and excellent video to introduce this to your people. I am more than happy and willing to support you and your work in this way, and do so with gratitude. I truly value your input, and much more.. it is a privilege to be in your community.. : )

    • Your support of my work is much appreciated: both the Patreon pledge and the detailed comments you leave on this site. Thank you.

  • Hi John-

    I’m happy to contribute to your continued research and love your perspective on things and the way you question beliefs.

    Are you going to let us know what books you are currently reading, interested to know what path you are taking.

    For instance, I’m now questioning the history we are presented with and really any characters from more than about 500 years ago. Starting to read Anatoly T. Fomenko’s History: Fiction or Science and it sounds like our concepts of ancient history are coming from a very small handful of sources, manuscripts being found in mysterious circumstances, copied, and then subsequently lost, etc. Our standard consensual history is JUST AS QUESTIONABLE to me now as the bible. Starting to believe there is no evidence that the dark ages even existed!…

    Interesting journey, glad to be on it. And grateful for your insights along the way.

    Thanks for all your efforts!

    • Thanks, Mike. How have you found Fomenko’s work so far? I have had many people recommend I read his work and the point I make to them is this: why do I need a middle-man to tell me history is fake? All one needs to do is look into it for themselves to see we are being lied to. Take the ‘Ancient Greeks’ for instance, and see how far back you can trace the sources used in contemporary writings about these characters. I have spent countless hours doing this, and so far the best I can find is a couple hundred years old. Now am I supposed to believe these guys existed thousands of years ago, and believe we know anything about them, based off sources which are only a couple hundred years old? We live in crazy times, brother!

  • how exactly did you dis-cover that 1980 was the 1st instance to the theory being put out? Are you certain? that is remarkable discovery. almost unbelievable

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