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Nikola Tesla BTFO by Eddie Bravo

It is one thing to communicate with Martians, but it’s another thing to get in the ring with the Gracie-killer, Mr Eddie Bravo.


JLB1899 – Nikola Tesla BTFO by Eddie Bravo (27-Oct-2018)

Original video of Bravo speaking about Tesla:
My appearance on THC where I discuss the Tesla Hoax at length:
Page on my site dedicated to the Tesla Hoax (free):

NOTE: The original ‘tinfoil hat’ episode is from February 2018. The video I saw was uploaded recently, which led to my erroneous belief that this was a more recent interview with Eddie Bravo. Thanks to Audrey Voss for bringing this to my attention.

Post updated 28-Aug-2019 to embed reuploaded video.


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