JLB Chats #24 – ‘Fakeo Sampler’ (9-Apr-2024)

Are the politicians and celebrities and well-known billionaires all ‘in on it’?

Why don’t more people know about the number plate on Franz Ferdinand’s car?

Is there a simple test (which anybody can take) to see if we might be in a so-called ‘simulation’?


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


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Production notes JLB Chats #24. Streamed/recorded 7/8-Apr-2024. Released as Chats #24 on 9-Apr-2024. Edited to split into three files, balance audio, remove dead air, and insert clips.

3 thoughts on “JLB Chats #24 – ‘Fakeo Sampler’ (9-Apr-2024)

  • |i usually always start with the last section of a recording. wanting to listen to something last night while getting body work done (i have no patience for an hour of ambient music) by a local Mexican woman, i hit play on part three and proceeded to get stepped on.

    she knows just enough english where not too far in, i was tempted to change the channel, if only to hedge any reputation risk should she go around and say i was a gringo who listens to anti-immigration radio (i know that wasn’t what the audio said, but combine language barriers with chinese whispers and small city gossip…).

    toward the end, when i was up on the table looking at the stars, she proceeded to ask what i was listening to. and how she tried to but couldn’t understand it completely and thought ‘those people are loco’ :P.

    i pasteurized the summary, and then the bible hoax stuff came up. she’s religious (insofar as wearing a cross and going to church with her family). so i’m not sure if she’ll feel comfortable coming back again. was pretty funny (internally) in the moment, especially not knowing if one of the participants was potentially go to say something really upsetting.

    all the same, it was a great hour and a half on several levels!

    |DJ is a troll, but farce value allowed(?) himself to get triggered, which was a little surprising, given he’s usually even keeled when i’ve heard him.

    |who is the ‘new’ German voice?

    |a message JLB has not so subtly introduced lately, is that nobody goes to Tucson, not because they don’t have time or talent, but because they can’t go to Tucson. and maybe that’s true? i’ll soon find out, if only for ego purposes. cus i’m pretty sure i ‘get it ‘. have read all the HH material and MC’s. have taken cursory glances of the wireframe horizon on wiki, but surely not a proper drive that might reveal these stunning oceanfront views only available to those who did the three day tour.

    not a perfect analogy, but i understood when i was young, when looking at bodybuilding magazines reading the routines and articles, or seeing older guys who went to the gym, that if you ‘did the work’ (train, eat, sleep, consistency…) you likely would grow bigger. once i did the same, was there this ‘new knowledge’? not really. i had understood it conceptually, just hadn’t experienced the after effect feeling of ‘being bigger’. ultimately not all that much has changed. i will never know what it feels like to be Mr Olympia, or even someone on local amateur circuits who is more committed, more conditioned, supped up, et al. but i ‘get it’.

    a memory resurfaced of that time in 3rd grade, when told the gospels were written years after JC’s life… i remember having this innate sense it was all b.s., and the sto(re)tellers (at the time nuns and church school instructors) …it felt like they were clinging on to something they knew they couldn’t prove, even to a toddler. not unlike Dawkins in the Blind Watchmaker, for which i just dl a pdf to search for one of many Inspector Gadget reaches that furrowed my brows: “it doesn’t matter how small your primordial lung is, there must be some time out of water that you can just endure with the lung, which is a little bit longer than you could have endured without the lung.”

    there are several of the above in that book.

    it was a similar feeling all those years later when i saw footage of WTC7 crumbling.

    something wasn’t playing in Peoria.

    getting back to NPC talk, and keeping with the 13th Floor as an analogy, was Jerry Ashton a player character? because he took the envelope and drove out there? no. he was still an npc in the sim, and even his ‘real life’ character was an npc / sim.

    npc / sims all the way down!

    also, if one can drive out to Tucson, but can’t do other things, not because of ‘xyz’ excuse, but because their programming might very well prevent them from breaking out of those boundaries…would the self-ascribed PC title warrant revisiting – if only for internal consistency? or is the characterization solely based on one test that the judger has created and passed?

    • These kinds of detailed reflections on the uploads make my day.

      Re the new German voice, that is ZeroOne, a dude in his early 40s, seems to have become friends with Toby from Denmark, the two of them have been doing lots of audiochats together for the past couple of months.

      It appears as though his main interests or concerns are to do with Germany / western civlisation and its apparent fall to mass immigration and wokeist agendas.

      I like him, he reminds me a lot of the Germans I’ve met over the years, I would even say he is almost typically German in his manner of expressing himself and sense of humour etc.

      My soundboard clips of ZeroOne so far include:

      ‘Every celebrity in Hollywood is a j00, trust me’

      ‘It’s all gay… gay and j00ish’

      ‘I’m the loser of society, I’m a white male’

      ‘(If you tell me to) feel guilty about the holocaust man, I’m gonna fkn become nazi here’

      Re the obvious and simple test to see if people are NPCs, I’m not joking about that.

      Everybody thinks they could take a trip to Tucson if they wanted to, but they’re ‘too busy’, yeah, give me a break, man.

      Looking at your analogy, sure, you know that if you lift weights you will get bigger and stronger. Great.

      But does somebody who watches the weightlifters and powerlifters know what it is like to actually be big and strong?

      No, not unless they have done the work. That is the point.

      In theory, any man can lift weights and get bigger and stronger. It is basic biology.

      I don’t believe any person truly can take a trip out to Tucson, but they believe they can know what’s out there just by listening to people like me.

      It isn’t the same thing. At all.

  • EverythingIsFrequencies

    It feels like you’re talking to me directly in the intro of part 1 when you say theres some people out there who appreciate the audio content. Cheers for putting the call together JLB. Giving it all a listen now.

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