Debate | Heliocentrists vs JLB (2-Jul-2016)

On 2-Jul-2016, I was randomly invited to a live google hangout with an all-star cast of prominent pro-scientism YouTubers, including Shawn Hufford, Red’s Rhetoric, and Atheist Rex. What followed was a classic example of what happens when a group of scientism spruikers have their beliefs challenged by a genuine skeptic. This podcast features the relevant audio from that hangout as well as a brief review of the event, recorded 6-Oct-2016.


Shawn Hufford’s original hangout (2-Jul-2016) Link
Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable #11 (19-Aug-2015) Link
JLB1546 | Risitas Leaves the Cult Behind (9-Sep-2015) Link
JLB1547 | Response to KHam + Cavendish Question (15-Sep-2015) Link
JLB1645 | The Cavendish Experiment: Scientism’s Achilles Heel (14-May-2016) Link
JLB1653 |Hypothetical Experiment (22-May-2016) Link

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