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This website has grown and changed over the past two years.

This is true of both the content and the user base.

Content: There is now more than 100 hours of audio/video material and two large books’ worth of written pieces in the back-catalogue.

User base: More than half of the current members of the site joined in just the past nine months.

So I decided to get the opinions of some of the OG crew: people who were here back when this place was an empty mud-hut compared to what we see now.

These are individuals who have not only watched on as the site has developed, but played an active role in that development.

I asked them: where should new members begin, when trying to make their way through the archive of older material?

What is most worthy of attention? How can a n00b get ‘up to speed’ as quickly as possible?

Chad, fuhng, Nate and Mezzie were happy to share their thoughts.


This video (and accompanying links) may be of use to three different groups of people:

New members will hear some suggestions about where they might like to begin their journey through the older material.

Existing members will likely enjoy the reflections of the OG crew.

Visitors will get a better idea of what this site is all about.


JLBA #14 | Welcome to Johnlebon.com (21-Aug-2018)


I will be making all of the content which came up during that chat available to Freeloader members.

This means that prospective full-access members can see for themselves if this is really the kind of site they want to be part of.

If you can’t get through all of this material without getting bored or distracted, then don’t sign up. It is not for everybody.

If on the other hand you check out the following pieces and realise what sets this website apart from everything else on the internet today, then you know what to do next.

You will need at least a Freeloader Membership to access several of the pieces below.

If you don’t already have any form of membership to this site, you can fix that problem here.

Primary Source Research Methodology

The History Hoax – A Primer

The History of ‘Histories’

37 Things Normies Believe

Thinking About Thinking

The Practice of Skepticism

The War Hoax Pt 1 – Introduction

9/11: How Many Really Died or Got Hurt?

Production notes: Audio recorded 19-Aug-2018 during MSC #32 aftercall. Video produced 21-Aug-2018. Released publicly. Updated 25-Aug-2018.


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