On Doing What Thou Wilt (Sync Books)

In a long journey, there are many steps along the way…


JLB 20135 | On Doing What Thou Wilt (Sync Books) (31-Aug-2020)

Link #1 | Alan’s recent video (with links to the 2020 series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcPJ_xecXik
Link #2 | The Dinoskeptic film website: https://www.dinoskeptic.com/
Link #3 | Member Skype Call #24 (available for free for a limited time): https://www.johnlebon.com/uncategorized/member-skype-call-24-the-sync-books-public-release/
Link #4 | The most recent Missing Sync episode (Member video): https://www.johnlebon.com/member-videos/the-missing-sync-part-4/

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