JLB Chats #19 ‘Hope vs Hopium’ (14-Apr-2021)

Has the ‘truth’ scene gotten a little gloomy and doomy lately?

Is it still a wise move for young men to get married and have children in this day and age?

Where did bitcoin come from and why do so many people believe it is ‘anti establishment’?



Original FAC 876 call – here.

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Are we in the midst of a hopium addiction epidemic?

Is there some genuine utility in the schema known as the ‘five stages of grief’?

Can an individual truly improve their situation
when they refuse to admit they have a problem?

John le Bon discusses HopeAnon

JLBA #73 – HopeAnon (Sober Rabble) (9-Apr-2021)

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Production notes JLB Chats #19. Streamed/recorded 9-Apr-2021. Released as Chats 19 on 14-Apr-2021. Minor editing performed to remove first and last segments of call (before/after JLB appearance). Exported at 64kbps.

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