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  • Negentropic

    They should actually call that podcast DRAMA-based Mind-Control & the Mechanics of Self Sabotage, since trauma and drama always go together and create the boundaries of their own dialectics, the walls of their own linguistic prisons, through fears and anxieties, the fear of becoming healthy and functional and therefore outcast from your dysfunctional peer group being chief among them.

    Drama (through conflict-seeking and supposedly “conflict-solving” store-ies stored in your head communicated by your parents and every other elder traumatically trained in holy-food dramatics within an almost entirely hoaxed, hocused, society) creates your trauma from the time you’re born (that is if you’re not circumcised; if yes, then trauma begins the cycle of your dramatic career) and then your trauma ensures you “a dramatic career” (your lie of a lie-fe, your leafing on the branches of be-leaf away from the t-root-s of things and thinks), basically chasing your tail in a state of fear and anxiety, remembering scenes from a thousand stories, tv-shows, movies and novels (and other people’s dysfunctional lives reported and interpreted in dramatic-&-traumatic fashion; that is when life follows the false or long-out-dated dramatic form as if it was gospel). Then the victims of this outdated and maybe never even IN-dated form of arrested development, those caught within the linguistic prison and fake dialectics of “drama” make sure to push its “necessity” on others as unappointed agents or useful idiots/egos, protecting their own lifelong emotional investments in underdevelopment.

    The dramatic form is only ONE way of interpreting reality and not a very good one either, not the “only way” and certainly not “reality as it is.” It’s laughable to call it that. Yet, ENTIRE SOCIETIES, almost the entire world as we know it , is mimicking the CONFLICTS they have been fed through the dramatic form, its trauma-birthing and the deliberately dysfuncational ways in which these conflicts are supposedly resolved. It goes without saying that they will ALWAYS be resolved in a way that keeps society’s power dynamics as they need to be, psychologically and subconsciously, in order to ensure the continuation of the Judeo-Masonic elite’s domination.

    Force (the win-lose dialectic) creates FARCE and living a farce, an absurd and irrational existence, creates the need for more initiated force, since natural maturation is blocked and humans are kept in a perpetually immature state, the “dramatic-traumatic” retardation. Drama and trauma, force and farce are all family relations, close kindred. They all go together psychologically through phonetics directly to the human subconscious. While your conscious mind might separate them or NOT (mostly not; not one of 10 million people has even thought of the words “Drama & Trauma” and “Force and Farce” to be closely related and that’s a conservative estimate) and are carefully thought-out levers of mind-control and perception management.


    • What is your opinion on the idea that humans are naturally driven towards narrative and storytelling?

      Over the past few years I have come to accept that the typical human, for whatever reason, will always preference an engaging story OVER logic and evidence. It seems to be part of what we call ‘human nature’, whether we like it or not.

      I agree with you that humans are kept in a retarded state. I also agree that the false narratives given to them (via school, TV, and socialisation) assist in this process. Spinning ball earth, human evolution, dinosaurs, etc etc, all serve to keep the underdeveloped mind in a perpetual state of beLIEving absird nonsense to be real. This keeps them from developing an ability to distinguish between fiction and reality.

      The question is, does this make drama (or dramatic narrative) an inherently negative or bad thing?

      It seems to me that narrative and storytelling can in fact be used towards good ends, especially with children who have yet to develop strong critical thinking faculties. Things like fables and parables allow the exploration of an idea or concept which might otherwise be difficult to broach. If drama is injected into these stories, is that a prima facie bad?

  • Negentropic

    Correction: While your conscious mind might separate them or NOT (mostly not; not one of 10 million people has even thought of the words “Drama & Trauma” and “Force and Farce” to be closely related and that’s a conservative estimate), they are nevertheless carefully thought-out levers of mind-control and perception management.

  • I listened to this a couple days ago. Immediately afterwards I went to a chinese buffet, my fortune cookie said something like “Your good luck will be at its peak tomorrow”

    I thought it was funny the fortune contained the word “peak”. What a depressing fortune, right? I didn’t like it.

    • Negentropic

      Ahhhh! Now you’re talking Nate. Good luck? What is “good luck”? Let’s see if we can play with the words a bit and come up with some things, thinks that arise from things and might become new things yet.

      good lack = something, especially some mental retardation, lol, you definitely need to lack in order to qualify as “good. Of course, also, certain retarded people you need to “lack” out of your life in order to have any “good luck” at all, right? Carrying their emotional baggage is not your problem, is it? And how can you have any “good luck” at all if you can’t feel their “lack” off your shoulders?

      god lock = god will lock you in and walking in god’s path intuitively you will manage to “lock” whatever it is you’re after much better. You will lock that extra counterfeit energy (fiat money) in your own direction and then maybe put it to better use.

      good log = long enough to bridge your toilet bowl, best encountered after you eat a pound of (grass-fed) steak, lol. No, just kidding. A good log is what you need to build a good log cabin or house for shelter. Having good shelter will provide you with better “luck” or possibilities of reaching your goals than bad-logged shelter, right? Ritually rite, my friend! Even down to the variations of the phonetics.

      Also notice that, with only slight modification, “good” sounds like “cute.” When you see cuteness, like a cute puppy or kids for sure, not always when you see “cute” adults (since then envy and jealousy is also triggered inside you if you’re not as “cute” or fit as them or might even need plastic surgery to get there, lol) you certainly think more of “good” things and “lucky” things rather than bad ones bringing bad luck (bad lack, something you should not lack hence your bad luck, pad-lock, locked away or bat luck or bat, maybe even bat-shit-crazy “lack,” living blind in a cave with sonor and sucking blood for a living).

      I can’t think of any other ones right now but am open to suggestions from other site members.

  • Negentropic

    “At its peak”

    What does that mean anyway?

    Does it mean you are at the peak of an elevation or does it mean you now finally have the free choice to PICK what you want in you life based on your own judgment.

    Doesn’t being able to make that “pick,” being discriminating in a firm and fair way you can be proud of without becoming arrogant, put you “at the peak,” maybe not your “all time peak” but current best “peak” or highest standard of possible performance ability anyway? Isn’t it the only ability or visual clarity that metaphorically matches the state of being on top of a hill or mountain and able to see much farther distances in 360 degree panorama all around you?

    A superstitious person, of Chinese or any other extraction, might interpret that fortune cookie message as a reason to go gambling. We interpret it in the opposite direction as being able to PICK freely NOT to go get game-balled and fleeced.

    So, synchronicity might still be operating through the correct interpretation:

    “My Good LACK will be at its PICK tomorrow” enabling me to be be lighter on my feet, with less weight to carry, and therefore able to reach the PEAK faster, with saved inner-g (energy, inner-grace and balance), and see far enough to make my best current PICK, always modifiable for better in the future as new information always and continually presents itself to interpretation.”

    • Fair question.

      Lately I have been thinking about the idea that a lot of people, especially middle-aged men, are grappling with an acceptance (or subconscious understanding) that:

      a) Their best (physical / financial / social / sexual) is behind them, and/or

      b) They will never realise or accomplish the dreams or lifestyle they imaged (or took for granted) in their youth.

      It has occurred to me that many of my greatest detractors in the ACT realm are middle-aged men. You are, of course, an exception: your ongoing support (moral and intellectual) is appreciated beyond what words can convey.

      But look at my regular detractors in the ACT realm. There seems to be a pattern: middle-aged men who never reached whatever pinnacle they seemed to desire (fame and/or fortune) and now spend their time attacking people like myself. Is this a coincidence, or is there some kind of causal connection?

      I am beginning to think that there may be an element of, ‘Stuff this JLB guy, he still believes in himself, I’m going to try to take him down a peg’. I don’t believe this is necessarily a conscious thing. It appears to me that these guys may be acting out of a deep-seated resentment of their own lots in life.

      My self-belief, and relative success in this scene, is a perpetual reminder for them that, shiiiiiiet, their life just never really amounted to much. They live a normie lifestyle at best. All of their ‘knowledge’ and ‘wisdom’ has amounted to no material or discernible benefits in their existence. They float through life like the blue-pilled lemmings who still believe that cartoon planes flying into buildings are real.

      To compound their frustrations, I even make money from this. Imagine a failed radio broadcaster, or a failed musician, or a failed film producer, watching on as JLB turns his red-pill insights into cold hard cash. In their mind, I am offering the ‘market’ nothing which they can’t, and yet nobody is paying for their opinions. In most cases, they probably struggle to maintain their own partners’ attention for more than five minutes at a time.

      Understood in this context, their hostile nature towards my mere presence in a chat room makes so much more sense. I am still scaling my peak in life, still on a clearly-upward trajectory, whereas these guys know deep down that their personal pinnacle was a long time ago. Now nothing more than mere memories.

      Note that I do not personally think a middle-aged man has to have already ‘peaked’ in this sense. It is all a state of mind. A 60-year-old man can still have his best years ahead of him, if (and only if) he chooses to make it so. You, Neg, are an example of a man who continues to strive for better. To read, to think, to engage with others in a constructive fashion. To produce things that others might benefit from.

      I hope to be doing similar well into my forties, fifties, sixties and beyond. It is my intention to not ‘peak’ as an intelligent being for a long, long time yet. So much more learning and improving to do.

      Of course, once in a pattern (of thought and/or behaviour), the human rarely changes course. Thus the middle-aged man floating through life with bitterness and resentment will generally continue to do so. In such cases, then yes, the peak has come and gone.

      The horror.

  • Maybe Ill get to peek behind the goat lock?

    Last night I stayed at a motel just outside of NY, in room 21 (777) at a Knight’s Inn(nights end). After some coffee Im riding into Manhattan to look at ground zero.

    Sigh. I heard it costs $15 to cross into Manhattan, and $30/day to park. Im on a motorcycle loaded with gear, so Im a little worried about folks messing with it if I park on the street, but idk folks might mess with it more in a garage.

    Hey Neg, in a month or three I plan on visiting the petrified forest in Arizona. If you are up for it, I would be willing to meet up with you. You are in LA, right? I think it would be cool meeting you.

    It would be especially badass if you could help me find a free place in LA to setup my tent. I like visiting big cities, but finding a free place to camp is nearly impossible in big cities.

    • If you guys get together, you ought to record at least a few minutes for the rest of us to indulge in. Would be a terrific exchange.

  • I popped out of the holland tunnel and into Manhattan and I had no idea where I was going, so I followed traffic for a couple blocks and then pulled off on a side street behind this big box truck that was stopped with its hazard lights on. I needed a minute to check the map on my phone to figure out where I needed to go. I looked up at the truck and saw it was a “wizard of oz moving company” truck.

    Did you ever notice that the site is sandwiched between “greenwich” and “west” streets? eeeheheehe!

    I was impressed by the architecture at the wtc site. I normally dont care about stuff like that, but the wtc site seemed magically special, like a “wonder of the world” sort of place. Thats probably how it felt at the great pyramids when they were first built. Today the pyramids look like shit a little bit.

    I went during a weekday and I thought it was very crowded, I cant imagine what it would be like on a weekend, or during the anniversary. Its a tourist attraction, it almost felt like an amusement park. A mecca!

    Funny, my previous Oz trip fail pretty much ended at Bourbon street, and part of the ritual there is its a party street, but people cant loiter, so everyone does laps around bourbon street, just like mecca, except everyone is drunk and flashing their tits

    My subjective interpretation of the wtc complex…looking at the site from the front of the hilton building, the white ribbed oculus building reminded me a little of a scallop shell, so then I pictured the “birth of venus” painting, where venus is rising out of the scallop shell with spirits on each side of her. Instead of venus rising up from the shell it was the new tower. Venus had two spirits to to her right, and one spirit to her left. From where I was standing that matched up because towers one and two would have been the two wind spirits, and where wtc7 used to be would be the spirit on her other side.

    • The Greenwich element is, to me, rather significant. How do we differentiate between ‘timezones’? Relative differences compared to a standard time known as ‘Greenwich Mean Time’.

      And what does Greenwich Street turn into? Trinity Place.

      Trinity happens to be the name given to the first ‘nuclear tests’.

      What are we told happens to electronic devices when they are near a ‘nuclear detonation’?

      Why, they stop.

      Put a clock near a ‘nuke’ and time will stop.

      The official ‘behind the scenes’ story of Back to the Future is that the time machine was not always going to be a Delorean.

      Originally, it is said, Marty was going to travel through time via a refrigerator, in which he would seek shelter from a… nuclear bomb.

      To the n00b deprogrommer, these might seem like spurious connections.

      Sometimes I miss being so naive.

      Oh yeah, time is totally a linear thing, guys.

      And we are living in the year 2018, a few thousands years after the Ancient Egyptians roamed the earth.


  • I thought the greenwich and west streetnames were funny because the words reminded me of the green wicked witch of the west.

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