2 thoughts on “There Are No Refunds on the Flat Earth

  • Only a wordpress site, but well presented. Unfortunately these clowns will make a killing off this with all the FE ‘tards attending. Giving them a nice chunk of change to fuel their next one.

    • In fairness, if they provide the service as described, and make a return on their investment after risking their own money, I don’t have a prima facie problem with them making money from the venture. The question is, will they deliver as they have promised?

      Obviously I don’t agree with the belief system they are promoting, nor the actions of several prominent FE spruikers, but this is a separate point. All I can do is demonstrate the flaws in their logic and evidence, and if people want to continue to believe, that is entirely up to them.

      An analogy I make is this: people every day pay money to attend professional sports, and for television/film subscriptions/tickets. I can point out that pro sports are a business, that the people running the leagues care more about money than a fair contest; I can point out that the TV and films are programming and unhealthy for the soul. Then what? If these people feel they are getting value from the transaction, that is ultimately up to them.

      Put simply, the problem is the system, not the individuals.

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