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Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable | Ep #7 StinkyCash (22-Jul-2015)

Join us for another installment of BESR, a live, roundtable discussion focused on ball earth skepticism and all related topics (such as NASA, scientism, and media fakery). The panel features David Weiss (DITRH), Ben (Matrix Decode) and host John le Bon. Special guest for Episode #7 is Jeff Walstein (StinkyCash), a young youtuber who disses the spinning ball and those who believe in it.


Intro chat with StinkyCash (incl opinions on leading flat earthers) – 2:48
Best arguments against spinning ball – 34:50
The sun and the moon on a flat earth – 54:50
StinkyCash’s trip to Israel; Zionism/Judaism/history – 1:20:58
9/11 and No Planes – 1:50:30
The New World Order and controlled government – 2:13:55
The latest NASA photos of Earth and Pluto – 2:21:25
Stephen Hawking launches search for alien life – 2:38:27
Final thoughts – 2:50:25

David Weiss (DITRH):
Matrix Decode:
Martin Luther quotes:
Time Earth article:
9/11 Fake plane:
ABC Hawking article:

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