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JLB1607 | Six Key Assumptions of Spinning Ball Earth Theory

In this video I explain the six key assumptions which appear to me to underpin the spinning ball earth theory. If you accept these six assumptions, then the mathematics used by astrophysics can be, and is, used to prove that we live on a giant spinning ball, rotating around on its own axis once per day, orbiting around the sun once per year, hurtling through space at literally astronomical speeds.

Put another way, astrophysicists can and do use mathematics to prove that we live on a giant spinning ball and, as I will demonstrate in future videos, their maths checks out, if you accept their underlying (and often unstated) assumptions.

I am releasing this video now as something of a ‘working paper’ piece; I would greatly appreciate the feedback of anybody who has taken the time to properly study the spinning ball earth model.


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