5 thoughts on “Does Del REALLY Believe in Flat Earth?

    • I hadn’t seen that one for years, prior to finding it on my hard drive and reuploading last night.

      Man, I called these jokers out early in the game.

      People like Del who would appeal to the Flat Earthers (for attention / money) but then retreat back to ‘I’m not a Flat Earther’ when somebody put them on the spot.

      As in, they would stick to refuting the official story when in the presence of a skeptic, but when free to talk shit, they would be all about that Flat Earth.

      Pathetic behaviour, we see the same thing today with certain individuals at fakeologist who will say one thing at one time, but revert to ‘I don’t believe that’ when a skeptic is in the room.

      And I was calling it out back in 2016.

      Thanks again Edwin for going back through the archives like this, whenever you request a reupload it leads me to rewatch some of my older stuff that I had kinda forgotten about, it’s a bit if a trip tbh.

      28yo JLB was further ahead, in 2016, than so many ‘truth’ gurus are today. Kinda scary in a way. Who are these people?

  • You’ve said it often, even you benefit from re-watching old stuff. I certainly have/am even when I saw something similar elsewhere. We shouldn’t stop learning as in “I know it all now” but it seems prevalent.

    Tx again for taking the time to re-upload- I’m glad it’s been beneficial for you too.
    Hopefully others will too

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