Bug Report

Please use this page to alert me if you notice something wrong with the site.

In particular, dead links and missing videos* can be fixed very quickly, once I know about them.

Please do not be afraid to post multiple bug reports. You are doing me a favour when you point out when something is wrong with the site!

You are also doing everybody else a favour, because I will rectify the problem and save others from dead links, missing videos, and so on.

*Any videos which were originally posted to YouTube but have since been made ‘private’ can be reuploaded to Vimeo for the benefit of users of this site.

I have all of my videos saved (on more than one hard drive) so it requires very little effort to reupload a video, once the request has come through.

In time I plan to reupload all of my videos to Vimeo for the benefit of Full Members of this site who might like to go back through the archives.

In the meantime, I will reupload videos in piecemeal fashion, as requests come through.

You can see Archive material here.


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