JLBP1676 | CR#08: Muhammad Ali Speaks Beautiful Truth (7-Jul-2016)

In this series I respond directly to comments left on my YouTube videos. Episode #08 is focused on the comments section of ‘JLB1665 | Muhammad Ali Speaks Beautiful Truth’. Key topics and concepts include race realism, ‘racism’, and human programming.

JLB1665 | Muhammad Ali Speaks Beautiful Truth (5-Jun-2016) Link
UNC: Students of mixed races report suffering more health problems (30-Oct-2003) Link
Study: Health and Behaviour Risks of Adolescents with Mixed-Race Identity (Nov, 2003) Link
TIME: Bone Marrow Transplants: When Race is an Issue (3-Jun-2010) Link
Fairfax: Asian migration a tour de force (17-Jun-2011) Link

17 thoughts on “JLBP1676 | CR#08: Muhammad Ali Speaks Beautiful Truth (7-Jul-2016)

  • Great comment response once again. When I first heard your comments about immigration and I thought of this scene from “Rabbit Proof Fence”. I believe the movie was pretty factual. Funny how the British used interbreeding as weapon.

    I’ve travelled to Ilulissat in Greenland and seen how the Danes destroyed a culture there. Also travelled to Central Asia, the Middle East and accross Russia and other remote parts of the world. Attitudes to welcoming different cultures in are different to Western views. While very welcoming to tourists, they’re also very protective of their cultures. We all might have different views on migrates, but I think most will agree theres nothing worse than seeing yet another McDonalds ruining a town.


    • It seems the more ‘developed’ a country, the more likely the population is to be programmed into wanting/accepting their own ethnic destruction. The Japanese appear to be a rare exception to this, and good on them. It was the reason Pauline Hanson said Japan was one of her favourite countries, according to her autobiography (IIRC).

  • carlotta tendant

    so listened to your comment response and your digging indicates this clip was a movie clip….i did not know that…being aware about current hoaxes i kneejerked thinking this was an early version…good to know hoaxes are a more recent invention (although still wonder how recent)

    when I say ‘this clip’ I was referring to the ali/liston movie clip mentioned in comments

    I hate to write 3 comments…but looking into the liston ali clip it strikes me that considering how much info modern people are forced to consume and digest, i’d bet not only myself but 98% of anyone else who comes across that clip on youtube will think it was a real event since almost no one mentions it is from a movie (even I have not validated that and am taking jlb at his research on it) but it shows how easy it will be in the near and long term to manipulate people to think just about anything……think about all the recent hoax clips that will be cirulated in the coming years, where intentional and unintentional inaccurate labeling of clips or their description will mold the public in whatever way the clip uploader may intentionaly or unintentionaly wish……in the hands of the bastards those recent hoax clips will be youtube gold to advance their agenda……so sad we are never going to be able to wake up the public as we are literally pissing in the wind……the deceptive bastards really ephed up humanity beyond repair i’m afraid…..

    regarding ali’s supposed anti zio quote. a google search pulled up several ‘sources’….i was scared to click on them but looked at a couple by proxy ! and suspect they are manufactured…..it’s possible he was awake but it’s a stretch….but it meshes with my other posts regarding the liston vid in that now and in the future, reality will be near impossible to determine because the bastards have muddied the water and ephed up history so badly……sad situation we find ourselves in……(last comment -sorry)

    when I say the clip ‘was real’…I meant I thought it was a real hoax, not real real, but also not a movie…….wow see how messy this reality thing is now that secret societies messed with everything !!

    [Edited by JLB to move five comments into one]

    • I have moved your five comments into one to keep the replies section tidy. I haven’t taken the time to look into the alleged Ali quotes; I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were fake. I’m glad you brought the Ali movie to my attention, as I pointed out during the podcast. Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment.

  • Daniel Leather

    Great Job misrepresenting my comment while simultaneously insulting me with your misinterpretation. When I commented “This man understood the lowest common denominator ingrained in the human condition.ÔĽŅ” I was acknowledging Ali’s sentiments by stating that at our base instincts, or lowest common denominator we tend to associate with those like ourselves. As you stated you enjoyed hanging out with your African friends but felt more at ease around fellow Australians. In an Ideal world we would be able to interact with any type of people for any amount of duration. However the truth is subconsciously we usually discriminate those outside our group. I think the reason you misinterpreted me was one out of bias, and another because the term “lowest common denominator” is used derogatorily.

    • It seems I have misunderstood your use of the term ‘lowest common denominator’ and for that I apologise. I am not sure that the natural inclinations we have towards remaining around our own have anything to do with ‘discrimination’ against others, and I can’t see why you would think it ‘ideal’ that people not have preferred social groupings (be they racial, ethnic, national or familial). Do you consider yourself a ‘progressive’ perchance?

  • Tony Thorburn

    Thanks John, nice to hear someone thinking, instead of just being a parrot without a brain.

    • Thanks for checking out the site, Tony. I live in a country full of programmed morons who froth at the mouth whenever says anything like what I said in this podcast. My online work is my cathartic outlet.

  • Wow, Johnno you may be able to make a living at this some day, Reaping what you sow, Good Luck to ya champ.

    • Thanks, mate. The Patreon account is up and running so if people want to support what I do, it couldn’t be easier for them. I’m not expecting Ab to promote this podcast but there is always hope.

  • CharlesB FlatEarthMath

    Hi John, you raise some very important points, especially the self-loathing that is taught to school children (in America we have the historical treatment of Native Americans and Blacks to fret over). This does not mean that the point of this curriculum is to say “there are no differences between races” thus promoting interracial relationships. This leads to the suggested response, to avoid such relationships.

    I’d suggest the point of the curriculum is cultural, as in “all cultures are equal except for the dominant culture in any country, which is by definition, racist.” You mentioned the situation of visiting Africa and after a bit of mixing, settling in with your fellow Australians. May I suggest that if there were a group of white Kenyans (descended from white farmers) and black Australians, that you’d feel more comfortable with the Australians? I don’t know but I think culture (and language) matter more than race.

    My wife had an interesting response to your video and comment response. Before we met, she had long since stopped dating black men. She preferred white guys, meanwhile, on the other side of the world, I’d stopped dating white women. She asked, “So he’d prefer I just stay single? Shouldn’t it be about love and happiness, rather than race?” My late father used to say that the solution to racial problems in this country was interracial marriage. This was long before I’d even started dating.

    You mentioned some of the problems that interracial children have. I think that socially, if society has mainstream segregation, such as the US in the 1950s, then interracial kids might have a hard time if they want a single racial identity. But not so much any more. As for health problems, logic tells me the opposite of what you said, simply because of the concept of “hybrid vigor.” Did you know that interracial young adults have a 527% more likely chance of getting cast in an Apple commercial? ūüėČ

    • Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have a couple of quick points:

      1) Do you still believe that the education system exists to benefit the children? If so, why? I understand that you may be a teacher yourself so perhaps your opinion may be biased, but I am still interested in your thoughts on this.

      2) Regarding your wife’s comment, ‘would he prefer I remain single?’. My preferences about her actions or yours are inconsequential to a decision that was made years ago. At this point in time the most important thing you and your wife can do for your children is raise them properly with good values and a sense of purpose; you are a smart man and probably already know this. My research suggests that simply reading to children regularly can be enough to help them outperform their peers academically and beyond. Ergo even mixed-race parents can rear happier, healthier, more productive children than single-race parents, because many single-race parents are not ideal parents in any case.

      3) Regarding health problems, I am happy to look at any studies or statistics you have to support your case. I have provided mine. Cheers.

    • Hi Mez, hope you are well. Molyneux has been broaching the topic of race realism recently which in some ways is good to see – but then he will turn around and claim each of these race-related media events are ‘real’ and carry on like a regular report-whore. We can only hope that some of his listeners look beyond his channel for more information.

  • supermot34

    Regarding the study you brought up at the end of the podcast: I agree with you and Ali, but I can turn on my old lefty brain to imagine how progressives would interpret the study.
    I would (with my old brain online) say that mixed-race individuals suffer more stress/drug use/depression etc, as a result of the racism and discrimination in western countries. In other words there is nothing inherently wrong with mixing races, but society at this time does not treat them well.
    For example a mixed white/black individual might be discriminated against by white people for being black, but also shunned by black people for being white. Conclusion: more progressive social change is required (as opposed to anything inherently wrong with racing mixing).
    Even though I don’t believe that, I would be interested to read your response to this hypothetical interpretation.

    Back to reality; regarding Ali’s ‘birds of a feather’ metaphor, to be a truly strong analogy you would need to find species or sub-species of animal which CAN interbreed but still choose to remain with their own group.

    I also wonder how much of the racial differences are cultural. I know from experience that Asian people from Asia are very different from me, whereas Asian people who grew up here in Australian culture are essentially indistinguishable from white people, they just look a bit different.

    Anyway, good podcast JLB, thanks.

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