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That Syncing Feeling…

In some ways I am a very, very simple man.

It took me a while to fall asleep last night because I was so excited about the plans for today:

First up, a chat with my old compadre Tim from as part of Member Skype Call #22.

And then a day of shameless hedonism, centred around the spectacle of men punching each other for sport.

A Sunday afternoon spent enjoying a bbq, some froffies, and a pay-per-view on the big screen, with some blue-pilled buddies.

Yes, I am a simple man indeed. I even described myself as a normie in the Warmup Thread for MSC #22:

I will be online for the call from 8am ‚Äď 11am Brisbane on Sunday morning.

Then, after that, I shall go and be a normie for the rest of the day.

It has become my custom to fetch a warm coffee from a local cafe prior to each MSC.

It helps perk me up for the call.

While waiting for my medium flat white, I couldn’t help but notice the front page of Brisbane’s only newspaper, the Courier Mail:

Well, well, well.

No surprise that the front page would feature Jeff Horn, who is a Brisbane local, after all.

Today is a big day in Australian sport.

But what is the headline of the major story?

‘Don’t Be The Norm’

I couldn’t help but smile.

So I took a photo of the front page to share with you guys.

Then as I was walking the short distance home with my coffee in hand, I noticed that one of the very few cars on the road had the following license plate:


Of course, Las Vegas is in the state of Nevada.

I wondered, ‘what are the odds that Nevada was the 34th State admitted to the union?’

So I checked wikipedia as soon as I got home.

Nevada was apparently the 36th state to join the USA, an event which took place in 1864.

Nevada does however have the 34th largest population of all states, according to wikipedia.

What is the meaning of all of this?

Whatever you want it to be.

Here are the closing words of chapter 18 in The Sync Book 1, entitled ‘Confessions of a Sync Head’, by Will Morgan:

“How fucked up has sync made us? That we find pleasure in the numbers on license plates. That we find poetry beyond explanation in the headline of a newspaper.

I live in a fantasy world, do I? Well, so what? I’m happier than you, if you live without the poetry of meaning in your life. After all these broken and forgotten thoughts, everything I see makes me happy.

I can’t remember, in all my explorations of the unsolvable, anything that has given me more insight. Reality as a singular noun makes absolutely no sense to me now”.

Remember that in two weeks we will be discussing The Sync Books for MSC #24.

Hope to see you there.

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