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  • Alex Quant

    I have often wondered if some of this gender confusion stems from parents, particularly the mother, wanting/hoping for a child of a particular gender and ending up with the opposite – this wish being so strong during pregnancy that the feotus is almost conditioned at a basic level pre cognitive level. How many times have we heard prospective parents hoping for a boy or a girl? I can imagine disappointment at not getting what you hoped for being instilled in the child from an early and particularly impressionable time.
    I wonder if gender identity is more confused in society’s that place a high regard on the first child being a boy, in order to carry on the family name?
    I’ve done zero research on this – this is merely a hunch.
    School environments are not places where it is geared towards children questioning the orthodoxy, what ever that may be at the time, so this teaching of a “fluid gender” with the backing of the school is a powerful statement of intent and shows how helpless school authorities are in critical thinking and in protecting the interests of children.
    How would I respond as a parent? I would either not send them to school in the first place or, if the child wanted to go to school, check in with them what they are being taught and how they feel about it. I would trust that an atmosphere at home of openness would facilitate honest dialogue.

    • I am not sure about the desires of the mother and the effects this has on the child in the womb, although Jeanice Barcelo argues that even the intention behind conception has a fundamental influence on the outcomes for children. While growing up I saw cases of children being raised in a way that indicated the parents (specifically the mother) had wanted a child of the opposite sex, although the last I heard of these families, the children had not turned out gay or ‘trans’. That said, I have no doubt that many cases of ‘trans’ children are the result of attention-seeking parents (mothers), and if anybody reading this right now is not familiar with Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome, I encourage you to websearch that term right now.

      I agree with you about the power of teaching ‘gender fluidity’ in a school environment where children are taught to accept whatever they are told. If this is not stopped, and soon, we are one generation away from psychological oblivion. The hallmarks are already there in people finishing school today, imagine what will happen when primary school children are being taught about ‘gender fluidity’ as part of their curriculum. The sick perverts pushing this stuff need to be held accountable. When will the ‘men’ of Australia start acting like men? It won’t be long before there are none of us left.

  • My wife and I decided to pull our 12 year old child out of public school and are now homeschooling her for the first time in her life.

    When we approached the Superintendent of the School System (whom we know), we were met with zero resistance. We explained that we don’t appreciate the curriculum and the various disturbing morally deprived sexual issues they push.

    He understood completely and off the record said he didn’t blame us for our stance.

    Common Core is one of the culprits here in TN. Thankfully, the curriculum has been voted out by the state legislature (although there is nothing clear about the replacement).

    We know that what we teach her will be acceptable and decent.

    • Credit to you for having the courage to do that. I imagine there might have been some pushback from others in your family and social circles. In some ways it is nice to hear that the superintendent supported your decision, but in another way it makes me wonder how many principals and their superiors know full well what school is all about, but go along with it for the money and/or social status. I hope you will keep me/us updated with the homeschooling experience – if it goes as well as I expect, others might be inspired to follow your lead.

  • Maxwell Smart


    I would consider this video a return to form. And you will know by the number of responses you get whether or not people are switched on, or even give a damn..

    None of what you see in that video is by accident; it has been decades in the making. All of it can be traced back to the Frankfurt School, wherein Herbert Marcuse calculatedly fused bogus Marxist theories of economic repression with similarly bogus Freudian theories of sexual repression.

    Unsurprisingly, all three were Jews.

    Dr. Robert Spitzer, had homosexuality, which had always been diagnosed as a mental illness, struck from the list of mental disorders back in 1973 (to the elation and howls of Jews and homosexuals everywhere).

    Spitzer was of course a Jew!

    Can we see a pattern forming here, people?

    Yet Paul McHugh, psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, argued that it was “biologically impossible” for a person to change the sex they were born with, and those who advocate “sexual reassignment surgery” are thus promoting mental illness.

    McHugh also noted: “When children who reported transgender feelings were tracked without medical or surgical treatment at both Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic, 70%-80% of them spontaneously lost those feelings.”

    But do Jews give a damn! Do Cultural Marxists and Social Justice Warriors give a damn? Do Catholics and Protestants even give a damn? Once upon a time Catholics and Protestants would have given a damn, but Jews bought the best Christianity that Jewish shekels could purchase.

    Jews now also dictate and control our language. Remember when the word ‘gay’ meant ‘happy’ and ‘lively.’ What Jews did there was to slyly attack peoples’ collective subconscious. Now it means a faggot, as we all know.

    So not only did Jews lay the foundation for these abominations, like clockwork, the Jewish owned media has stepped in to promote these perverse and disgusting practices.

    This is why it is critical to expose these Jewish perversions and name the Jew. Those who haven’t worked out that Jews spread Sodom and Gomorrah into whichever nations they go, should take another look at this video. And where do they spread Sodom and Gomorrah? Predominantly White/Christian nations, as it is these nations which have always welcomed Jews into their lands, with, as it has always turned out, the greatest of regret, for it has never ceased to occur at a catastrophic cost. And for what purpose? To turn these nations into cesspits, as it makes it easier to push their usury and fleece the masses.

    Watch this video again and then take some time to fit all the pieces together.

    Commentaries like this one are 100 times more valuable than arguing the merits of a Nikola Tesla (who rightly stands as a seminal visionary and undeniable genius). I

    f you don’t think that we live in a Jew matrix, which really means Babylon, then you had better think again.

    Transgenderism and homosexuality is NO accident.

    This is what Jews do.

    Just like Scripture, it is the corrupted Jewish version, and inversion, of what a male and a female should be.

    • Thanks for the kind words. The entire field of psycho-logy/analysis/therapy/iatry deserves a thorough and comprehensive breakdown, which I will get around to eventually. Does the average person have any idea how perverted many of the leading figures in this field have been? Take Alfred Kinsey for one example (who I mentioned only briefly in the 40-minute presentation): the man who pioneered the ‘gender fluidity’ concept was a pervert who (allegedly) filmed people having sex without their permission, inserted things into his urethra from a young age, and circumcised himself without anaesthesia. Yes, the same ‘gender fluidity’ concept that has been getting taught at universities for years and is now apparently being pushed on primary school children, was pioneered by that kind of person. So far as I can tell, Kinsey was not one of the Tribe.

      Unsurprisingly, many pioneers of the field are of the usual suspects. You have named a few of them, and there are obviously many more. It was of course old mate Eddie Bernays who took care of the public relations side of perverting America, which makes perfect sense given that he was the nephew of Sigmund Freud. Bernays went on to boast of how he got Damaged Goods past the censors and made it ‘sex o clock’ in America:

      The key with Damaged Goods, he realized, was to transform the controversy into a cause and recruit backers who already were public role models. The twenty-one-year-old editor formed a Medical Review of Reviews Sociological Fund Committee, then attracted members with an artful appeal that played on Bennett’s reputation as an artist as well as the worthiness of battling prudishness. Among those who signed up were John D. Rockefeller Jr., Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dr. William Jay Schieffelin, whose company had recently brought to America a treatment for syphilis, and the Reverend John Haynes Holmes of New York’s Unitarian Community Church. Each committee member was asked to contribute four dollars, which entitled him to one ticket, and many were asked for endorsements designed to head off police intervention.

      Have you listened to any podcasts by Jan Irvin on this topic? He is miles ahead of me in this line of research, and I’m slowly trying to catch up while continuing with my own lines of research. Long story short, Irvin and his buddy Joe Atwill spell out in detail how Bernays and others perverted America via the tried and true methods of propaganda. The names of usual suspects feature prominently.

      I hope to eventually release a big piece about the scam of psycho-x and their practitioners. It is simply a matter of finding the time. I have found that I release better quantity and quality of work when I focus on whatever interests me in particular at the time, and my original research into the scams of psycho-x was years ago now. Of course, if I am not releasing material on this, who else in Australia is? I feel like I am fighting a one-man battle at times.

      • Maxwell Smart

        I feel that the tide is turning John, and people like you exist to correct the ship. If we sit on our backsides and continue to allow the Jew to enter our homes through our addiction to Talmudvision, education and the pulpit, we are as good as done for.

        I believe Bernays was the person who encouraged American women to take up smoking, which was also glamorized by Jews on the silver screens. The tribe will do all in its power to corrupt and kill off the white race, and even if people don’t read or believe in the Bible, you can find all this information in there.

        All those names you quoted above, even the Rockefellers, were/are Jews. These people are the stains that are difficult to wash off society. They are compelled to corrupt, lie, deceive, just as a snake is compelled to bite and an obese person compelled to overeat.

        I don’t know how much time we have left (gay marriage is now on the agenda in Oz, for which we can again thank those Christ-hating Jews, to be followed by the legalization of who knows what, bestiality is now allowed in some parts of Canada), but I’ll continue to call out these kikes while I still have breath in my body.

        If you’ve caught the dirt they’ve found on George Soros (a common practice among Jews is to change their names), you’ll know how he’s poured literally billions of dollars into Black Lives Matter, NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association), Global Warming hoax (Al Gore), Planned Parenthood, Clinton Foundation and too many to mention here. http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/viewSubCategory.asp?id=1237


        One can only marvel at the collective financial power these Jews have! And the politicians, clergy, academicians, magistrates, etc that kind of money can buy

        This is what were up against.

        It might be a cliche but it is entirely true: it boils down to taking either the red-pill or the blue-pill.

        And once you’ve been red-pilled, you can NEVER be the same person again.

        The Talmudvision, Edjewcation and Judeo-Churchianity exist solely for the ‘benefit’ of dummies.

        Peace brother.

  • Dear John, re you quote below…….
    ”Have you listened to any podcasts by Jan Irvin on this topic? He is miles ahead of me in this line of research, and I’m slowly trying to catch up while continuing with my own lines of research. Long story short, Irvin and his buddy Joe Atwill spell out in detail how Bernays and others perverted America via the tried and true methods of propaganda. The names of usual suspects feature prominently.”

    Jan Ivine has studied this for over 20 years and he can actually gets source documents over there in America, the FOI requestes he makes together with being able to go to the University Archives is an enormous advantage. Jan and Joe say on alot of their video/podcasts that we should use this information and add to it if we can. The Brain and its overwhelming connections is there for us to use.
    This subject your approaching is so big, goes so deep that anyone can see what is going on and WHO is doing what.
    Have you considered contacting Jan? I think it would be a great idea.

    • I would like to think that one day I might get the chance to chat with Irvin and Atwill, whether online or offline (preferably the former). Right now I have other projects I am working on that are taking precedence over that kind of podcasting/networking, but the upside of this is that it is giving me time to go through their back-catalogues to better understand who they are and what they’re promoting/disseminating. You are right about the ‘BRAIN’ and how we can all use it to build upon the knowledge base put together by Irvin and co, and I hope to eventually integrate some of their key findings/connections into my own work. so much to do, so little time…

      • stef

        “So much to do, so little time…” Makes me wonder where Miles Mathis finds the time to create artworks, write hundreds of articles, do deep research for them and on and on.

        • I see that Fakeologist and Cluesforum are both currently engaged in serious Miles Matthis skepticism…

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