One thought on “Why Does Tim Ferriss Matter?

  • Angus

    Did you notice that your apartment contains a lot of black and white, with very little colour. Very Melbournian. Even the art work is black and white. Like Miles Mathis, I too don’t like modern art, but I found the art-work with the straight lines (12 min 33) interesting; particularly as I am a former chinese chess/chess/go player. (I now hate straight line, and do my best to avoid these conformity inducing schemes. Even walking in straight line is unimaginative; and I plan to do away with such normie behaviour in the future).

    Across the road from where I work, are 3 small chessboards in the pavement; 18 by 18 squares. Each board adds up to 324 squares; which happens to be my birthday-March 24th!! This inspired me to order a book called Secret Games of the Gods: Ancient Ritual Systems in Board Games that I once read. So please excuse me as I look into these 31 lines.

    Firstly; the art-work reminds me of Solomon Asch’s conformity test. (I have not yet read or seen your material on this) Is the art work suggesting that most people are picking the short stick/line?

    Second; there is a horror film called 31 e.g. “…the film is about five carnies who are kidnapped by a gang of clowns called “The Heads” and forced to play a survival game called “31”, where they are chased by the clowns through a maze of rooms over 12 hours” I stay well clear of horror movies.

    31 is also the last day of the month, e.g. Halloween; or in other words, All Saints’ Eve (like Eve Black. I have a much better personal Eve Black story going back 28 years to 1992 to tell you at a later stage. I hope you remember Eve Black was 28 years old. Please save me room for one chapter of your next sync book). Or 13 backwards.

    Today I posted my first comment on clownspiracy. It’s about the Animal Hoax, and I prove that PANDA Bears are real.

    The 3rd member of the cast of 31 is Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs who plays “PANDA” Thomas.

    “Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (born September 4, 1953) is an American actor and singer. He has appeared in a number of films and television shows, including Claudine (1974), Cooley High (1975), Roots (1977), Welcome Back, Kotter (1975‚Äď79), Bangers and Mash (1983), and The Jacksons: An American Dream (1992).” Did you notice the HILTON in the name?

    I still remember watching Roots, and Welcome Back, Kotter as a kid.

    Full circle back to Michael Jackson with The Jacksons: An American Dream; 28 years years ago! (28 is a significant number to Aleister Crowley and in my life too. He relates it to the unicorn. The unicorn is the symbol of Scotland. And King James the 1st who came to the English throne on the 24th March 1603 who from memory – times short -brought the unicorn to the British coat of arms. Or something like that).

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