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This website has grown and changed over the past two years. This is true of both the content and the user base.

So I decided to get the opinions of some of the OG crew: people who were here back when this place was an empty mud-hut compared to what we see now.

I asked them: where should new members begin, when trying to make their way through the archive of older material?

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Member Skype #26 – Gematria & Language (8-Jul-2018)

What is 'gematria'? Why do some promoters of the concept seem to cherry-pick their data? Where did the English language come from? Is the average person today largely 'symbol-illiterate' and, if so, what can or should be done about it?

Joining me to discuss these questions and more was an all-star cast of interlocutors, including yet another MSC debutante -- who apparently knows a thing or two about communication himself...

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