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33 Reflections

Today I shall upload my 33rd YouTube video of the calendar year.

This realisation caused me to reflect on the 33rd videos of previous years.

As many of you know, I like to number all of my videos. For one thing, it helps me to keep track of them.

I first began uploading videos to my YouTube channel in 2015.

Below are reuploads of JLB1533, JLB1633, and JLB1733.

Like most of my hundreds of YouTube videos, they are now set to ‘private’ on YouTube.

Slowly but surely I am reuploading these ‘archive’ videos to my Vimeo account, far away from the cretins of teh ‘troof movements’.

If there are old videos which you would like to see reuploaded, let me know here and I will take care of it.

JLB1533 – WDIL ‘Flat Earth Special’ Betting Markets (18-Jun-2015)

JLB1633 – Is Flat Earth Like a Religion? (11-Apr-2016)


JLB1733 ‚Äď 9/11 In Sync: Coincidence and Meaning in Art (4-Apr-2017)

I couldn’t help but notice a progression:

1533 was about mocking those who said that we are not allowed to discuss Flat Earth because it would ‘hurt teh troof movements’.

For those new to the scene, ‘We’ll Do It Live’ imploded and disbanded shortly after their special episode dedicated to attacking me. Most of their regular panel have since disappeared from the internet.

1633 was about mocking those who said that we are not allowed to discuss the problems with Flat Earth.

For those new to the scene, the Flat Earth ‘community’ did indeed become an openly-religious cult, exactly as predicted. Many of the original ‘community’ members disappeared and/or were ostracised for daring to speak out. I stopped paying them attention about a year ago. Who knows how far they have descended since then.

1733 was about a concept and field of inquiry so far beyond mere cosmology that it makes the previous work seem trivial.

See this post for more detail about my own journey through ‘sync’.

And now 1833 will be about the question: is it okay to hold and discuss ‘crazy’ opinions in general?


JLB1833 – Is It Okay To Discuss ‘Crazy’ Opinions? (13-Apr-2018)

In a way, it is almost like things have come full circle. Or done a figure eight.

If there is a 1933, it will be interesting to see if it fits in with the pattern identified here.

Only time will tell.

Production notes: Published direct to the public on 13-Apr-2018.

4 thoughts on “33 Reflections

  • When I started reading I got excited because I thought, at last, the long awaited member’s video update #33!

    The drums keep rolling.

    • Rolling drums indeed. Sadly I will not be able to release Video #33 for a little while. Right now my attention is focused on tidying up loose ends on the site (almost complete) and then shifting toward the final stages of Dinoskeptic.

      I have given myself until the end of next week to finish what I am working on in terms of a broad overview of my ‘technology as intelligence revealing itself’ theory. This is to be the basis of Video #33, but my hope is that by releasing an overview to the public (via the mailing list) I might be able to entice one or two more people to sign up to the site before the door closes shut (as it were).

      Perhaps I am being too optimistic but I still expect to release a cut of the Dinoskeptic film to members of this site by the end of April.

      The time-consuming thing will be adding subtitles. You would be amazed how long that takes to do.

      I don’t think Australians will have too much trouble understanding Lindsay and I in the car, but I know for a fact that some of the foreigners struggled to understand the Day footage released at the time.

      As always, thanks for your patience. The end product will live up to the hype!

  • Haha… all the thrEE’s! Of course, that is just a co-incidence (wink)

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