Sometimes Record #07 | That Syncing Feeling (30-Jan-2020)

How did a regular guy from Tasmania find himself
contributing to the first ever Sync Book?

What is taking place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and
what did Stefan notice while he was there in 2012?

Why are some people able to see aluminium foil, cardboard, and sticky tape -- when most people see a lunar lander that 'really did' land on the moon?

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JLB Member Skype #24 – The Sync Books (24-Jun-2018)

What is 'Sync' and why should anybody care?

Who gets to decide what is and isn't a so-called 'coincidence'? Tarot cards, Aleister Crowley, 'Ancient Egypt': what do these things have in common? How long ago did the planning for 9/11 begin? Ultimately, does any of this really matter?

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