Debate | Heliocentrists vs JLB (2-Jul-2016)

On 2-Jul-2016, I was randomly invited to a live google hangout with an all-star cast of prominent pro-scientism YouTubers, including Shawn Hufford, Red’s Rhetoric, and Atheist Rex. What followed was a classic example of what happens when a group of scientism spruikers have their beliefs challenged by a genuine skeptic. This podcast features the relevant audio from that hangout as well as a brief review of the event, recorded 6-Oct-2016.


Shawn Hufford’s original hangout (2-Jul-2016) Link
Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable #11 (19-Aug-2015) Link
JLB1546 | Risitas Leaves the Cult Behind (9-Sep-2015) Link
JLB1547 | Response to KHam + Cavendish Question (15-Sep-2015) Link
JLB1645 | The Cavendish Experiment: Scientism’s Achilles Heel (14-May-2016) Link
JLB1653 |Hypothetical Experiment (22-May-2016) Link

4 thoughts on “Debate | Heliocentrists vs JLB (2-Jul-2016)

  • 28-August-2020 at 12:19 am

    These guys are hilarious JLB, well done.

    They don’t know how to go about falsifying a theory. They were suggesting that you could falsify one by changing the observations, but the problem is that the observations exist separately from and regardless of the theory. Shaking my head.

    • 28-August-2020 at 7:29 pm

      Thank you very much, friend. This call was a watershed moment not only for the JLB operation but for me as a person.

      It was at this point that I realised, proper realised, that I am untouchable.

      These guys gave it their best and didn’t even get close. In an outnumber ambush. They got crushed!

      This was at the back end of a few live debates I had taken part in. I was up to speed and in good form.

      I haven’t bothered with debates since then. From memory, 2016 was when I stopped all of that.

      Following that complete obliteration of Reds and co, there was nothing left for me to prove. At least not to myself.

      Once you’ve internalised the ways of the real skeptic, the believers simply cannot match you. It’s over.

      Looking back, I guess it makes perfect sense that I would soon begin seriously contemplating the NPC meme.

      Prior to 2016, I honestly thought these creatures were somehow my equals. By 2018 I knew for sure they were / are not.

      Perhaps this is one key reason why so many otherwise intelligent people still struggle with the NPC framework.

      They still haven’t tested themselves against their ‘equals’.

      Anybody who listens to this call and still thinks those bozos are in ANY way equal to me, is beyond hope.

      • 02-October-2020 at 7:24 am

        Who is the guy that dominated the conversation for the first half hour (after the half hour that is missing) ?

  • 02-October-2020 at 7:25 am

    Who is the guy that dominated the conversation for the first half hour (after the half hour that is missing) ?

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