JLB Chats #19 ‘Hope vs Hopium’ (14-Apr-2021)

Has the ‘truth’ scene gotten a little gloomy and doomy lately?

Is it still a wise move for young men to get married and have children in this day and age?

Where did bitcoin come from and why do so many people believe it is ‘anti establishment’?



Original FAC 876 call – here.

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John le Bon discusses HopeAnon

JLBA #73 – HopeAnon (Sober Rabble) (9-Apr-2021)

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Production notes JLB Chats #19. Streamed/recorded 9-Apr-2021. Released as Chats 19 on 14-Apr-2021. Minor editing performed to remove first and last segments of call (before/after JLB appearance). Exported at 64kbps.

5 thoughts on “JLB Chats #19 ‘Hope vs Hopium’ (14-Apr-2021)

  • Some interesting conversation sprung up in this call, I particularly liked the conversation on the crypto and the potential super computer hack by the Banksters. It made me think of the Quantum Computer hoax and the way the program architecture is structured differently to enable it to give an impression of being able to handle tasks that the average laptop cannot process. It maybe that a deep learning AI could be tasked with cracking crypto if it hasn’t already.
    The talk about relationships and the change in their form and function over the years was rather interesting, that has a potential for some serious deep analysis.

    Anyway great to hear you JLB in this call.

  • DarkMatterDigitalNetwork

    I think the antivax and provax are part of the same psyop.

    Pro-fake war / anti-fake war. What’s the difference?

    • Negentropic

      Both of those sides are trapped in fear, one side of the vax and the straight “sheeple” very much in the majority taking it and ostracizing them out of their society of materialistic retardation (why would they want to socialize with such dumb people anyway is the question?) which they claim to be not fond of but are hopelessly addicted to and can hardly live without, the other of the conspiracy theorists being right and they having to come to terms with the fact that everything they’ve ever learned is a lie and those they put their trust in, the media, government and so-called “experts,” not only do not have their best interests at heart, but are actively engaged in lying to them non-stop, hurting and killing them, mostly slowly to get as much exploitable slave-work and misdirected energy as possible but also quickly and in as many ways as possible.

      P.S. To not fear does not mean you should ignore deliberate actions taken by those more powerful than you that hurt you and those you care about. It just means you don’t waste your limited energy falling in fear-traps and calmly preserve it for use where it matters most, where it will do the most damage.

      The lesson learned from media-fakery-wise truthers is that they will avoid the trap of fear but then fall into the trap of Stockholm Syndrome, of admiring their oppressors, and of hating the sheeple as much as them. Both courses are emotionally motivated and energy draining, not fully logical and strategic as they should be. Why is a sense of humor called a weapon? Because, as the psychologist William James said, it is your common sense dancing, it is your logical mind in full tilt and it releases unnecessarily built up and repressed emotions which drain your energy in the process called laughter.



  • Really enjoyed this listen. I think something that the older generations on the call might not be taking into account when it comes to having children is the higher cost of living and lower purchasing power the younger generations are facing. Quick comments about how your points were “cop outs” I think show how little some on the call understand the world young people are facing today, but I’m not trying to be too negative as everyone was generally respectful. It is so much harder to support yourself these days let alone have a baby and raise them well, I see nothing wrong with waiting for the right time if and when that comes. Imagine trying to buy a house today in this real estate bubble. I wouldn’t even adopt a dog right now.

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