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JLB1664 | Did JLB ‘Misquote’ David Weiss? #FlatEarth

UPDATE 6-Mar-2019

The JLB YouTube channel was terminated by YouTube/Google in February 2019. The entire JLB back-catalogue (hundreds of videos and archived livestreams) is being made available for Full Members of Contact JLB if there are any videos in particular you would like to see reuploaded.

It has been alleged that John le Bon misquoted prominent Flat Earth proponent David Weiss on a recent live debate regarding the ‘Flat Earth’ belief system. Let’s take a look at the evidence and see if this accusation is a fair one.



‘Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable’ Ep #1 (11-Jun-2015):
‘Flat Earth’ Debate: Antonio vs JLB (29-May-2016):

Post updated 3-Jun-2024 with reuploaded video.

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