Website Update – November 2019

Just a quick update, mostly concerning the Member Calls and new Members of the site.

Member Calls

There’s been some interest in the comment section of Let’s Discuss Dark City.

I’m available on the following weekends:

November 23/24

December 14/15

December 21/22

December 28/29

The weekends of Nov 30/Dec 1 and Dec 7/8 are out for me as I have been invited to go and hike up some mountains or something.

Ideally I would like to record the Dark City and Waking Life Calls before the end of the calendar year.

An ‘end of year special’ would be good, too, which would probably be best suited to Dec 28/29.

That leaves three weekends to schedule two more film-based Calls.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

November 23/24 — Open House

-> If anybody has a particular topic they’d like to discuss, this is the chance.

-> The Open House format/Call is also a perfect place for n00bs to introduce themselves.^

December 14/15 — Dark City

December 21/22 — Waking Life

December 28/29 — End of Year Special

That would take us through to seventeen episodes for Season Two, which is a perfect number to finish on.

Recall that Season One of the Member Discord Calls featured seventeen Open House episodes.

As always, I am happy to set aside any time on my Sunday for the Call, I just need somebody to nominate a time for me to set aside.

All of this is explained in Let’s Chat:


if you want to discuss Dark City on Dec 14/15, let me know what time suits you. Ditto Waking Life on Dec 21/22. As for the coming weekend, we can discuss anything, just come along and let’s chat.

Welcome new Members

Hello to Adambe and Nicholas36, the two most recent additions to the site.

Please check your spam folders if you have not yet seen the Welcome email.

Important info in there.

^Join a Call

markJ, UninspiredThought, Callum, Bravo, EllynKyUs, Ravi, BeefySquire, doctormyeyes, sarahhhha, Adambe and Nicholas36 have all joined the site in the past few months.

If any of you have ever considered joining a Member Discord Call, this weekend is the perfect opportunity.

The old ‘Open House’ format basically worked like this: anybody could come along to a call, and prior to pressing ‘record’, I would make a list of topics or ideas people wanted to discuss.

Then we would introduce any debutantes, then play some trivia, then work our way through the topics, one by one.

It flowed well.

You don’t need to be an expert on any topic, and you certainly do not need to be a practiced podcaster or broadcaster.

If you have thoughts and opinions of your own, and a USB microphone, you’ve got everything you need.

We’d be delighted to hear a new voice or two over the next few weeks.

Otherwise it will just be myself, TNG, fuhng, maybe FlyFisher and Daibpdaibp and Hilly, going further and further ‘off the reservation’.

Know what I mean?

Sorry for the delay in communication

One of the main perks for me as the admin of this site is that I receive correspondence from people all over the world.

I’m about three weeks behind on my emails and also the comments on this site.

I always read emails and comments as soon as they come in, but sometimes it takes a little while to set aside the time to write commensurate responses.

My plan this week is to rectify that, AND release one of either MSC #27 (Brave New World) or MDC S2E1 (Knightly News and TNG).

To those of you who have taken considerable time to write and email or leave a comment for me, thank you for your patience in awaiting my reply.

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3 thoughts on “Website Update – November 2019

  • 19-November-2019 at 12:26 am

    I was the one who pushed Waking Life on you JLB, so I will not be missing that one for love nor money. I will nominate a time of Sunday 2.00pm GMT for Dec 21/22, however if Hilly, Flyfisher, Daibp or anyone else want a different time I am happy to juggle some balls so there are more members on the call.

    End of year special, sounds like a challenge lol.

    • 19-November-2019 at 2:16 am

      I was the one who pushed Waking Life on you

      I honestly do not remember this. Glad you’ll be there for the Call, though. Should be a good one, so much to discuss from that film.

  • 19-November-2019 at 10:57 am

    When I said pushed I meant suggested when chatting about doing Total Recall, oh yes it was definitely you that introduced me to Waking Life. Not that it matters one jot anyway, looking forward to it.

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