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Clownovirus Panic — Open Discussion Thread

Update 16-Mar-2020

We were having too many technical issues with the original forum (which was hosted as a sub-forum of this site).

ThereforeI have built an entirely new forum, on its own site, on a different server to

You can find the forum here: clownspiracy

Please disregard the previous forum (which will soon de closed permanently)

If you have already posted comments on the previous forum, please take a moment to copy and paste them to the new forum.

Sorry about the inconvenience, but the new forum is so much better than the old one, it is chalk and cheese, the move will be worth it.

Original post (with old links crossed out)

I just posted my latest thoughts about the panic sweeping the world in the Coronavirus Hoax thread on the Member Forum here at

Not gonna lie. I’m excited about this coronavirus nonsense.

What happens next? Where will we be in two weeks? Two months? Will the stick market continue to crash? Will entire seasons of pro sport be cancelled? Will the feds genuinely try to mandate vaccinations? People are losing their shit and more and more I find myself enjoying it. Like watching a car crash as a I drive by, except I can just park myself from a distance and watch on as it all unfolds in realtime.

In Australia they have just canceled the F1 which was meant for this weekend. There are public calls, even on football forums (i.e. the biggest fans of the game) for the pro football season (due to begin next weekend) to be postponed and many are already resigned to the entire season being canceled. These utter morons have swallowed every ounce of the programming.

A few hours ago the federal government announced a ban on public gatherings of more than 500 people. Lol. If they do not close every school with more than 500 pupils/staff then the hoax becomes all the more obvious, doesn’t it?

On reddit forums such as /rdigitalnomad and r/travel people are losing their shit. Panic has set in.

I’m sitting at a cafe in Kuala Lumpur, in a shopping mall, life is going on as normal here. The Malaysian gov/media does not seem to be running the same fear campaign on them as we are seeing in the ‘west’. But reports are that Manilla has just been locked down for 30 days, and Bali (Indonesia) have just got their first official case.

I kinda feel blessed that I get to be in the middle of an overseas sojourn as all of this is going down.


The Member Forum

The Member Forum is still young and relatively inactive.

Perhaps this is an ample opportunity to drive more eyeballs there and help spur the conversation.

The benefit of the forum over regular comments on the site is the forum’s usability:

It is far easier to track and partake in discussions on a purpose built forum than it is via comments sections on a wordpress blog.

It is also easier to do simple things like embed images and alter text with the forum than it is with wordpress comments.

Instead of opening comments on the post you are reading right now, I’m going to instead suggest that you head on over the Member Forum and leave your comments there.

If you are not currently a Member of, don’t worry, I’ve also opened up a thread about Coronavirus on the public forum.

Personally I’m going to be giving the Member forum more attention than the public forum, for reasons I’ve explicated previously.

New Forum Here

Member Forum Clownovirus ThreadHere
Public Forum Clownovirus ThreadHere

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If you’re considering joining there has — LiTeRaLlY —
never been a better time to do so.

Thanks to this Clownovirus, the Australian dollar has dropped
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On 11-Mar-2020 it was already down to 65c (a ten-year low).

By 13-Mar-2020 (this morning) it was down to 63c.

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Aussie Dollar plummeting against greenback.
The USD knocks out the AUD cold. Ding ding ding!

They say that every cloud has a silver lining.

I say that every Clownovirus has a Diamond Hoax lining.

What’s that? You hadn’t heard?

Diamonds are in fact a hoax. Nobody died nobody got hurt. Period.

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1) There’s a thread about the Clownovirus on the Member Forum – check it out 🙂

2) There’s a thread about the Clownovirus on the public forum as well

3) Anybody got a spare wheelbarrow?

JLB taking his ‘truth for sale’ cash money to the bank yeah yeah boi shiiiiiiiiiiiiiet

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