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Bill Hicks Alex Jones

Might ‘Person X is Person Y’ theory sweep the ACT realm in 2020?

What was the Waco Siege and why does it matter?

If the Sync Book guys have disappeared, who will pick up the slack?

Where has Super Agent #34 been for the past twelve months?

Why does Chad from California feel ‘dirty’ for listening to Patricia Steere?

Which is least ‘whacky’: Mandela Effect, Mud Fossils, or Chemtrails?

Who is the Reverend N-Daddy?

Why does he say that the ‘African slave trade’ story is a hoax?

When did he tour Korea as a standup comic for the USO?

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into…

What’s the deal with ‘Jonah the [so-called] scientist’?

Why do so many people in this scene want to drag one another down?

Does Tim really believe that Person X is Person Y?

Who is this guy and where did he come from?

Where is it at now, and where is it going?

Meta conspiracy:
Is it all just an act?

Why does special guest Thirst For Truth
consider ‘Mandela Effect’ to be a trap?

Does he think that the Mandela Effect ‘community’ leaders
really believe what they are saying?

Is it possible that human beings are drawn towards ‘movements’
the same way bugs are drawn towards bug-zappers?

How did a regular guy from Tasmania find himself
contributing to the first ever Sync Book?

What is taking place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and
what did Stefan notice while he was there in 2012?

Why are some people able to see aluminium foil, cardboard, and sticky tape
when most people see a lunar lander that really did land on the moon?

Hando from Telegram Estonia

What’s it like to be the Alex Jones of your country?

Why do some people believe we live in a ‘pacman’-style world?

Where does Hando see himself thirty-three years from now?

How does an intelligent young man go from studying medicine
to becoming an Orthodox Christian monk?

What parallels can be drawn between a monastery
and an esoteric online community?

Is ‘positivity’ such a good thing and when is ‘righteous anger’ justified?

What can happen to some people when they take the ‘black pill’?

Why did JLB and his podcast partner Ethan not talk for a year?

Where is Martin Liedtke and the discussion about the Mud Flood?

Son of a Preacher

What’s it like opening a show for the legendary (late?) comedian Bill Hicks?

How does the entertainment industry filter out those who don’t want to ‘play along’?

Where do Nathan Oakley, Eddie Bravo, and Joe Rogan fit into all of this?

Ethan Nash of TOTT News visits John le Bon

To what extent are we shaped by our experiences
as children within the ‘education’ system?

What evidence exists to suggest that the recent Australian bushfires
were intentionally designed to benefit multi billion-dollar interests?

Is it really possible to create an independent news outlet
with merely hard work, patience, and dedication?

What do 9/11 and the coronavirus have in common…
apart from the obvious?

How is that ‘open border’ proponents are suddenly the biggest fans of closed borders?

What does Tim predict for 2020 and beyond?

Just how much thinking is good for a thinking man?

What is really going on inside Italy right now?

Finally, let’s cut to the chase: are TPWRTS evil?

Where does one find the courage to stand in front of a room of random people
and try to make them laugh and/or cry?

What path in life takes a successful student who wants to be an astronomer
to a website full of people who no longer believe in outer space?

Why do some people on this very call believe that the end might be near…
quite literally?

Coronavirus podcast

What do we honestly believe is going on right now?

This may be the most insane and absurd podcast you have ever heard…

It may also prove to be quite the opposite.

Will we soon be seeing military on the streets in the USA?

Are there really shortages of staple foods in supermarkets from Melbourne to Nova Scotia?

Why did TPWRTS take away the circuses if they do not intend to also take away the bread?

Will these restrictions on life be a temporary thing?

Have JLB and others been a little bit ‘negative’ in their
prognostications about the consequences of 3-11?

Is there reason to be ‘optimistic’ about what is coming next?

Why should anybody care about this SciManDan character?

We mix in strange circles… but just how strange does it get?

Who can honestly say the last few weeks have not affected them
in ways they previously did not expect?

To what extent are the normies around you affected by the coronavirus?

Were you sad when you found out that dinosaurs may in fact be a hoax?

Is the Sync perspective on 3/11 a little bit too far ‘out there’ to be taken seriously?

Will Italians soon be allowed to exercise more than 200 metres from their own homes?

Was the cancellation of UFC 249 a ‘humiliation ritual’ for company president Dana White?

Are JLB’s predictions about what is coming a little bit too ‘doom and gloom’ -y?

Who is responsible for the nonsense on our television screens right now?

Is it ever okay to tell other people so-called ‘white lies’?

What does the number #17 have to do with a cute AF sheepadoodle?

Do you remember how it felt when you first realised the TV was lying?

Might you be happier had you never learned the truth?

Is 3/11 going to be people’s last chance open their eyes before… y’know..?

Drugs: are they good or are they bad?

Is there a ‘purpose’ behind the experience we refer to as ‘dreaming’?

Why do some people believe cell phone towers may be harmful to human health?

3/11 coronavirus pandemic

Where does the ‘coronavirus pandemic’ fit into the kosmic metascript?

When it comes to independent media, can we have our cake and eat it too?

Can the same nocturnal vision be considered, at the same time,
both a hellish nightmare and a wonderful dream?

How is our electricity really generated?

Can a person really cure themselves of disease without doctors?

Is JLB really a new convert to the Mandela Effect belief system?

Can a regular dude rise to the top of the alt news scene in his country
and even out-rate the mainstream media outlets?

Why does the conspiracy subculture suffer from a lack of entrepreneurial spirit
and how is this good news for those with eyes to see?

Will the people who are starting to wake up to the Konyvirus go straight back to sleep
as soon as the TV tells them that the ‘second wave’ has arrived?

General Lee Maddox of Real News Australia

Was Port Arthur a false flag? Were the recent bushfires deliberately lit?

Why are they playing fake crowd noises during live footy broadcasts?

What’s the current landscape of Australian alternative and independent media?

Tanned Gents by John le Bon

Who (or what) are the ‘off-chessboard entities’ ruling our world?

Why do some people believe that the fun has only just begun for calendar year 2020?

What’s the latest gossip concerning ACT realm characters Markus Allen,
Tim the Fakeologist, and Chris Kendall of Hoaxbusters Call?

All Member Videos published in 2020, including:

Why does an instagram posts from Tom Hanks seem to ‘predict’
the event known as the murder of George Floyd?

What does a Marvel film from 2011 have to do with
the ‘race riots’ we see taking place in America today?

Is there any reason to suspect that the Illuminati Card Game
may be more than just a game?

Monkey Dance

What’s in store for us all as we adjust to
the ‘new normal’ post-3/11 world?

Why is it worth understanding the difference
between collegiate and adversarial interaction?

Has JLB confused the map and the terrain with his
thoughts and material concerning the NPC concept?

Why do decades-old science fiction TV shows seem to ‘predict the future’?

Is the creative mind destined to go to some dark places from time to time?

Does JLB seriously believe that he is somehow responsible
for the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world?

John le Bon YouTube Review

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