JLB Chats #06 w/ Harry Ell (11-May-2018)

Is ‘ancient history’ an elaborate ruse? Why is nobody else pointing out some of the silly stories being passed off as ‘historical fact’? Is Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People filled with subtle ‘black pills’? Why do so many people in the ACT realm present themselves as bitter/angry individuals?

On Wednesday, 9-May-2018, I made another appearance in the Fakeologist audiochat Discord server. I was joined by fellow Aussie, Harry Ell, to discuss all of these questions and more.

This podcast features that discussion, copied straight from the Fakeologist audiochat. In the past I have recorded introductory and closing remarks to accompany ‘JLB Chats’ re-releases of the Fakeologist audiochat files, but this particular piece is presented ‘as is’ i.e. direct from the original upload (edited to remove the section not involving myself).

Full call on Fakeologist (includes about 15 minutes of Harry Ell monologue after I left the call): here.

See my introductory work concerning Pontius Pilate and his infamous stone here.


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  • fwiw – i dont recall the stone tablet being mentioned, which is not surprising given how unrigorous the standards for scholarship were/are…(is that a word? reminds me of ‘ungood’ in ’84 :P) but pontius pilate (pronounced in sermons and church school as Ponchus Pilot) was definitely a central character in the Jesus narrative during my catholic upbringing.

  • in my experience, the people who were earmarked as ‘academically gifted’ in elementary school tended to continue this trajectory into high school in terms of grades / cognitive faculties / gpa / state test scores etc.

    i was in a relatively small school, but farted around and coasted, knowing i could get away with minimal effort while maintaining above average grades.

    but as we all know this has nothing to do with one’s success in the workforce. im aware of a few chaps from my K-12 days who – while not interested in discussions like these – have had more success in their respective trades – be it carpentry, landscaping, boating, machinery etc… than the teacher bootlicking / do perfect on my homework types.

    in addition to what we know from JTG and co…school is a relic of the industrial revolution… structured to create compliant factory workers, no?

  • watermanchris

    I found it ironic that you were speaking about a book (How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie) and the lessons learned, specifically letting people finish their thoughts and not interrupting them and Harryell kept interrupting.

    I probably would not have noticed if you wouldn’t have said anything but it was kind of obnoxious when I was paying attention. No offense is meant towards Harryell as I know I do it too.

    As far as Pontius Pilate, I’m fairly certain that he was a big part of the crucifixion story since at least the early 50s when my mom was a kid but she believes anything that is in the King James Version of the Bible so she wasn’t looking for evidence.

    • I’m sure Harry won’t take offense. We have all been guilty of interrupting others from time to time. I used to be a lot worse in this regard, and Carnegie’s book helped me to see that.

      It can be difficult in these online conversations because we do not have the visual (body language) cues to identify when our interlocutor has finished their statement/question. Especially difficult when talking with me, because I tend to say a lot at once, and because (like many Australians my age) I tend to inflect my voice at the end of sentences which gives the impression of asking a question when in fact I am making a statement. This is something I have been working on for some time and, while I have made improvements, I still have a lot of work to do.

      As for our friend Pontius, I am still shaking my head about this one. It is even more blatant and obvious a hoax than Herodotus or Plato. And it ought to have been scrutinised more than ‘ancient Greece’ given how many people claim to be Christians even to this day.

      How on earth did I not know about this story earlier? The guy who supposedly put Jesus to death is an obvious hoax. Goodness gracious me. WATTBA.

  • The symbology in the Truman Show was intentional. None of it by chance, nothing is ever a coincidence in the movies. So who was the audience?

    Harley Guy (amazing impression btw) could be interpreted as intentional in hindsight. Who was the audience?

    • Excellent question. Why was Harley Guy given airtime? What was the purpose?

      One interpretation might be along the lines of, ‘He was there to spread the official story, to plant the seed, to prepare the minds of the masses for what would later be given to them as the authority’s explanation for what happened’.

      Plausible. The question is, why would they need to do that? What do they really gain? The masses are going to go along with whatever nonsense story they are given. No need for Harley Guy. No need to have a clown lay out the story like that, in such comical fashion.

      YouTube may not have existed in 2001, but it would be absurd to suggest that TPWRTS could not have known/predicted that people in the future (i.e. us) would have access to this footage and the ability to scrutinise it.

      This leads to another interpretation of Harley Guy: an ‘easter egg’ planted there for those of us with eyes to see to identify at a later date.

      Of course, this interpretation leads to more questions: who planted Harley Guy there? Fox News? Rupert Murdoch? Whoever was in charge of the dissemination of the 9/11 narrative?

      Obviously, I do not know. I am open to the possibility that it was not the deliberate act of a human (or humans), but instead the work of what I might term the Kosmos.

      The Harley Guy clip is now, today, a short and sweet piece of video evidence that the official story is a joke. Why it was provided to us will be a question for which each of us finds our own answers.

  • I read about the storyline trick to memorizing things back in high school, and so one night after school I sort of challenged myself and I memorized the first hundred digits of pi. It was real easy, for each number you create a little part of a story, a cartoonish extreme story that was easy to remember. It didnt take long at all, so that
    convinced me that I could probably memorize thousands of digits if I spent a long enough time memorizing a story.

    • The past never happened. Do you think that it did? Are you for sure? What is your evidence? How far does it go back?

      Objective reality is a group agreed upon delusion, a tree of belief.  Go to sleep, you will feel better in the morning, while you sleep the Langoliers will trim the runners and keep the bush burning strong.

      Most people don’t chase the truth realm because most people don’t like being lonely in belief, its going out on a flimsy limb.

      If EVERYONE believes…artifacts will materialize to satisfy everyone’s beliefs.  The material world exists to satisfy the world of beliefs.

      The “future” is pulling us like a magnet.

      Your “master memory” comment….
      [Insert comment]

      I liked Harry Ells idea about how calling someone by their name can make them remember that they are an individual with a name. I have done all sorts of menial work, but Ive also had menial work that required me to sign documents with my personal signature. All of a sudden Nate showed up at my job, wtf! Get out of the way!

      Mean level happiness!

      I liked Harrys ‘mind blow’ comment about job placement tests.

      Yes, the emporer’s new clothes.  Collective delusion.  That is what makes our material/objective/popular reality.  Where do you get your DNA from?  You get the script from the collective delusion, the tree of beliefs.  Since you have DNA, you have the “objective” reality hard wired into every square inch of you.  So to speak.

      • I usually open a memo pad when I listen to chats, and here is a slightly edited version of one I made for this chat.

      • Fascinating comment. On the topic of ‘DNA’, I wonder how many images the average Westerner has seen in his/her life depicting the ‘double helix’.


        It could be in the hundreds, maybe even the thousands. And yet none of us has seen ‘DNA’ with our own eyes.

    • I would like to see this in practice. 100 digits is a remarkable effort.

  • JLB, there’s an interesting new feud in the ACT realm. As you predicted and directly experienced, these are angry individuals!

    The guys at Piece of Mindful have turned on their former hero Miles Mathis with a vengeance and with the same “discussion over!” tactics that one of them used on you.

    Getting caught up in these feuds is a waste of time, but I wanted to bring this one to your attention in case it’s of interest. It’s exactly the kind of behavior you’ve noted and predicted in the ACT realm.

    The POM guys have blocked all comments on their site so their attacks can’t be questioned or responded to, and have leveled a series of angry (“paid shill!”) and contradictory criticisms at Miles Mathis:

    1) Fake persona, front for a committee of writers from “Intelligence”
    2) Real person, from the rich families (TPWRTS) he criticizes
    3) Real person, liar, charlatan, and pedophile

    The Miles Mathis site has written a few short responses to the attacks, including, of course, the accusation that it is actually the Piece of Mindful guys who work for Intelligence–“paid shills!” Both sides effectively accuse each other of being “limited hangouts,” sites that provide some truth with the ultimate intent of blackwashing or discrediting it.

    Miles Mathis is interesting because he is very prolific and because a few of his ideas go further than most of the ACT realm regarding the extent of the fakery.

    He has inspired (wittingly or unwittingly) some people to “follow” him as a guru. This seems to have increased the emotion both on the part of those denouncing their former guru and those defending their current guru.

    There is also a bit of a mystery story element to it all, as two different groups of internet personas accuse each other of secretly working for “the man” and try to provide supporting evidence in both directions.

    Anyway, this may or may not be of any interest, but I’m sharing it with you in case it is.

    • I touched on this briefly during the call with Harry. That particular drama seems to be getting more cray-cray with each passing day.

      Look at this post on ‘cutting through the fog’: over 1,000 comments and counting.

      I’ve got an article ready to go which looks at the accusations of shillery thrown around in this scene.

      The tl;dr is this: most humans, even the ‘intelligent’ and/or ‘awake’ ones, care infinitely more for personalities and drama, than they do for information and logic. Put another way, the majority of people in this scene are focused on the messenger rather than the message. This is just how it is. Those of us who can rise above that mindset will simply be on another level when compared to the people who remain stuck in the quagmire.

  • JLB, I can’t wait to see that article about the accusations of shillery thrown around in this scene. It is amazing how frequent and intense these accusations are.

    And your new view on it makes some sense to me. I love this statement: “most humans, even the ‘intelligent’ and/or ‘awake’ ones, care infinitely more for personalities and drama, than they do for information and logic”

    • It is an odd one. I wrote the piece about the shillery accusations before realsing that the next article would be #42 (which deserves to be a sync-related article).

      So I put the finished shillery piece on the backburner until article #42 (Transcending 9/11) is complete.

      Yes, humans love drama and gossip. I am no different, of course, but I like to think that I temper my own stupidity by also trying to focus on information and logic as much as humanly possible.

      Let’s all be serious here: the truth is there in plain sight for all to see, but it is a lonely path to read books and reflect on our own preconceived notions.

      Much easier and more entertaining to engage in the tragedy and comedy of human relationships, via observation and/or direct experience.

      This is not necessarily a bad thing, so long as we are able to differentiate between what matters and what does not.

      I’m still working on it.

  • But I wonder how you reached your conclusion….or if I’m understanding it correctly.

    I imagine that many or even most accusations of shillery are silly–the result of very human dramas even within the smallish ACT scene, as well as some self-aggrandizement (my critical commenters and my alt-media rivals are all “government shills” “trying to stop my powerful message.”

    But the internet and the alternative media are still media. And you are well-versed in media fakery and other ways the media serves the agenda of TPWRTS. So my question is, wouldn’t it make sense for there TO be government shills in the online ACT realm just like there are on TV news? How did you conclude that there really aren’t? Or are you just saying that a lot of the accusations are incorrect?

    Anyway, I look forward to the article! In following this POM/Miles Mathis feud, the accusations of shillery come fast and furious from both sides. And it’s very clear that even the supposedly logical truth researchers themselves frequently level accusations of shillery based on emotion and team loyalty rather than logic.

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