Skepticism & Jay Dyer (20-Nov-2019)

What is epistemology and why should anybody care?

Is science the only way to learn about the nature of our reality?

Who are the ‘Mig-Toes’ and what in particular are they wrong about?

Late on Tuesday evening, 19-Nov-2019, I decided to do an impromptu livestream on my YouTube channel.

During the presentation I tried to answer all of these questions and so much more.

Note: See Jay Dyer’s essay here.




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Production notes. Livestreamed 19-Nov / 20-Nov-2019, mp3 released later same day. Some dead air removed, noise removal and EQ applied, auto compression @ 5:1, exported at 64 kbps.


3 thoughts on “Skepticism & Jay Dyer (20-Nov-2019)

  • 21-December-2019 at 3:07 pm

    Dyer’s sense of humor is limited hangout to Eastern Orthodox blasphemy laws. lol

    Usually, people’s sense of humor only goes as far as still being able to make “sense” (common sense or signs dancing = signs of humor = more hues and gradations = thickening of the de-sign fabric) of the world built around them through the very “signs” (any identifiable marker seen, heard, touched, smelled or tasted by us and all combinations of such identifiers codified called metaphors) they have found absurd and worthy of satirical critique. They are afraid to touch certain “sacred” subjects because of their “sensitivity” with certain groups of people.

    The sacrifice that Michael Richards (Kramer from Seinfeld) had to do in order to merit his 500 million dollar syndication payday and 33rd degree of freemasonry badge was to later play-act a little “racist whitey” drama on a comedy stage and then go apologize on TV for it. Everyone at the comedy store was, of course, either an agent or freemason or jesuit or jew or all at the same time or at the very least ACTORS hired by these secret crime societies to do this little psychological farce or public PsyOp. Any fallen mind that fools for it de-serves its service.

    Not too many people see these more “scandal sheet” so-called humiliations of famous people for transgressions into the politically incorrect or (god-forbid) the dreaded realms of the “discriminatory” and unequality in order to teach the cattle where it will burn if they touch their hands as PsyOps, but they should because they are likely to be.

    A man with 500 million dollars and freemason ninja patrol protection could care less if the African community thinks he’s racist. What’s more important is that the zombies come to think “inequality and discrimination” (whether merited or not) is automatically “bad” and hence become equalized with each other, the pre-condition of his own divine “inequality” as a freemason soldier of the Rothschild consortium octopus that brought you porn pussy and octopussy. fear porn and drama, an entire mode of expression that is in itself a PsyOp.

    There is no such thing as drama (major trauma or the multiplication of the quantity or magnitude of things to fear in the future), the pattern of expression used in 99.9% of all novels and movies and stories ever created in a non-neurotic or healthy life, there is only struggle, the acquisition of the raw-get-ness and skill necessary for making it less and less of a struggle and finally, its own satisfaction and pleasure through energy conservation of efficient, elegant and aesthetic movements. .

    The language or patterns of quick and dancing “common sense” ritualized to transcend absurdity are invented by all with a good sense of humor, the most famous of whom are able to make a “living” out of it in Jew-run entertainment networks if they self-censor themselves like good little children. Progress is allowed in all areas that do not threaten the master-slave relationship, the divinely unequal masters and the equalized-by-brainwash slaves.

    When I think of how much TV I used to watch in the 1990s and 1980s I want to puke. But at least back then the programming was far more mild and hidden whereas today it’s right in people’s faces and they still can’t see. I can’t imagine watching that much TV nowadays and ending up sane (sanitized in the mind).

  • 14-January-2020 at 3:37 pm

    Feeding the Trolls 74: Dave Johnson

    This was hilarious enough to have me crying by the two minute mark and there was still 13 minutes to go. lol I had to stop the video many times and wipe the tears from my eyes. Reminds me of a fat Jay Dyer.

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